It’s The Little Things: Getting Your Hair Done


I feel like the biggest dork doing a post on this, but I am bursting with excitement! I have been really depressed this week. The kids going back to school is looming. I spent three days in a row in pajamas. The same pajamas. I knew I needed something to snap me out of my funk.


I got my hair done! This may not seem like a big deal. But, believe me, it is. First, I am cheap about my hair. I only get it done every three months. It had been five months since I had had my hair colored and cut. I had been putting it off. I have had the same hair dresser for ten years. I loved her, but some things changed. I will not write about the circumstances. It is not my story to tell. But it was an agonizing decision for me.


So, two days ago, I went to a new hair dresser recommended to me by my good friend ( thank you forever, Bridgette!). I love her! It is a huge relief to have finally made a decision. And have the outcome be good. At least, to me. I left happy. It just felt better to get my split ends cut off.


I feel refreshed. Reenergized. Like myself again. I just wanted to share.

It’s the little things: A haircut. Who knew?

P.S. Just in case you wanted to know: the outfit is mostly Free People. It is Free People’s Trapeze slip in seafoam (I believe that is the color. I purchased it a long time ago. That color is now gone, but there are a lot of different colors still available). The top is called Golden Age Top. The jeans are ten years old from The Gap. The lace shoes are from H & M last year. The necklace is my daughter’s. And I totally copied the layering look from the Free People Me stylist pictures. ; )

10 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things: Getting Your Hair Done

  1. Sooooo pretty, Jenni!! Love!!!

    This makes me want to be blonde again. Never underestimate the power of getting your hair done in the perfect shade of California Blonde. woo hoo! I totally get your elation. I would be on a high for days after my hair appointments when I was blonde.That doesn’t happen for me as a brunette unfortunately. Blonde just lights up!

    Oh – and why is it such a difficult decision to change hairdressers? The relationship becomes so strangely personal.

    • Thank you Cynthia! I love your hair. It is the prettiest shade. I would never change it! It is beautiful! And, yes, blonde is bright. But the roots are dark. So, there is much to be grateful for for being a brunette!

      I think it is hard to change hairdressers, because it feels like an art form. And it is kind of like telling them their art sucks. It is hard to make someone feel like that. I know it breaks my heart in two!

      Have a great evening! Thank you so much for he compliment!


  2. Your new hair cut and outfit looks beautiful Jenni!! And I totally agree that a hair cut can change how a girl feels 🙂 I’m glad you like your new hairdresser too! I recently changed my stylist and it was awkward because my new stylist works in the same salon. But you gotta be happy with the results right?
    And I know how you feel about your kids going off to school. Your a beautiful brave mom and I only hope that I’ll be as elegant and strong as you when my kids go to college. My daughter is starting Kindergarten in 2 weeks and I’m already having a heart attack!!

    • Hi Sayaka! Thank you so much for your lovely words!

      My friends have had todo that, go to a different hair stylist in the same salon as the old one. Yes, awkward. I feel for you! It is so hard to change!

      You are an awesome momma. Kindergarten is tough. I cried the first couple hours of the first day and the same for the last. It is a big step and I feel for you. The best part are all of the beautiful art projects you will be getting. And Mother’s Day tea. Oh! And plays! Those are the best! As sad as it is, it has so many wonderful memory makers throughout the year. I am so excited for you!

      As for myself, well today was Freshman orientation. She is so excited for high school. Seeing her excited has eased my anxiety. A little.

      I’ll let you know next week how it all goes! Ahhhh!

      Thank you again! Have a wonderful evening!


    • You are so sweet! Don’t you just feel better? I tried styling it myself yesterday, but that was a failure. We are going on a big date night tomorrow, so I am getting it styled today. I bought the product she uses from Amazon so I can do it myself, but it has not arrived yet!

      Thank you for commenting! I am glad we were on the schedule this week! Now we both feel good!

      Have a great evening!


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