Flip Flop Applesauce, Blue and White Embroidery

I love blue and white together. It is such a classic combination. Add embroidery and my knees weaken. It is no wonder I possess no self control when I spy anything with my favorite pairing.



Enter Anthropologie’s Ping Maxi Skirt. I love the way Anthropologie styled the Ping Maxi Skirt with the chambray shirt. This skirt was a splurge. It is my favorite. I received 20% off of it. It still felt expensive, but it has since sold out in my size. I am happy I sprung on it. I paired it with the Daydrifter denim shirt from Anthropologie. It is made by Cloth and Stone. I used some of the money I had leftover from my flea market birthday trip to pay for the top. I am also wearing a sale belt from Nordstrom Rack, sandals and my necklace gifted to me from Simply Livly.

It is such an easy, breezy, feel good outfit. I love the way the skirt swooshes around my legs when I walk. And there is nothing more feminine, then going barefoot, and tucking your feet and skirt up into a chair with you. Then indulging in a good book.

Ahhhh. Heaven.



My mind started spinning. “I think I can create an exact opposite look from my closet,” I thought. My thoughts are deep. I took an embroidered shirt I purchased from Anthropologie five years ago (I cannot find the name of it.) and my $20 denim maxi score from last year. I added a different belt. But I wore the same sandals and necklace.

Viola! It’s an opposite replica. But not. An outfit from a different dimmension. Key in some eerie music.

Have you created an opposite look before? What was it? Which way was your favorite?

12 thoughts on “Flip Flop Applesauce, Blue and White Embroidery

  1. I love both outfits! I actually purchased the Daydrifter Tee as well to wear with my Ping maxi. But that hasn’t happened yet. When I went to iron it I found 2 holes on the back of the top. I’ll probably be exchanging it this weekend. I love the brown belt that you paired with it. Your other outfit is adorable as well. 🙂

    • Great minds think alike! I love my ping maxi! And I know you do, too. How else have you styled it? I want more ideas.

      That sucks about the holes in the top. What a pain! Now I am worried about durability. On two people’s blogs I have seen them mention their local TJ Max had the Daydrifter tee for $30 or $40 this week. I can’t remember the exact price. I wish I had known! Maybe you could snag one there!

      Thanks Lorraine! You always brighten my day! Have a great evening!


      • I have only worn the Ping Maxi once, Jenni! It was to a graduation party and I paired it with a white vintage crewneck tee from JCrew. Pretty boring, huh? It is still really hot here (106?) so I’m wearing my Denim Boden Minis (which aren’t too mini). Anyway! If you go to my blog, click on my Polyvore, you will see about 4-5 different ways I’ve styled the Ping Maxi and plan to wear it. I bought the Mia in white and plan to tie it at the waist with the Ping. Also, I plan on wearing it with a coral tee.

        Thanks for letting me know about the TJMaxx option. I exchanged the Daydrifter Tee today at Anthro but hope to get over to TJMaxx and see if I can get it for less! I had a credit today and bought the cute owl sweater. You HAVE TO try it! So cute.

        I am really enjoying your blog. Have a great weekend!

      • Wow! 106! Ouch. I complain when it hits the nineties. Or rather, my husband does, ’cause I keep the house at 65 at night. And, well, the bill is not pretty. Good thing our house is small! : )

        I love all of the ways you styled the skirt on Polyvore. I cannot figure out how to use it. It looks like so much fun. I especially like the white t-shirt you did with the green cargo jacket. I have a green blazer like that and I would not have thought to pair the two together. However, now I am excited about it. Great idea for the fall! Thank you!

        Oh my gosh, I love that owl tee. It looks adorable. I cannot wait to see how you style it. I have not seen it in person. Which is a good thing, because my budget is no more for August. I will have to keep my eye on it!

        Let me know if you find it at TJ Max and I will be appropriately jealous! ; )

        Have a great Saturday!


  2. Too many comments before – totally collapsed and will have to leave any others for another day! I just wanted to ask if you got the Ping in a regular or petite? I’m thinking regular (5″5) but want to be sure. Don’t think I can resist this one much longer.

    • Hi Kirsten!

      I bought the Ping skirt (love it!) in a medium regular. I am 5’6″. I wish it was one to two inches longer, so at 5’5″, I would definitely get the regular size. I like how it swishes at my ankles!

      You will not regret this skirt. It is so lovely. I do not want to wear it out. So, I am pacing myself with it. But I think there are many fun ways to wear it in the cold.

      Have a beautiful Thursday!


      • Hi Jenni!

        I gave in last night and bought one that came up on ebay (there haven’t been many). I didn’t get the last one I saw and have been thinking about it ever since, so it was time to just ‘bite’. More $ than I had hoped but better not to miss out and regret it. I went with a XS regular after reading lots about it. And I agree, ankle-swishing is the best length ever.

        I did wonder how it would hold up to wear, and what the fabric is really like (tend to buy natural fabrics) but…well, you know! Irresistible.

        I hope it’s a beautiful Thursday. It’s certainly going to be a hot one by the feel of it. Time to get up – and out of my PJs!


      • Oh my gosh! I am so excited for you! Yay! Of course, it will probably be a bit until you get it, but I cannot wait. I actually like the fabric. It is heavy and feels substantial. Does that make sense? And it is silky, but not. I am doing a terrible job with my description. But I think you will really like it. There are so many dreadful fabrics out there and I do not think this is one of them. Please, please, please let me know when you get it and what you think!


      • I think it makes sense, and I think it sounds exactly as I was hoping it would be then! Some of the reviews talked of it being too light or like a handkerchief or whatever and I was imagining a classic Indian cotton. But the listing I bought had fabulous photos and I was able to zoom right in on the fabric, and hoped that I was right in thinking it looked heavier. Even more excited now! And I’ll definitely let you know when it comes (Alisa’s got some major stuff happening in her life but I know she wants to get a box off as soon as she can…the plan is she keeps the Winter pieces and enjoys them – one advantage of being the same size in most places and having opposite seasons).

      • Wow! That sounds like a win win solution for both of you. How fun! cannot wait to hear what you have to say about the skirt. I always forget that you guys are on a different weather schedule than us. So, it is coming up to be the perfect time for you to wear that skirt! So cool!

        Have a great night!


      • I know, got to say it’s a pretty cool arrangement! I SO badly wish we lived closer to each other though.

        I’m wondering how the Patch and Perforate top would look with the Ping skirt….

      • Oh! That top would be so cute! I love it! I have an eyelet top. I had not thought of pairing them. Now I am. Thank you!


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