One Of Those Days

Okay. My mother-in-law is coming. For a week. On Saturday. With her husband. And our niece.

We are busy getting ready.

Then, yesterday, this happened:


Yes, we decided to buy a new matching washer and dryer (instead of spending $750 to fix the old washing machine). They were installed a month ago. I removed some clothes and they all smelled like smoke. I looked into the dryer and the back was scorched. Excellent!

Thankfully, Costco is switching it out. But it will be after my mother-in-law comes. I am going to have a lot of laundry with three extra guests. And I have no way to do it.

Insert panic attack here.

And this:


I ripped my outdoor cushion in half (on purpose) to try to wash the sap out, that had leaked onto it. Now, I have to sew it back together. And the stains are still there. Fabulous!


But I have to admit. The view was beautiful, as I worked on the cushion. And the peace of the day winding down was soothing.


Does anyone know how to get sap out? I have tried carpet cleaner, and washing it. Any suggestions that do not involve the washing machine? My fingers can’t take resewing this.

I am losing my mind! Losing my mind, peeps! Can you see the future? I can’t. It’s littered with smoke and sap.


We decided to runaway for the day. This is a picture from an hour ago. It makes it all better. How can you be sad here? Can you guess where I am?

4 thoughts on “One Of Those Days

    • Thank you so much! I am such a dork and never looked it up! I am definitely going to try that! I will let you know how it works out!

      I so appreciate this! Have a great night!


    • Yes! We just got home. Haunted Mansion is my second favorite ride. We had a great time, but my feet hurt!

      Thanks for guessing! : )

      Have a great Wednesday!


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