A Delightful Surprise



Imagine my surprise when the doorbell rang and a package appeared. My husband said, “It’s from Free People.”

I replied, “I haven’t ordered anything from Free People.”

He smirked and said, “So, what? They’re now just sending you stuff for free?”

I ignored him and examined the box. I figured it was probably some sort of mistake. But then I noticed that the package was not exactly from Free People. The label said FP Me. My heart jumped. FP Me is a fun community on the Free People website. You can upload pictures of yourself wearing Free People outfits. They post them on the product pages. It is really cool to see how different people have styled their clothing. I am an addict!

I like to share my photos so people can get a good idea of what the piece of clothing looks like on the average girl.


I gently cut the box open. I noticed a stick peeking out at me amongst the tissue paper. Curiouser. I pulled on it. Out came this flag! Isn’t it the sweetest? I love the creativity.

I told my husband, “They sent me a flag!”

I was very excited.

But there was more.

Inside the box was a little pouch. It had a note attached that said, “Thank you from Free People for inspiring The FP Me Community with your amazing style pics…” Awwww… So sweet. And I am very flattered.


I opened the pouch. Inside was a necklace I had been coveting. It is called Pewter Short Chain Collar. I was so excited! I love it! It was so unexpected and truly made my week.

My husband was speechless.

I told him, “Yes, they are now sending me stuff for free.” I laughed with delight. It was awesome!



I am styling it here. I am wearing it with the Free People Miles of Henley dress in rust orange (I could not resist a different color).



Thank you so much Free People! Thank you to the wonderful community at Free People Me! This was so very exciting and delightful! Free People has a loyal customer for life, in me.

Have you uploaded a picture to FP Me?

P.S. Yes, that is our new library ladder we installed during our recent home facelift! More pics and info to come. Have a great day!

* Also, I am switching servers today. I will not be posting a new post until 7:00 a.m. on Thursday to accommodate the transition.

7 thoughts on “A Delightful Surprise

    • Thank you! It was a fun surprise. I appreciate the compliment about my house, as well. It is always nice to know someone doesn’t think it is too crazy. : )

      Thank you so much for commenting!

      Have a great day!


  1. You have a library ladder! Omg I am jealous!! Well, you have a house, I suppose, I can be jealous of that too! 😉 Anyway, what an awesome story about the Free People community sending you that necklace you had been coveting – either they found out somehow, or that was just an awesome coincidence. (Anthro could stand to learn a thing or two from them!) It looks great on you, and so does the dress. So many blondes seem to shy away from orange, but it totally suits you.

    By the way, in case you though I had disappeared from the blogsphere, what happened was that my sweet friend offered to redesign my blog for free. And as part of that, we changed the name, which I’d never been that happy with. So now it’s called London Preppy, (london-preppy.blogspot.com) with a hyphen in the URL because the actual name London Preppy was already taken by a man who seems to never wear a shirt (so how can that be considered preppy? he should just give the name to me outright already!). I’d be chuffed if you’d want to take a look and stay in touch! 🙂

    • Hi Gwen! Thank you so much! I changed blogs I follow on my site from Sunless Rose to London-Preppy Style. Hilarious description, by the way. Also, I love the outfit you chose to go dumpster diving in. I tried doing that once. The dumpsters here are locked. Darn!

      Have a fantastic Thursday!


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