Reading: “Emily of the New Moon”


When I wrote a post proclaiming my love for ANNE OF GREEN GABLES, Sarah from That Damn Green Dress told me about a series of books I had never heard of. Thank you Sarah! They are by the same author as “Anne of Green Gables,” L.M. Montgomery. The series is about a young girl, Emily. It begins with the first book, EMILY OF NEW MOON.

I found my edition at the used book store for $2. I loved it immediately. I also purchased the DVD version for $7 from Amazon. I cannot wait to watch it!

I must sit down and read LITTLE WOMEN once a year. It takes me back to a time when people seemed so genuine and proud. There were no such things as the travesties of “booty shorts” or “fast food.” This book reminded me of Louise Alcott’s writing mixed with the magic of Rahl Dahl.


The book is beautiful. The language is flowery and transportive. Where else will you read the word peccadillo? I vow to use the word as soon as I make a mistake. Which, hopefully will not be soon.


Here are some quotes I enjoyed:

“Sometimes I’ve been afraid that she would get so far ahead of me in the ways of eternity that I’d never catch up.”…Isn’t that so eloquent? I think that this is a thought all spouses have in worrying or dealing with their partner passing.

“Really-truly fairies?” she questioned.

“Why, you know, if a fairy was really-truly it wouldn’t be a fairy,” said Uncle Jimmy seriously. “Could it, now?”

“Emily allowed them all to enter the outer court of her temple of friendship but only Rhoda was admitted to the inner shire.”


I was so fascinated with this book, that I googled the author. I felt such a kinship to her, even though she passed away decades before I was born. How sad her real life was. I wish I could have known her and befriended her. I feel as though we both have witnessed the world through the same misty tilted glasses prescribed by a doctor who everyone insists does not exist.

I told my husband this book has sealed the deal on us taking a trip to Prince Edward Island when the children are out of the house. It sounds so beautiful and magical. I long to go there.

I cannot wait to read the other two books. I purchased them used from Amazon. I am pacing myself, because it is rare to find such treasures. I do not want them to be over. Each page has a sentence or paragraph with a unique view of the world that I have never thought of. I have to look up from the book and soak in some of the amazing sentences. This book represents to me real magic. The magic of one woman’s mind. I cannot recommend it enough.

10 thoughts on “Reading: “Emily of the New Moon”

  1. Yay! I got chills reading this, as I haven’t revisited Emily in years. Love those books! And don’t worry- there’s plenty more to read from LMM- check out ‘The Blue Castle’ for an older, more mournful tale, and there are some fabulous short stories- I think the collection is called a tangled web?

    Sigh, and not to give credence to the myth that Canada is so tiny that everyone knows each other…but I actually lived next to Martha MacIsaac who plays Emily (she was just a baby at the time!)

    Great sandals, and I have that belt too- love it!

    • Thanks Sarah! I will have to check those books out! I LOVE the author. Her way of writing is like a novel of poetry. Beautiful. I cannot thank you enough for the book suggestion. My husband surprised me with a first edition of the book he purchased off eBay for $10! Of course, I will not open that one!

      I have not started the DVDs yet, because I am nervous it will show something I have not read yet. I want to finish all three books before I start it.

      That is so cool that you lived across he street from the actress! Oh my goodness! What a small world.

      Thank you again! I cannot wait to read more!


  2. I will definitely be checking this series out on Amazon! I am an avid reader of books; mostly mysteries but I love the Bronte sisters as well. Thank you for the recommendation! That dress looks great on you especially with your new door as a backdrop. 🙂

    • Thanks Lorraine! It is definitely old fashioned, but I am old fashioned girl! Thank you for the compliment.

      Hey! I did not know you had a blog! I am going there right now to check it out!

      Have a great day!


    • Thank you! I wanted to show the dress how I would style it. The first time I saw the dress, it was sold out. I made sure to push the “I need it button.” Within about three weeks, they emailed me that more were in stock. That is when I purchased it. I have also seen them popping back, as someone returns one.

      I hope it comes back for you! Thank you so much for the kind words!

      Have a great night!


  3. Jenni,

    It’s funny where little “blog birdwalks” will lead you! I clicked over from your profile at the YHL forums and was cruising through your home page, when the menu caught my eye and I clicked to find… this. I haven’t met anyone who feels the way about Emily and these books that I do. (She has eclipsed Anne of Green Gables for me!) I hope you have read all three of the books by now. Apparently they are the most autobiographical of all LMM’s novels, which makes me a) also want to take a trip to PEI, and b) wish I could live in these books.

    And to also find the line “I must sit down and read LITTLE WOMEN once a year.”… Chills. Story of my life. So hello from a kindred spirit!

    • Oh my gosh! That is amazing! I LOVED the first book. I started to read the second one and was in the midst of savoring it (that is what I get for not plowing through it) and I have lost it in the midst of my ramshackled house.

      I am now intent on finding it, though. I NEED someone to talk to about it. My husband just does not understand. Sarah, from the blog, “That Damn Green Dress” recommended the series after I wrote an outfit post based on Anne of Green Gables.

      I purchased every episode of the t.v. series of Emily of New Moon from Amazon, but I do not want to start it until I finish the books. It is a vicious cycle.

      I will definitely let you know when I do finish it. And of course, I will be reading “Little Women.” But not until Christmastime. Because that is the only time to read it. ; )

      I am so very glad that you found my blog. I hope we can continue to discuss books! I am always in the midst of two or three.

      Have a wonderful week, Bosom Buddy!


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