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I am wearing Anthropologie’s Nanette dress, that I purchased for my birthday last year, with a denim jacket I bought from the Nordstrom Rack. I love this dress, but I have to layer something over the sleeves. The sleeves on this dress are very unflattering to my arms and so I automatically categorize this dress into the fall/winter spots in my wardrobe (as if I am really that neat to be so organized, but it is cataloged in my head).

The picture of me on the couch has me pairing it with black tights, brown boots, Anthropologie crossed beads belt, and feather earrings from World Market.

My dog, Murphy, is a spazz. He is an attention addict. You cannot sit anywhere without him forcing his way onto you, which quickly goes from adorable to annoying for many people. If I am sitting for a picture, you will notice I will always have a Murphy appendage on my body.


I am trying to figure out how I can incorporate the high-low hem of some of my clothing with layers. I attempted to pair it with my Free People raw tulle maxi slip. I do not think it works very well. My hair looking like I just rushed from a mad tea party, doesn’t really help with the escaped from the loony bin look.


I love this outfit! I am wearing Free People Annie Oakley lace skirt, Anthropologie pepin shirt, Target tank, Moroccan belt from a local boutique, vintage boots and Anthropologie Doily Drop earrings.

ANNE OF GREEN GABLES was one of my favorite movies of all time and this look is a slightly edgy nod to the series.

We grew up pretty simply in the country. I had been given ANNE OF GREEN GABLES on a cassette tape lovingly recorded by a friend of the family’s as a Christmas present the year before. I would obsessively watch them over and over. I still watch both movies on DVD once a year.

I remember the one and only time our family went to Knotts Berry Farm. It was back when it was not really much of anything, but it was a big deal to our family. It was a long draining day. I do not remember much about it, except my snooty thirteen year old self was not impressed by the park.

On the way out the gate, our family stopped at the gift shop. We browsed a little, but I did not ask for a souvenir. I picked up a pack of ANNE OF GREEN GABLES books and lovingly stroked the covers. I did not know my dad had seen me. I put the books back and we left the store.

My father stopped halfway to the car and said he would be right back and he took off running. We just thought he was making an emergency trip to the restroom. He came back to the car shortly after holding a bag in his hand. He handed it to me and when I opened it, inside were the books I had been eyeing. It was such a sweet and generous gift. It made a huge impact on me. I knew what those books cost and I knew my daddy thought I was worth it.

Looking back on that moment, breaks my heart, because I never got around to reading those books. Being a thirteen year old girl, I moved on to R.L. Stine and V.C. Andrews. The quaint slow paced world of Anne’s did not wiggle its way back into my heart for many more years. By that time, the books were long since misplaced or given away. But that precious gift in the parking lot will be with me always.

Have you read or watched ANNE OF GREEN GABLES? Which outfit is your favorite? Would you let the lady in the second picture in your house?

9 thoughts on “Country Girl

  1. If you get a chance you should visit PEI where the book was written. They have the farmhouse and everything from the book. It is great for people like you that were enamoured with Anne. Plus it is just a beautiful place to visit during the summer.


  2. hee hee- I’m from PEI…so of course I’ve read them many times, though my favourite is the Emily of New Moon series! There’s a bit more mystery and magic to Emily.
    I love the Annie Oakley outfit, and layering with the high-low hems is the best. I have the bubbled bands shirtdress from the fall and it works so much better with a black slip layer underneath. The nanette dress is so pretty and simple- I bet a less frilly slip would pull it all together! It looks awesome with the denim layer!

    • I have never heard of Emily of the New Moon. I must check it out! PEI looks amazing. I think my sister and I should take a trip there, because she is obsessed like I am. That is a good idea for a different layer with the Nanette dress. I do think the slip I tried was too poofy. Thank you so much for commenting! I love your style!

  3. That Annie Oakley lace skirt outfit is amazing on you! Really like how you pulled it together; the belt makes a statement and stops the outfit from being too frilly. Is it possible – you look prettier in every picture?

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