Monarch Magic Metamorphosis


First, I know this pattern resembles a Tiger Butterfly more than a Monarch. I must have been a little loopy when I first typed this up, because here I am now editing it before it goes up in a few hours and I am wondering what I was thinking with the title. Who can really say?


I have found in the last year that a swing style dress is my favorite.


The Sarita Swing Dress is beautiful. I do wish it was one inch longer but otherwise it is perfect. It is made from silk which is a rare thing to find nowadays. My grandma used to keep silk worms in her house so we could watch how they worked. She also would occasionally raise a butterfly through the stages. Green and yellow were her favorite colors. She would have loved this dress.


I paired the dress with my Simply Livly Turquoise Necklace and a wooden turquoise ring. I also wore my favorite Chie Mihara booties with it. They were one of my favorite sale scores last year. Her shoes are amazing.

I think that every girl dreams of a fantasy world. It is kind of what is thrown on us as children. Castles, princesses, animals, pink and flowers. Butterflies fall right into this.


Now, I do not know for certain that this dress is based on a butterfly. It seems obvious to me that it is. But I also frequently mix up the words, “prescription and subscription” so I am absolutely no good mental evaluator.


I looked up the name of the dress, “Sarita.” It means “flowing” in Sanskrit according to the website, behind the name. It is subtle. But, oh, the missed name opportunities this dress had.


It has the most lovely crochet lace edged lining. The dress is short, but in all of my pictures (including spinning), I did not encounter one wardrobe snafu.


It is perfect for a windy day. The sleeves flutter magnificently. I honestly felt like a butterfly in this dress. Groan. I can imagine someone quoting that and I realize how lame that sounds, but it is true.


This dress might not have the right name, but it does not matter.


It simply made me happy. When I wore it I smiled. It felt like a metamorphosis was taking place. And that is all that matters to me.

9 thoughts on “Monarch Magic Metamorphosis

  1. Rest of comment said —
    Butterflies are so very special to me. During our wedding, I was told by many a butterfly landed on the back of my gown and remained all during our vows. It was an outdoor wedding. Of course, this was before videography so I have no record of it but I can totally visualize it in my mind’s eye
    Wishing you a lovely Valentine Day, Jenni.

  2. So pretty on you! Glad it made you happy, it looks like a happy dress? Bacon jam?!?! I never knew there was such a thing! Looks perfect for a turkey sandwich! I’m sure my fam wld love it bc we are lovers of the bacon! Which is kind of ironic in yay case bc I don’t like meat & don’t eat beef or any other pork, but bacon is it’s own amazing thing I guess!
    Happy weekend to you & your family!

  3. Isn’t that the absolute best?! When an outfit makes you happy and you want to smile the whole time you are in it. This dress is so gorgeous on you! I love that it reminds you of your Gram. That’s the cherry on the whipped cream. On top of yummy ice cream.

    Hey Gnome! Don’t think I don’t see you!

  4. I would agree that this dress is designed after a butterfly! It is gorgeous on you! I have a fondness for them too and have been swooning over Valentino’s butterfly pieces lately. I am dreaming up a DIY based off one of the jackets. After I posted my newest camel sweater by Mara Hoffman, I saw that Anthro carried the duster style one (the Nisim Long Cardi). I can’t believe how much that slips by me even though I am on their site daily!

  5. It doesn’t matter what type of butterfly…it looks beautiful on you regardless! I love that you paired it with turquoise. I saw it in store this weekend and did not even bother to try it on. The yellow will just not work on me. I am so bummed. I will admire it on you from afar!

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