From India To Me


I love to shop Etsy for one of a kind pieces. I especially love embroidered pieces. But I am not picky. I’ll know it when I see it.

And I saw it.

But it was sold out, so I contacted Lisa from Madame Hall on Etsy to see if she would be making any more of the dresses I had seen on her site in a size medium. She did not have any but she sent me a few pictures of this dress laying flat.

And, of course, I loved it.


I bought it (with the help of a gift card from the sweetest lady ever. Thank you B!) and anxiously awaited its arrival.

It came in the coolest package about two weeks later. She sewed the package up with my address on the cloth. Inside of the initial package, the dress was wrapped in another gorgeous embroidered simple cloth bag. And she even sent me a beautiful embroidered scarf as a gift. Truly exceptional service. I would not hesitate to order from her again and to recommend her shop to others.


I was not planning on pairing it with brown boots. In fact, I was going to wear it with my black fringed booties. But the snow would have ruined those. I did need to quickly grab a slip for underneath this because of the length. It is almost more of a tunic than a dress but because it is made from wool, I would only wear this with tights and leggings in the wintertime any way.


The bright cheerful colors just make me so happy.


I feel like this dress was meant to be mine. Or I was meant for it. It only needed to find me half way across the world. From India to me.


Do you buy clothing items from Etsy? Do you ever feel a personal connection to an item of clothing? Does it speak to you?


Mine does.

I’m not gonna tell you what it says.


All right.

Just this once. I’ll spill the beans. Or beads as it were…


With a shimmer. A glimmer. A whisper, it breathes, “OHHHHHH YEAAAAAAHHHHHH.”

Or maybe that’s just me.

10 thoughts on “From India To Me

  1. Squee! This is soooo you. ☺️ I am off to check out this etsy shop. Some of my clothes do speak to me but only telepathically.

  2. Oooh, so pretty and detail rich! What a perfect purchase! I’ve only ever bought accessories and gifts for others on Etsy. But I’m always so delighted when they arrive because it seems that each is wrapped up uniquely. I find the clothing in boutiques on vacation always calls to me and says that we belong together… but what it doesn’t understand is that I’m not brave enough in my real life to wear it. So then, having been purchased, the only conversing it does is to remind me that it exists from the depths of my closet and reprimand me for not bringing it out to play more often!

  3. What a beautiful tunic! I never think to look on Etsy. I feel like it is just TOO big. I get so lost when I go on there! I love this look on you. It was meant to be!

  4. Haha! “Ooooooooh Yeeaaaahhhh!” It’s the Kool-Aid man of Indian-made tunics. Except more folksy and fun. And less creepy. I have yet to buy a piece of clothing from Etsy, but I do have a few vintage items and handmade pieces of jewelry. I get so overwhelmed by all of the bespoke goodness on Etsy. I know my mom is even more obsessed than I am.

    My grandmother’s old pieces of jewelry speak to me. The fanciest party dresses speak to me and make me feel like a vintage Hollywood glitterati. And far too many clothes speak to me and strangely all say the same thing: “Buy me!” lol

    <3 Liz

  5. awe that dress is amazing! I can see how it might speak to you! I’ve bought vintage clothing from etsy but nothing newly made….although I keep eyeballing a tulle skirt…don’t know if I am at the end of that trend but it’s so cute!

  6. Yes, yes and yes! That dress was definitely made for you! What amazing service, from the packaging down to the scarf… I’ve used Etsy too and I love it – that’s where I got my beloved yoga bag from this amazing lady who sews them herself, and I bought a bunch of jewellery from another seller, bit by bit – stuff that I still wear and love. And as for emotional connection with clothes, totally! But sometimes it’s negative, and I can’t wear something anymore because I associate it with bad memories – I’m a doofus but I can’t help it!

    But anyway. This dress is amazing on you. The bell shape is so cute! I could totally see you wearing it over jeans, though! Did you have mustard cords, or were those overalls? Because mustard pants under this dress would look really sweet, I think! Also, that super cute pompom vest you have, over this dress? I reckon it would work, and look awesome!

    Come to Norway sometime, by the way. It’s like being inside the movie Frozen, I swear… All the snow you can eat! 😉

  7. Oh that’s a gorgeous embroidered tunic! You look beautiful in it & yes, I agree, it was made for you! Simply perfect! It’s made from wool? Is is itchy &/or hot? I don’t think I have anything from wool anymore bc I just get too hot. And itchy. I have an old j.crew sweater from college that wool, I think, & I always had to wear a long sleeved, high neck, t-shirt underneath, but my body temp stays hotter now after having babies.

    That’s such a beautiful tunic. I have the same love for embroidery that you do too! I’m definitely going to start wearing my tops more. I’ve had them & saved them for yrs bc I love them so! They are just happy to me. I think you said that too!

    Happy weekend to you & your family!

  8. When my clothes start speaking to me, it might be time for me to start considering medication. 😉 No, of course, certain pieces speak volumes to some people and it’s great when you find ones that just scream you. It looks great on you!

  9. Beautiful embroidery! It’s perfect for you!!
    I have yet to buy clothing on Etsy. I’ve bought jewelry and art and even a wedding gift that a friend had registered for. Etsy is such a fabulous site. I love purchasing from independent artisans!

    • Thank you Cynthia! Oh! Etsy is so awesome! I have met the best people there. I have only had one problem and it was with a man and some vintage items. The box broke in transit and half of the order was lost. No insurance. He offered to send some more, but I didn’t want the bad karma of the other items. I just let it go. And having less of the items worked out in the long run. I saw a single item of what I ordered at the flea market while I was there. It was much more and not as pretty as my items, so it all worked out. But I have two vintage pieces in my cart right now just hoping no one buys them before my budget renews on the first!

      Have a terrific week!


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