Cockatiels and Stripes?


This outfit pretty much represents what is going on in my brain at any given moment.


Colorful cockatiels trying to mate with bright stripes. It is like a smorgesboard of crazy, but I think it works.

But again, I think in cockatiels and stripes, so my thoughts should be taken with a grain of salt.


Unless you’re a cockatiel.

I’ve heard salt is bad for birds.


Not as bad as rocks. Or airplanes. Or cats. Or stripes.

But close.


Can we please be sober serious for a moment?


I purchased this red and white striped skirt from eShatki years ago before I had a blog. It remains one of my favorite pieces in my closet and I previously wore it here.


The cockatiel top was another older purchase. It is by Daniel Rainn (I cannot find it or a similar enough top to link to, but I have seen this top on eBay). I bought it for $13 at Nordstrom Rack many years ago. I had never worn it before. It is a tricky top. It has a sheen and it is a peplum shape (hidden by the skirt).


I scored the Anthropologie Waterfront Wedges on a popback for 85% off recently (sold out, similar here). I have wanted to wear them with everything.

What do your thoughts look like? Are they bird and stripe shaped? Peanut and alligators? Polka dots and rabid wolves? I think I may have a problem. My thoughts don’t go together. But at least I can pretend that my outfit patterns do.

16 thoughts on “Cockatiels and Stripes?

  1. Ohmygosh, my brain read the entire first half of that post as “cocktails” and stripes, instead of cockatiels.

    So, I guess my brain thoughts must look partly like cocktails?…

    • Ha! That is more my kind of post! In fact, I do have a cocktail post going up in an hour. Maybe you are seeing the future! ; )

      Have a delightful week! Thanks for the smile!


  2. Red is a good colour on you. (I know it’s not one of your favourite colours, but you should definitely wear it more often!)

    My husband thinks my thoughts are like a ball of steel wool. Ha.

    • Thank you Liana! I like red paired with pink. It is actually one of my favorite combos, but by itself, I tend to avoid it. Of course, I wore my red boots today. Until it rained. Then I switched to rain boots!

      I must try to picture thoughts of a ball of steel wool! So interesting!

      Have a beautiful week!


  3. Love those together! I love the red/white stripes!!!! Very pretty on you! I wanted a blk/white skirt like that so badly, but all I found were too short! Main ally got a dress at gap at the end of the season. I haven’t worn it yet, though I can wear w/ a cardigan I guess. I plan on it being my Easter dress this yr.

    • Thank you Rebecca! I know that Anthropologie has a polka skirt out right now that is similar. You should wishlist it! I wish eShakti would make more of these poplin skirts. They were made to fit each person. I really loved them!

      Have a super week! I hope to catch up on your fun blog tomorrow!


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