The Best Dress Of The West


I keep catching glimpses of folks claiming that this pattern (from here on called Ganado*) days are numbered in its trendiness. But it has been around long before the past few years. In fact, my favorite style, or decade as it were, was the seventies, and this print was all the rage back then. Thus, any time I wear it, I do not think of fads, but rather it being just a tribute to a period of style that I adore.


Besides, who cares about fads or trends any way? I wear what I want when I want to and never ever let what is in or out dictate what I wear.


Of course, this does not mean I claim to be a fashion expert. Ha! Hardly that. I just know what I like. And knowing what you like is most of the battle. Knowing what looks good on your body type is the other part. Mix that with your budget and the chemistry formula for your style is done.


Who knew I was such a scientist?


I purchased this Ganado print inspired dress from Modcloth many years ago. In fact, it was my very first purchase from that company. But you can find a similar style almost everywhere. In looking for a similar dress, I found this one, but honestly look at this whole page of these printed dresses from Forever 21. There are so many of them, and they also come in plus sizes.


I have a confession. Contrary to what you probably were thinking, I am not a gymnast any more than I am a scientist. I know, it is quite a shock. I will give you a moment to let that register.

I cannot believe I am sharing this “action” shot with you. My kids roll on the floor at how very high I can jump.


Let’s move on to something less embarrassing… Hopefully. I had a post up yesterday about the lip pencil products I am currently in love with. These pictures show more of the Iberico color I was terrified of. Whenever I am truly scared of something, I usually make myself do it. Whether that entails ziplining or trying on a lipstick, it is all the same. I do not, however, ever recommend going up behind a cop to ask for directions while he is arresting someone. Don’t ask how me how I know that, just trust me.

Also, stay away from people talking to trees.

Or urinating on them.

Let my past be your guide as to what not to do.

Except for lipstick, always have fun with lipstick.


Do you own any Ganado inspired print clothing? Do you care about following fads or not following them? And what is your stance on public tree affection? I don’t mind a quick hug, but those branches are a bit tough for me to handle.

P.S. Did you purchase anything during the after Christmas sales? I picked up this throw in the orange and green colors, some candles and a Christmas garland for next year. The trees told me to do it. And I cannot resist their call.

*When writing this post, I kept coming upon the terms “tribal” and “ethnic” to describe this print. This felt wrong to me. There are so many gorgeous and beautiful cultures and ethnicities that to clump them all together when stumbling upon a pretty pattern felt gross. However, it seems that some stores have not caught on to this and continue to group everything together. So, I googled the terms and found this article. I learned that the pattern on my dress is more aptly called Ganado, inspired from this pattern originating with the Navajo people.

Now, let’s all stop using those terms and peeing on trees… In that order, of course.

14 thoughts on “The Best Dress Of The West

  1. Your print is so much better!! I love that print as well and say hooray to you for not caring about trends. I am recently obsessed with woolen prints like these ( on vintage woolrich or vintage pendleton products.).

    I’ve been a long time reader and first time poster.. Just wanted to say thank you for posting something every day. And also, keeping it real. Keeps a smile on my face! Happy new year!

    • Thank you so very much! Your comment really touched my heart and I appreciated it so much. It is hard to post every day, but I am having fun. Thank you so much for reading! : ). I love the vintage Pendleton. They had so much of it at the flea market and I forgot to go back and look at it. : (. Hopefully next time!

      Have a fabulous week!


  2. What a cute dress! I am really into these prints too, and agree that I will wear them even if they aren’t “trendy” anymore. If you think about brands like Ralph Lauren, they use this kind of print year after year. It is classic I think. I have struggled with what to call it as well, and am sure I have referred to my various pieces as ethnic, tribal or even Aztec. Ganado is better. My most recent purchase was a pair of Steve Madden boots with a Ganado pattern around the leg, from my favorite resale shop.

    • Thank you Heather! You know, I am sure I have used the words in reference to a pattern before, too. But I just kept thinking there has to be a better word. I like Ganado better, too. : ). I MUST see your Steve Madden boots and get this package out to you!

      Have a great week!


  3. The Lhasa Throw is lovely–I wonder if the design, at least the grey colorway, was inspired by Tibet? Knowing Anthro’s naming fancies, the chances are 50/50.

    I did some online shopping on the 26th and ventured out to the mall early this morning. I think much of the online order–from Old Navy, which I haven’t shopped in ages–will be going back, since I found a coat today that’s better quality (although of course more expensive) than the super-affordable teal peacoat that I ordered. I’ll have to see when it arrives, since for <$30 (including tax!) I could afford to keep the peacoat regardless if the quality and fit exceed my expectations.

    I also ordered a popback of the Swan Applique Sweatercoat from Anthro–it isn't due to ship until January, so I'm nervously crossing my fingers. In-store today I picked up a pair of light blue sateen AG ankle Stevies for an amazing price, marked down to $50 plus 25% off and no tax since I'm visiting my tax-free home state for the holidays. Then I wandered into Armani Exchange, where I found this lovely coat. Haven’t mentally committed to keeping it yet, but I think at the very least I’ll take it home to ponder over. I’m not sure why all of the coat karma is coming to me after moving to CA, land of no-winter…

    • Wow! That peacoat sounds sensational! Please let me know how it worked for you. I actually love hearing about other people’s buys. It makes me happy and I can picture that person better. I hope you love the Swan Sweatercoat! I thought it was so cool! And the Stevies are such a great deal! I picked up those Pilcro pants in green with the weird lines on them a few days ago online as a popback for $30. They come tomorrow. I hope I like them! The throw still has not made it home to me, but it should arrive tomorrow, too. It got held up in shipping. I also found a popback of that tassel dress and I hope it ships! I used a gift card for it and it would be so nice to have! : )

      Have a lovely week! Thank you so much for sharing! I love it!


  4. I think it is so interesting and awesome that we both love the seventies for style but that we like completely different styles from it!
    You hit the nail on the head about finding your own personal style!
    I will follow a fad if I like it. I couldn’t do leggings in the ’80’s and I can’t do them now. However, sometimes I won’t like a fad but if it sticks around long enough I may begin to like it – joggers come to mind. I am somewhat intrigued by them all of a sudden. What is the best is when something I like comes back in style – like bell bottoms and knee length skirts!

    • You are so right! Man! The seventies rocked! And, I had not thought of it like that before. You are right. I will see a fad and it might remind me of something that I love. There are so many fads I will not be trying. Some that I wish I could get away with, though!

      Have sweet dreams!


  5. love this pattern, whatever it is called 🙂 love those mustard leggins’!! do you remember the stirrup leggins? haha….laughing at this post, asking a cop directions while he’s arresting someone, hehehehe

    • Thank you Melodee! : ). I have two pairs of those mustard tights. They are from H&M last year. This year they did not have any cool colors that I saw. I was bummed. I do remember the stirrup leggings! I think I remember them twice! I hope to not see them a third time! : )

      Have a lovely weekend!


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