It’s The Little Things: Quirky Jewelry

I found some pieces of jewelry from the shop UPcycledWorks when she was selling her items at the San Diego Del Mar Fair in June. My daughter and I split the cost of four items. We purchased three rings and a necklace.


I own two of her Scrabble rings. One in a “C.” My husband and daughter’s names both start with this initial. This makes it easy for my daughter and I to share monogrammed pieces.


And one in a “Q.” This letter is for my favorite letter in Scrabble.

Please ignore my this model’s creepy veiny hand. I cannot imagine what her face looks like. Shudder.


I also purchased a Mahjong ring. I cannot believe I have not taken a picture of it on my hand, yet. My husband collects vintage Mahjong sets. We used to play together all of the time, but we have not done so in years. I miss it.


We bought a telescope necklace that my daughter wore and now I cannot find. Sigh. She is as organized as her mother. But I really want these earrings. I have a thing for semicolons. I kind of love them. I try desperately not to use them because one of my favorite writers once commented that they are obnoxious; they live on in my heart.

Do you own any quirky jewelry? I love it all. I like being able to say something without ever speaking a word. Wasn’t that a song? I have semicolons on the brain; I cannot remember.

It’s the little things: fun little pieces of jewelry.

18 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things: Quirky Jewelry

  1. omg… Mahjong… lol I grew up playing that game w my family lol I never thought that could be a ring!! Interesting!!

    And whaaaat? Do you live in Del Mar?? My husband has an office in La Jolla w his partner and he goes there once a month.. We are considering moving down there! How is it like there???

    • I want to play again so badly! It is fun! Anything involving dragons is my kind of game.

      We don’t live in Del Mar. It is so gorgeous, though. That would be exciting. We are about an hour from there. I don’t drive the freeways so I only get there once a year for the fair. Are you doing any of the holiday workshops? I am signed up for two.

      Sweet dreams!


  2. A few years ago, I went on an Etsy shopping mini-binge. And boy, am I ever so glad that I did! I love that each piece I bought was meaningful… Specifically to me. Among the pieces…a pretzel necklace honoring my german home, a pendant made of a scrabble piece refurb’ed with a ballerina on it referencing my 20+ years of dance, and a little glass bottle necklace in which I carry a miniaturized piece sheet music from “the magic flute”.
    The pieces I wear most often though, are various puzzle piece earrings, bracelets and pendants in recognition of my son’s autism and as a conversation starter to encourage awareness.

    • I love that! It is so important to wear meaningful pieces. My sweet friend Kathy runs a charity called, My Nicholas Foundation and does so much for autism in our community. I have learned so much about autism from her. She has some wonderful puzzle piece jewelry items. I always love to see her wear them. Did you see Anthropologie’s puzzle piece dress last year? I watched it for a popback for her, but never saw it come back in that size.

      Thank you for sharing! Have a lovely week!


  3. I love the Q scrabble piece. Do you also have a list of Q words that don’t need a U?

    I can’t wear jewelry very often because of my work (actually, neither can my husband… both of us never wear our wedding rings). But I do like to collect it. My high school english teacher told me when she travels, she buys a piece of jewelry as a souvenir, which I love and have been doing ever since.

    • Qi, qat, suq. They are scorched into my brain forever. Am I missing any?

      I love jewelry as a souvenir. I usually pick something for the house. Now I want to pick jewelry, too. What a great idea! Thank you for the suggestion!

      Have a great week!


  4. Why are semicolons obnoxious? Did the writer elaborate on that? I don’t use them too often but that is because I am always worried about using them wrong. My quirky jewelry is my cat jewelry. And I love my cat pieces! I got some of it on Etsy. Etsy is the best!!!

    • He/she did not say. Or maybe they did. I cannot remember. All I know is I have been scared to use them since that was inferred. I will send you a link in an email. It is a great post about punctuation.

      Did you see the new cat skirt on Anthro?

      Have a super week!


  5. Ooh, yes, those are all neat! My aunt bought herself & G scrabble leather pendants for necklaces a few yrs ago! I always wore jewelry in high school. Then for probably 10-15 yrs I stopped wearing necklaces. I’d only wear them on holidays or special occasions. It wasn’t until a few years ago, after discovering fashion blogs, or just blogs I read where the ladies wore bright, bold, & big jewelry that I started wearing necklaces again. I started out w/ small & only silver. Now I buy big, bright, bold, & gold! It’s a great way to make an outfit pop for less, or try out a new trend or style you’re unsure of! So, yes, I’m all for quirky, fun jewelry now!

  6. Oh, these pieces are so awesome! And so “you” – I keep saying that, don’t I, but you seem to know exactly what your style is and what will suit you, and that’s so cool.

    As for quirky jewellery… I have a ceramic pendant from when Victor and I went on holiday to Barcelona. They were selling it in the gift shop of the Sagrada Familia, and since it was our 7th anniversary of being a couple, I really wanted a special memento from the trip, so that became it! I also have a pair of measuring tape bangles from the Museum of London gift shop – what can I say, gift shops have awesome jewellery!

  7. Also, Victor’s entire family is OBSESSED with Mahjong. I remember waking up from a jet-lagged haze in his parents’ house to screams of “PONG!!” because they had to like, get a game going the same day they got him back. Apparently he was a Mahjong savant at the age of four, and won all the grownups’ pocket change! At his cousin’s wedding two years ago, they even busted out Mahjong tables in the middle of the after-party… which is apparently traditional! You guys would basically be our perfect neighbours! (Then, I could finally learn to play, too…)

    • How can you not play?! It is so much fun! You should play with Victor. I think you would really like it! I love that they played at a wedding. That is awesome!

      I hope your day is peaceful and fun!


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