Ollie and Me: On The Prairie


Ollie loves car rides.

No. I mean really, really loves them.

He doesn’t care where you take him. He just likes to get into the car and go.


The sad part is that he is so short he cannot really see out of the window. This does not bother him. Ollie is a glass half full kind of dog.

On this day my husband decided to take him a little bit past the house. I asked my husband if I could join him and perhaps get some pictures of the outfit I wore that day.

He agreed.


Ollie did not.

When we got to the location I decided to see if Ollie wanted to pose with me.

You would think based on the photo above that he was not so happy about this (seriously though, how funny is that face? His is pretty hilarious, too).


I decided to show him how much fun taking pictures can be.


He decided he really, really liked getting his picture taken.


I think it is because he got a lot of love.

Who am I kidding?

He always gets a lot of love.


Dare I say it? It looks as though he enjoyed it more than a car ride.



I think he might be happier than I am with this outfit, too. I paired my grey dress from this post (which has become a layering piece ’cause I shrunk it) with a flannel skirt (similar here) and fringe vest (similar super fabulous vest here) that I scooped up for $10 each at a consignment store last winter. The belt was from Anthropologie.


If you have a dog do they like car rides or walks better? What is your best score at a consignment shop?


Ollie did so well taking pictures with me that I might do it again soon. It was much more fun than taking pictures by myself.

And the best part was… He got to get a ride back home.

His modeling fees are odd. But cheap. I pay him in car rides.

No need to tell him we were going back that way anyway.

P.S. * I shared this on The Pleated Poppy and Because Shanna Said So!

*two more photos that did not make it to the blog post can be seen on my Instagram Account (thegnomelover).

32 thoughts on “Ollie and Me: On The Prairie

    • Thank you Sara! I love that belt! I hope you get to wear yours soon. I find it is better with a skirt than a dress. I need to read the tag on that skirt to see where it is from. I was so happy with that score! : )

      Have a beautiful week!


  1. OMG … I’m in love with Ollie’s adorable funny face! Love seeing your dog! I need to work on my dogs’ modeling skills for sure. Adore this outfit too … head to toe adorable! I could wear my “Little House on the Prairie” look and bring my two knucklehead doggies and wouldn’t we all have fun?!!
    Dawn Lucy

    • Thank you Dawn Lucy! I wanted to take pictures of Murphy too, but there is no way he will ever sit still for a picture. I love when you take pictures with your dogs!

      Have a fabulous week!


  2. So much fun! Ollie really is the star though.

    I think the belt makes it.

    Zoe also loves the idea of a car ride but then once she is inside she cries. She is a bit psycho I think.


  3. I love that skirt! I have a weakness for plaid in the fall, and this skirt is perfect! Ollie is just the cutest. Bulldogs are so funny with their little faces! Have a great start to your week!

  4. He is just so cute! Yes, my Rocky loves car rides too. In fact, whenever we go outside for a walk, he immediately heads toward the car hoping for a ride. He definitely enjoys a car ride much more than a walk. Love the cute outfit!

    • I think it is a bulldog thing. Murphy would much rather go for a walk. My husband had to carry Ollie up the street after his short walk two days ago. He refused to go any further. : )

      Have a great week!


  5. He looks soooo happy!
    In response to your question, our Katie was scared to death of car rides when we adopted her from the pound at age two or three about six years ago. Considering she is part lab (we think) and she had been an outdoor dog, we thought this quite odd. We would have to lift her into the car and she would shake so badly. No way would she get near the window like most dogs. Now, she is like Ollie…loves, loves, loves to go. Hangs her head out the window like a ‘normal’ dog. When she senses we are getting ready to go somewhere she starts making seal type noises. It is hilarious. Although not as hilarious as her Chewbacha yawn (true! Wish I could capture it on my iphone recording but I have no idea when she will do it). She is equally as fond of walks.
    Yes, I vote for more pictures with the fur-babies.

    • Oh I love the Chewbacca yawn! You must capture it one day. Although it will probably be impossible. Ollie yawns so cute and I have never been able to get a picture.

      Thank you sweet friend!

      Have a lovely week!


  6. All our dogs have loved the car too!!! I looove that vest! I looove fringe & I’m not afraid to admit it! My best consignment scores are usually shoes! I found a pair of pink suede Thunderbird Minnetonka’s for $7 last year. Last week I found a pair of tan Minnetonkas with beading & a pair of sparkly black & silver Toms for Lulu! And it was 25% day!! Yay!!

  7. I love Ollie’s disgruntled face, it’s so funny & cute! I definitely think he’s a fun, cute prop to add to your pics! I like your outfit too, looks like you I think! Hmmmmm, there is a consignment shop that I take our stuff too & it has house goods & decorative items tooo. It’s my favorite bc I’ve found lots of decor there & cute clothes, mostly for G though. But I did get a brand new pair of Stuart Weizmann wedges for $37 ( I think they would have been in the $200 range retail, I could never find my exact pair)! Anyway, consignment is a great way to did designer, or better brands for less, & sometimes even brand new, yeay!
    Happy Sunday!

  8. Aw. I love all of Ollie’s expressions. He is so cute and adorable.

    Oscar loves walks. The car ride doesn’t interest him at all, and he whines impatiently the whole way from the house to the dog park.

    • Thank you Liana! I am loving the pictures of Oscar on Instagram! We are never going to the dog park again after Murphy peed on a lady. He has never ever done anything like that before or since. But it was mortiphying!

      Have a super week!


  9. What a nice post and a beautiful boy! It is so fun to see your bully. He is adorable. I hope he joins you in a lot more posts and that Murphy is feeling better. My bully loves to ride in the car and walk too. She has a harness very similar to Ollie’s.

    • Thank you! : ). I am definitely going to do more posts with him. It was fun. Murphy is so much better, thank you. I thought he was on his last legs for a few days. He would not eat. He was panting. But we took him to the vet and he is all better and his lab work came back completely fine. So happy!

      Have a beautiful week!


    • Thank you Cynthia! Can you imagine Ollie and Marcy together? He would be terrified! I do not think he has ever seen a cat. And Marcy probably has not seen a slobbering monster. I am smiling thinking about it!

      Have a wonderful week!


  10. I just love this outfit! Perfection! I love the belt and the boots especially. My dogs often photobomb my pics too – I should just let them pose sometimes! They would probably love it too!

  11. I always used to wonder how you could possibly make yourself look any cuter, and here I have the answer, pose with Ollie! He’s really workin’ it, hehe. Funny how Murphy is so camera shy in comparison.

    Anyway, this is such a beautiful outfit – and very “you”! What a bummer about your grey dress shrinking though! I remember you loved that thing! Sadly, they don’t have consignment stores over here, and I’ve never managed to find one the times I’ve been to the States.

    • Thank you Gwen! Murphy cannot possibly sit still long enough for a photo. Picking him up makes him grumpy. I might try to do some pictures with him one day but it definitely will not be as easy as Ollie.

      The consignment shops in our town are basically high end thrift shops. I need to go to them more often. My friends score some fabulous deals!

      Have a terrific Tuesday!


  12. Aw, what a cutie! He does seem to go from begrudging prop to super fabulous co-star. He’s eating it up in those last few photos!

    Jazzy loves “gophers” of every variety. “Gopher walks.” “Gopher rides.” So yeah. I exaggerated. She loves “gophers” of two varieties. And depending on the gopher, she is a completely different dog. “Gopher Ride Jazzy” is a dream. She stretches out in the backseat and sleeps. On those 14-hour roadtrips to and from Michigan, we were so happy to have “Gopher Ride Jazzy” instead of “Gopher Walk Jazzy.” On walks, she is a nightmare. She wants to kill everything that is not a human. This include garbage trucks. Rustling plastic bags, rolling across the grass. Strollers. Skateboards. Etc. The dream becomes a nightmare.

    And because outfit photos take place on walks, not during drives, Jazzy is not a super fabulous co-star. I will have to show her this post and lecture her on the finer points of being a good dog. Because Ollie is obviously awesome. And loves you. You can see it all in the eyes. 🙂

    <3 Liz

    • Thank you so much Liz! I love that Jazzy can chill during car rides for so long. That is fantastic! I do not think our dogs would be so good. Murphy is a nightmare on walks, too. He doesn’t want to kill everything, but he does want to mate with everything. Everything. It is awful.

      They could never go for a walk together! Can you imagine?!

      Sweet dreams!


  13. Ahhhh omg, I just love his cute little face so much! I laughed out loud at his grumpy face! haha he’s such a happy looking guy. Love that you included him! Also, love your whole outfit! Your boots are so cute!

  14. That is a seriously cute dog (I love bulldogs, one of my favourite breeds) and how cute is your outfit? You look like you’ve come out of a classic Anthropologie catalogue. 🙂

    • Thank you Rachel! Funny enough, I looked up the brand of the skirt and it is a brand almost sold exclusively at Anthropologie. I have to wonder if it was from there a long time ago?

      And Ollie is so funny. He is sweet but a good watch dog, too. He insists on sleeping next to the front door. He likes to keep an eye on things.

      Have a beautiful day!


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