Patches Of Vintage Fun Skirt


I knew.

I knew the moment I saw a preview of this skirt that it would be mine. Except. There was only one of it. And I thought it had all ready sold out.

It was sold through Modcloth. And miracle of miracles (although, I hope it truly was not a miracle for as much as I love my skirt, I do not want to waste miracles on clothing), the skirt became available.

I bought it.

Without checking the size.


Thankfully it fit. I also purchased a Vintage Folk Belt that day.


So far, I have paired it twice with my black t-shirt. And I want to pair it with my Lunation Tee next.


I know I promised different outfit pictures of settings other than my fireplace, but sometimes that is not possible. On Sunday, I have an outfit post going up where I ventured to a rose garden.

Tomorrow, I will have a post dedicated to vintage skirts that I have stalked on Etsy to show pretty pieces currently for sale in a variety of sizes. If you don’t do vintage, Modcloth has the most amazing skirt on their site right now. It is called Bright as can Beat Skirt.

Do you shop vintage? What is your favorite vintage item to shop for? I love finding vintage dresses and skirts.

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15 thoughts on “Patches Of Vintage Fun Skirt

  1. Oh Jenni – that skirt is just perfect for you! it was meant to be! I like the pairing with the black tee because it makes it look like a dress.

    • Thank you Heather! I did have people ask me if it was a dress or a skirt so I guess the illusion worked. I wanted a long silhouette. I think black on black does that. Even my husband likes this skirt. Woah! ; )

      Have a Wonderful Wednesday!


  2. I love that skirt. It looks wonderful on you.

    I don’t usually shop for vintage clothing. I think it’s probably that I feel like I don’t have enough time for it and don’t really know where to go.

    I do love collecting old climbing books (is 40-50 years old considered vintage?)

    • Thank Liana! I like Etsy for vintage. I buy most of my pieces there. 40-50 years is definitely vinage! Heck, people are selling 90’s grunge and calling it vintage. And then I feel old. : (.

      Enjoy your books! I bet a lot has changed in the climbing world in 50 years!

      Have an exquisite Wednesday!


  3. Love how you styled this to make it look like a dress. Your lunation tee is going to look great with it too! I can’t believe you got a one of a kind vintage item from ModCloth. They seem to sell out within seconds of them getting posted. How fun that you snagged it!
    I like the idea of vintage but then when I get the piece home I feel funny about wearing it. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

    • Thanks Cynthia. I know what you mean. I feel that exact way sometimes about used books. I like the novelty of it, but then I think, “what if they took the book into the bathroom?!?!” At least clothes can be washed. Books can’t. Shivers now. That does not stop me from purchasing them, but it does stop me from enjoying them as much as a new book. I think you would look so good in forties vintage! I can picture it now!

      If I can find my big gauchos, I will wear them next week! : )

      Have a marvelous Wednesday!


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  5. This is maybe my favourite outfit of yours EVER. That skirt was destined to be yours, Jenni. Seriously, it’s just so YOU! And you rock it so effortlessly. I can’t wait to see you match up this skirt with a top in every colour of the rainbow. In fact, you should do a weekly post featuring this skirt with a new colour top until you’ve exhausted all the possibilities! …Kidding. I think…!

    • Thanks Gwen! Ha! I can just imagine the rainbow of posts that I could do. I do love that skirt so much. It has the coolest lining, too. It is a weird polka dot. Gotta love quirky vintage.

      Have a beautiful Thursday!


  6. Great find. I bet you could pair LOADS of things with that skirt! Lots of great options and colors. Those are always the best ones. I should start wearing my maxi skirts more!

    • Thanks Alicia! I think this skirt will go,with just about anything. It is exciting to think of the possibilities!

      You look great in maxis! That colima skirt looked so, so, so good on you! I loved it paired with the denim jacket! I hope you get some more!

      Have a peaceful Thursday!


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