Moscow Mule


Makes 4 drinks


3 limes (you only need two if you don’t want to garnish all fancy like)
8 oz. vodka
2 ginger beers


Copper mug optional. (I bought mine from Amazon, but it is sold out. There is a similiar one here, but it is more expensive. I need one more, so I will update this if it comes back in stock).

I first heard about a Moscow Mule on A Beautiful Mess. I had one reason and only one reason I wanted to try it. I wanted an excuse to purchase a copper mug. I love copper. I have two copper sinks in my home. I love that it is a living entity and kills bacteria. Perfect for a messy mommy.

I digress, let’s get to the part where I become a tipsy messy mommy.


Take your mug and fill it halfway with ice. Add the 2 oz. of vodka (a little bit more than one shot. To be precise: one and one third of a shot. A shot being 1.5 oz.). Squeeze 1/2 lime juice into cup. Top until full with ginger beer. Stir. Garnish with lime slice.



My copper mug came with a paper that told the story of the Moscow Mule. It is a great story and an uplifting of the spirits (tee hee) inspirational business plan based on friendship and booze. You can read about it here.


Have you tried a Moscow Mule?

10 thoughts on “Moscow Mule

    • Yes! It is a dragon swizzle stick! Isn’t that awesome?! It came with three brothers and sisters that have all perished over the years. I take very good care of the lone survivor. I would be very dad if something happened to him!

      Have a marvelous Monday!


  1. Oh how fun! Does it have to be in a copper cup to taste good? Copper is so pretty. I didn’t know it was antibacterial. When I was a kid I had this really pretty copper bracelet my Dad got me from somewhere in South America.

    • Thank you Cynthia! I drank mine out of a stemless wine glass. My husband was so excited about the copper, I could not break his heart and take it. It was strangely better in the copper mug. The copper made it so much colder. So, it was still good in the wine glass, but I would recommend the copper mug. Plus, between the alcohol and the antibacterial copper, you are pretty much guaranteed a germ free experience. ; )

      I love the story of your dad and his bracelet he gave you. Do you still have it?

      Have a lovely evening!


      • I will have to get a copper cup!
        Unfortunately, no, I do not have the bracelet anymore. It was in a keepsake box stored away in my mom’s attic. Her house got struck by lightening about 15 years ago, caught fire, and my box with all of my childhood mementos were lost. No one was hurt and my mom got to rebuild her house. Before the fire I was sentimental about stuff like that. After the fire, I completely changed and am no longer sentimental about stuff like that. Weird, hunh?

      • I am so sorry! How crazy is that?! I am glad no one was hurt. And, I guess it would take something like that to make you not value material things. I am still a crazy hoarder. I love that you are not! It must be very freeing!

        Have a lovely evening!


  2. Yesssss! I have been waiting for this post to see your copper mug and ginger beer drink. That’s the same brand of ginger beer we love, so you know I’ll be mixing up this cocktail over the holidays.The recipe sounds super easy and super tasty. Too bad I don’t have a awesome copper mug to sip it out of!


    • Thanks Liz. If it is any consolation, I drank this out of a wine glass and it was still good! The copper was better, but I drank it two nights in a wine glass very happily.

      I think you will definitely like it. I really want to try it with rum next. I think that would be good, too.

      Have a delightful Tuesday!


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