Modena, Modena: You Remind Me Of Tan & Leather Glory

I saw Anthropologie’s Modena dress online and instantly fell in love. It is a orangey tan vegan leather dress. Perfect for fall and winter. My imagination swam with images of how I would style it. I bought it, but never wore it. I returned it and bought it again during Anthropologie’s 15% off sale.

And now I can enjoy it.


There are so many ways to style this dress. And since my children never read my outfit posts: I can safely say that I think this dress is sexy. I was sorely lacking that adjective in my closet. It is not a word I usually go for. But sometimes I want to be that definition on nights I go out with my husband. Cause sometimes it is nice to leave the commune.


First I styled it for a date night with my husband. Simple vintage boots. A cute necklace. Date night done!


Same outfit with a cool funky poncho.



But a girl needs to be able to have some fun. Here it is with colorful tights I just purchased for $1 at Nordstrom Rack. The lovely necklace is c/o Simply Livly on Etsy.


With cream sweater tights.


And my favorite way to wear this is with my fox tights from Anthropologie last year. This year they have an owl version that would be equally cute.

* I am wearing a size 8 in the above pictures.

Do you have a piece of clothing in your closet that is not entirely you, but you adore it anyway? What is it? And where do you where it?

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15 thoughts on “Modena, Modena: You Remind Me Of Tan & Leather Glory

  1. omg thank you!! I fell in love with the dress too! But after a while I wasn’t sure. Now, I want it again!

    You look lovely! I love the fax tights one too!!

    • Oh yay! I am so glad you like it. You would rock this dress. I can totally picture it on you. It would be great.

      And thank you for the compliments! So sweet!

      Have a lovely weekend!


    • Your welcome! How do you wear your fox tights? I need more ideas. I love the owl tights, too. I am hoping they make it to sale.

      Have a splendid weekend!


  2. You are WEARING that dress! It’s a bold piece with its leathery look and body-hugging fit, and you are rocking it! I also love how when you pick up a new piece, you model it as part of various outfits. I love the one with the fox tights and the white tights. Could those boots be any more perfect for it, either?!?

    And I agree – totally sexy. It’s your Modena dress to my sparkling navy Nezetta dress! We both needed some sex appeal in our closets because we’re already doing the adorable, quirky thing so well. (I can say that about myself without sounding like a total snot, right?)

    Can’t wait to see how you wear this one throughout the seasons!

    • Thank you so much Liz! I think the two leathers were made for each other. It is weird how that works out. And I agree. It is exactly like your Nezetta dress. It is us stepping out of our comfort zones. Now I need to actually go on a date with my husband in it. Although, with a slumber party of ten teenage girls happening this weekend at my house (pinch me. Am I in a nightmare?), that is a distant dream right now.

      And you can totally say that about yourself. I think it is true, except you rock that Nezetta dress. And that sweater dress was so cute this week in Griffindor colors. You know I did not even notice that in reader outfits this week. Point taken from Jenni house!

      Have a fun Wednesday!


  3. I love this dress on you too!! I saw it on-line and fell in love but I like it even more now that I see i ton you!! I love how tights can change up the feel of the dress. The pink and fox tights are my favorite. You look so cute!!!

    • Oh thank you! I appreciate that so much! I do love this dress. I want my husband to take me out all ready so I can wear it. I am longing to do so.

      Thank you for the sweet words! I hope your week is beautiful!


  4. Oooh I love this dress on you! And it is definitely a little sexy 🙂 I never thought of myself as a leather person, but I have been looking for the perfect piece to add to my collection this fall. It’s growing on me! Oh and so smart of you to return the dress and buy it again when it was on sale!

    • Hi Ashley! Thank you so much. I was leery of the leather trend as well. But I figured one piece in my closet would be nice. I hope you find a piece that works for you! And that it is on sale! ; )

      Have a beautiful week!


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