The “Do Not Call” Registry Shutdown


So, this government shutdown? Yeah. There are many ways this sucks, but let’s get to another “little” one that I have found this week.

Have you noticed you have been getting more and more calls from telemarketers lately?

Well I have.

I have a whole post going up in a couple of weeks dealing with one of these calls (don’t worry, it’s funny).

I just received my fifth one of the day, today. I had all ready heard about a time share, solar power, carpet cleaning and refinancing. So, I thought to myself, What the heck is going on?

Am I not on the “do not call list” anymore?

This was prompted when yet another telemarketer called me to talk to me about solar power.

This is how the conversation went:


“Hi, Mrs. So and So, this is Dan from Generic-Something-With-Sun-In-Its-Name Solar Power. How are you doing today?”

“Good.” I breathed. Why is this happening to me today? I secretly thought.

“Ma’am, I want to talk to you about something-something program guaranteed to save you money.”

I replied, “I’m sorry. I’m not interested. Could you please take me off of your calling list.”

“Sure. Can I ask why?”

“I am just not interested. Please take my name off of your calling list.”

“But, ma’am, this solar program could save you money.”

I said, “This is the third time I am asking you to remove my name from your calling list. I do not have anything more to say.”

He snarked, “Why? Am I bothering you?”

To which I cringed. But I am nothing if not honest. So, I replied, “Well, actually, yes you are.”

He took a deep breath and before he hung up loudly on me, he yelled, “FINE. IF SAVING MONEY BOTHERS YOU…”

This is when I decided to check the “Do not call registry.”

Because although these types of calls are torture fun, it would be rather nice to not dread answering the phone.

I went to the do-not-call website. And yes, you can guess where this is going… IT’S SHUTDOWN!

Now the government shutdown is invading my bedroom. I am feeling its effects through the irritated strangers breathing in my ear.

My phone has been taken hostage. When is this going to end?

I am beginning to acquire a twitch with each ring of the phone…

Maybe I do need that timeshare.


This was written in response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Writing Challenge: Living History.

21 thoughts on “The “Do Not Call” Registry Shutdown

  1. Wow. That explains it. I could not for the life of me figure out why I was receiving so many calls!!!

    You make me smile each and every day. Thank you for your blog. I find that I am eager each morning to see what you have written. I am so proud of you for making your lifelong dream of becoming a writer come true (lord knows you talked about it enough when we were kids!!!). Your clever words warm my heart each day. I am so proud of you.


    • You are so sweet. I have been having the worst day. I kept your words with me. When it rains, it pours. My daughter had to go to the e.r. today for stitches. She split her eyelid open during p.e. She gets her coordination from me. ; )

      I am trying. I have so many ideas in my head for big projects, but the fear is holding me back. I need to desperately rid myself of it.

      Thanks for getting me through the day. I love you!


      • I am sorry about your daughter. That is awful. I hope she isn’t too traumatized.

        When it comes to your projects, the only thing to fear is fear itself. In the famous words of Nike………..Just Do It. I know you can. What is the worst thing that could happen? You fail? So what. Try again. I decided long ago never to leave myself wondering about the things I may be capable of. So far, the only thing I know I can’t do is run. For the next four weeks anyway. I broke my foot. 🙂

        I love you too.


      • Oh my gosh! What the heck? I will call you today! Your foot? You are just determined to stay in bed, aren’t you? Don’t fight it. It really is quite lovely here! ; )

        Thank you for the encouragement!


  2. OMG what a pain! You need to phone the company and report that rude so-and-so of a telemarketer, it is NOT okay for them to talk to anybody like that, not even someone who (politely!) turns them down. He deserves to get in trouble.

    • Hi Gwen! I thought about it. But then I could not remember the company’s name. His number was”unavailable” (which is what I would like to make mine be). So no luck! As soon as the site reopens, I am relisting my number! This must stop! : )

      Have a great evening (morning?), you jetsetter!


    • Yes. It was crazy. But there was really nothing I could do. I told my husband afterwards, that guy just yelled at me! It was over so quickly. Oh, well. I am sure he gets yelled at a lot. He just had to get it out. I just am hoping the calls stop soon!

      Thank you so much for commenting! I hope your week goes great!


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  4. You know, I remember seeing a news report a few weeks ago that people were getting increased telemarketer calls. I wonder what is up? I mean, besides the government shutdown. Also, I have always wondered why we don’t get the telemarketer calls on our cell phones? They are always on the land line. Is it just me? We finally got rid of our land line and poof – no more annoying calls.

    • Hi Cynthia,

      I remember researching it awhile back. Telemarketers were going to be able to have access to cell phones. But then something blocked them. I cannot remember what. But thank goodness! I have a landline (much to my husband’s chagrin) and that is where they are “getting” me. I just cannot get rid of it. I am a creature of habit. I hate change. And I forget to charge everything. My little old fashioned $10 telephone in my bedroom has saved the day many times.

      But I am so hoping this stops soon! There has to be an answer. I cannot wait to share another call I received that day from a telemarketer. It ended up being a funny story.

      Have a great uninterrupted evening!


      • Just saw your comment above about your daughter! Is she okay? That sounds horrifically painful!

        Wishing her a very speedy recovery! Hope you are doing okay too!!!


      • Thank you Cynthia. She is still sleeping. I do not want to wake her. The good news is she will likely not scar. Or if she does, it is right on the fold of the eyelid, so it should bot be noticeable. It could be much much worse. She is just mortified to have to go to school with a black eye and stitches. And no make up! Her and another girl smacked heads and the other girl got stitches, too. It was a really freaky accident. My kids are not super physical. Sports is just not are family “thing.” So, it was quite shocking!

        Thank you so much for caring about her. She will be happy when she wakes up. She loves your blog and Marcy!


  5. Are you serious! Now I will get even more annoying phone calls. I actually had to be mean to the breast cancer people the other day, and I used to like them. Not any more, they driven me crazy. Anyway, fun post. Looks like my kind of blog.

    • Hi! It looks like there might actually be a bill passed today. So, hopefully they can get their act together. Then the registry should be back up. However, charities are exempt from sticking to the list. So, you will still be getting those calls. I do not think there is any way around it.

      Calls you are not expecting nor wanting are always awful. Here’s to a call-free day!

      Have a great one!


  6. The amount of solicitation is ridiculous. I actually turned the ringer off on my mom’s phone before leaving the other day when she was trying to rest after her radiation treatment. I didn’t put two and two together and think of how the government shutdown affected this problem, so thanks for the enlightenment. 😉

    • Oh my gosh! That is ridiculous. I am so glad you are so smart to have done that for your mom. Like she needs that right now. I hope she is doing great. She is almost done with her treatment, right? Yesterday at the e.r. all of the nurses were wearing pink clogs for breast cancer awareness. And I thought of you. It was cool to see.

      Have a great Thursday!


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