A Big Ol’ Rambling Post

Winner of the Giveaway, Wishlist Items, and some Updates!


The Winner of the gift card is Jessie C.!

Congratulations! I hope you get some great decorations! Have fun shopping!

And thank you so much to everyone who entered! Wow! It almost doubled my previous months’ entries. It was so much fun to enter the names. Yes, I also like to make lists. So, this was my idea of a good time. ; )

Please tune in next month for a new giveaway. They are my very favorite part of this blog! Well, that and all of the great people I have met through this blog. I think about you guys when I am making dinner or grocery shopping. I wonder how you are doing and about certain aspects of your life that you have commented or wrote to me about. Thank you so much for including me!

I am so grateful.

Last month on my similar post, I listed a few pieces I thought I was going to purchase or like. But I ended up not purchasing any of them. Well, that is not true. I purchased the ostrich sweater from Modcloth, but I returned it the next day, because it was exceptionally small. This was great, because I purchased that black skirt with the hedgehog top instead from Anthropologie.

I have a few pieces I am watching. But take them with a grain of salt, because I am fickle. ; )


Here are my obsessions this month:

Anthropologie pretty much has my whole heart this month with all four of my wishlist items and one item all ready purchased:

Anthropologie’s Peony Applique Pullover (now on sale)

Anthropologie’s Wonderland Silk Tunic. How great is this?

Bushytailed Pullover is my favorite. I think this looks adorable.

Corallina Ladder Necklace. Also on sale.

Creature Feature Tops from Anthropologie. I love this line. I own the rabbit and the hedgehog prints in this top. I wore the hedgehog twice this week. I highly recommend it. The rabbit is not as versatile, because you cannot tuck it in. It is cute with a blazer, though.

In pictures:


Today (or yesterday when this post goes up), I had to take my daughter to the emergency room. She busted open her eyelid playing basketball during p.e. She had to have stitches. We ended up getting a “prescription” for her to be able to wear sunglasses at school. The trip was awful. Is it ever not? But we did spot this little guy in the eves of the building. It was going to get bright for the poor fellow. He did not choose his spot well.

I have a softness in my heart for bats. I just think they are the coolest. I was planning on putting up our Halloween decorations today, but due to spending the majority of the day in the hospital, plans changed. I figure this little guy will be my decor for now…in pictures, don’t worry, I did not take him home. ; )


When my kids went away for the weekend (a little while back), I found myself alone in the house. It was so peaceful. I sat on the couch, read magazines, and caught up on some HGTV. I also worked on my DIY that is consuming all of my time. Can you guess what it is?


Last night, I made a turkey breast dinner. I forgot to baste the turkey. My juices ended up burning. It was a citrus turkey, so we were not making gravy. Thank goodness. It had been a long day. I forgave myself. I made it with homemade biscuits and mashed potatoes. Kind of a celebration of autumn. And also because Albertson’s was doing buy one get one free, so I had to use one up. My freezer would not hold two!


I found my black t-shirt! This is fantastic news. I refuse to have more than one. I had been out of a black t-shirt for months. I will show the bottom of the skirt in two weeks. It is part of a funny post I am working on. ; )

What has been going on with you guys? Any exciting news? Fun adventures? Wishlist items for the new season? Please share!

15 thoughts on “A Big Ol’ Rambling Post

  1. I hope your daughter feels better soon! Ollie looks adorable in the, is it knitting shot? I do not know how to knit. That bat looks cute too. They eat mosquitos.

    • Thank you! She is doing much better. It will just be a little bit with a black eye and such. I love that shot with Ollie. I think he though he could eat the yarn. No, not knitting… Although I would love to learn. It just seems too advanced for me! ; )

      Have a lovely week!


  2. I wish I had a soft spot for bats. For some reason, they totally creep me out. I’m deathly afraid of them. It reminds me of this time that we were camping and I couldn’t use the restroom at the campsite because bats circled it at night as they ate bugs that were drawn to the lights. The funniest thing was watching my boyfriend try to get to the bathroom with a towel over his head and ducking down the whole time as he was afraid he’d be hit by one flying overhead. Also reminds me of a park in Sydney Australia’s where there are TONS of flying foxes (similar to bats). They cover each tree in the park. I freaked out when I saw them. Also kinda reminds me how lizards scare you but for some reason, not me.

    • Hi Lucy! Oh my gosh those flying fox bats would scare me too. I like the little ones. Like the sweet little bumblebee bat. The one in the photo was so cute, but it was half the size of my hand. I probably would have had an accident if I saw them in the trees. So, maybe I need to revise it to say I have a soft spot in my heart for small bats. And large lizards do not scare me at all, but the small ones do.

      You are much braver than me. I do not know that I could have camped in that situation. Or stood near those trees! Wow! : )

      Have a great critter free week!


  3. I’ve been lusting after some Anthro sale items, too, but so far I’ve been very good and haven’t made any purchases! I posted a while back about how much I loved the peony pullover, but I’m actually kind of glad that it’s sold out in my size because it’s still pretty pricey, even at the sale price. 😉

    There are a few gorgeous jackets that Anthro recently released that I am obsessed with but just can’t afford… wish-listing and hoping for a sale at some point!

    • I missed you saying that about the pullover. It is still expensive. This month, I have purchased the hedgehog top and that skirt, but that is all this month. Oh! And a couple of small things from Nordstrom Rack. Maybe I have not been so good. ; )

      Just keep watching that pullover. Maybe it will get a second cut and your size (and also mine) will be in stock.

      Good vibes for third cuts!


      • Haha we have all been “not so good” at times, so I wouldn’t worry about it. 😉

        Good idea about watching for a second cut. I would be willing to spend more on it than other sweaters, but not as much as it is marked now!

  4. ha- I am always losing black shirts and black sweaters in the closet- it’s like they just disappear into the shadows! I love a long rambling post…
    – the coralina ladder necklace is awesome, I recommend it
    -from the baleful expression of your pooch, are you knitting him a sweater? a tuque?
    -that bat is so cute- I look forward to your halloween deco!

    • Hi Sarah!

      Thanks. I am glad I am not the only one losing black shirts. I could not find it again today. Of course, I have many clothes to fold tomorrow. Hopefully it is the pile. They are so hard to spot!

      I first saw the Corallina necklace on you. It is so pretty on you. I have wanted it since then. I am hoping for third cuts, but if it starts getting low stock, I will get it for my husband to give me for Christmas.

      I got half of my Halloween stuff up today. It is small, but the kids like it! : )

      I hope the remainder of your week is peaceful!


  5. Yay for finding your shirt!
    Aww..I hope your daughter feels better 🙂
    I ordered the Wonderland silk tunic and looove it. (I’m slightly obsessed with it…)

    • Hi Kara! Oh! I am so jealous of your Wonderland Tunic. It is one I am waiting for sale on. Strictly because I hate my arms and cannot justify a sleeveless shirt full price purchase for this reason. How are you wearing it? What does it feel like? Can you tell I am slightly obsessed? I am so excited for you!

      Have a great night!


  6. Congrats on finding your black shirt! It’s darling!

    Congrats to Jessie C.! Wonder what she’ll get?

    Love the feature creature top but they need to come out with one that has cats!

    Are you knitting? Can’t wait to see your new creation!


    • Oh my gosh! You are so right! I have never really seen Anthropologie do any cat items. I had not noticed it before. They do a ton of dogs! They need to see Marcy and get inspired all ready! There is definitely a market for it.

      Have a great night!


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