A Spoonful Of…


I recently purchased a beautiful bag on sale from Anthropologie. It was called Embroidered Lotus Duffle. It has been sold out for months. I purchased it as a “popback.” It looks like a carpet bag. It is very reminiscent of a bag carried by the best nanny that ever was, Mary Poppins. I even keep sugar in it! Well, if you know me, I keep everything in my bag. Sugar, salt, extra straws. I am a walking picnic.


I can usually find what I need in my purse. I have never pulled a lamp or magic chalk from it, but give it time.


I adore this bag, with the mixes of different pinks and reds. Yes, I am just like Mary Poppins. Do you think all of her things were covered with a fine line of lint? Just humor me. Maybe that is where the magic comes from.


Do you have a favorite handbag? Are you a hoarder of goods in your purse?

I am diggin’ this Tie-dyed bag from Anthropologie. but will have to wait for a great sale price! (Look at my wandering eye! All ready cheating on my bag).

12 thoughts on “A Spoonful Of…

  1. That bag is gorgeous!!! I love pop backs! It will look great with practically everything and especially the pink maxi in your previous header photo! 🙂

    • Thank you! Popbacks are my favorite, too! I thought for sure I had missed out and then months later, there it was! I haven gotten some great finds! I appreciate the comment and the compliment! Thank you so much for continuing to lift my spirits!

      Have a Marvelous Monday!


  2. Ley me know when you are looking to sell this 😉
    I was eyeing it on anthro but they no longer sell it and I can’t find it anywhere else! 🙁

    • Thanks Paige! I love it! I have a thing for hot pink lately. I was shocked when I scored it as a popback. Have you tried calling the stores. When mine came from my online purchase, it had a store sticker on it.

      Good luck! And I will definitely contact you if I ever decide to part with it! : )

      Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  3. Hi jenni,

    I have not tried calling stores! I didn’t think of that bit I wouldnt even know where to begin! Too bad there’s no way to search to see if one has it available!

    Would they ship it to me!??

    Thanks! !

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