Go Kerri & Kristi!


My good friend, Kerri (in the grey shorts), has been training with her twin sister, Kristi (in the pink shorts), to run a half marathon today. They live in separate states, but are coming together to run as a team. They have been planning and preparing for the run for months. I am so excited and proud of them! Aren’t they beautiful?! And Kerri’s house is amazing in the background… Maybe she will let us do a house tour sometime. : )

They have worked so hard for this day! You go girls!

I hope you two have a blast!

Congratulations on accomplishing your goal!




Their times were 2 hours 13 minutes 50 seconds and 2 hours 13 minutes 51 seconds.

Great job girls!

2 thoughts on “Go Kerri & Kristi!

  1. What an accomplishment! Always impressed when people set a goal and achieve it. Krysta (cousin) finished a half-marathon last week-end; wonder if it was for the same thing? Congrats to all.

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