Hey there! So,I have told you I am slightly a hoarder, right? I have told you I am messy. Add a very generous sprinkling of lazy to the equation… And well, you get some BIG messes.


Take my hall closet for example. I just slam it shut. Okay, not slam. There is too much junk for that. How about, I hold my breath and push with all of my might. When it finally shuts, I wiggle the doorknob, hoping it will stick.


This is what my husband’s desk area looks like in our bedroom. In our bedroom! And, that is mostly my mess.

I just wanted to paint a true picture of my life. Mess and all. I am not perfect. But, you knew that! My good friend came over the other day and said seeing this made her feel better.

She said ,”you should post this.”

So, I did.

I sometimes forget that you do not get to see all of my life. I never want anyone to think that I have all of my business together. That I am better than anyone else. Because I am not! I am only human. I make plenty of mistakes. I fight with my husband. I lose my temper with my kids. We have tuna sandwiches for dinner once a week. On weekends, I sleep until ten.

I started this blog to keep myself in check with my weight loss. Posting weekly outfits keeps me going. I love to share recipes I have tried and enjoyed. I am genuinely a pretty content person. And I will continue to blog about all of those things and more that I am passionate about. Mix that with my genuine love for writing, and you get this blog…

This little imperfect blog with little imperfect me.


I keep the kitchen and family rooms clean. The bathrooms clean. My bedroom, well, I try… Believe me, there are more messes lurking behind other doors and in other corners. Do not get me started on my car…

I am flawed, man. Oh, so flawed. Flawed and happy. What a mess!

So, do you have a closet you are ashamed of? A junk drawer that has runneth over? Tell me I am not alone!

Have a fantastically messy day!

10 thoughts on “MESSY ME!

  1. wow! nice post! lol I’ve been busy getting ready for long vacation and my daughter’s school is finally over.. I’m happy!! I have mess of course, mostly my daughters toys.. I’m little opposite of yours, I like cleaning my area.. my closet and drawers, i love organizing like a little shop. but kitchen… can be a mess. lol

    • I like that. I never pictured it like a little shop. I doubt that will get me to organize! But it is a good image in my head!

      I hope you have a WONDERFUL time in Japan. Will this be your daughter’s first trip? I am so excited for you! Although packing for that extended trip must be super stressful!

      I hope you have a fantastic day!


  2. Jenni!!!! You are loved….so much!!! 🙂 Nobody is perfect, we all have flaws, and that’s what makes us human!!! 🙂 I love that you shared your messes…..they are quite pretty messes, by the way!! 😉 When you are over next time, I will share mine with you as well!!! Lol!! There are soooo many!!! Love you to pieces!! XOXO

    On Fri, May 31, 2013 at 10:12 PM, Gnome Lover

  3. I am inconsistent. When we moved to Fort Worth six months ago, we were going to have a rash of company over the first three months so I just got the basics set up and stuffed all the papers, pictures, files, extra lightbulbs and many boxes into cupboards and built ins. They are still there. I will go through and clean the house and then just keep up with the basics for a couple weeks and then go through and clean again when things in the living areas get too out of hand or when I think someone may drop by (great motivator). It’s cyclical. Been that way since I was a child. At work though…super organized. Drives me crazy to have stuff out of place there and in a hotel bathroom, all my cosmetics and bottles are neatly lined up like little soldiers. Weird. Maybe I’m a little Schizophrenic.

    • Ha! We are alike. Of course, I am a whirlwind of mess in a hotel room. So, the housekeeping must love you! Moving is so stressful. I still have never unpacked our bread machine or our “special” cake plates. And we have lived here for ten years! Perhaps it is time to purge!

      Have a fantastic night! Thanks for making me feel better!


  4. Ah!!! Soul sister. I am a “clean slob.” No dirty dishes in the sink, must wash hands, clean toilets (no small feat with a houseful of small feet). BUT every chair in my house is always fully clothed, and I have been known to sleep with a book or two at the foot of the bed. Love it.

    • Yes! Soul sisters! That is exactly right! I cannot handle having dirty dishes in the sink. I must clean my toilets every other day. My sheets are changed every three. But piles of books are everywhere. And, yes, his office chair is covered with clothes!

      Thank you for “getting it”!

      Have a wonderful evening!


  5. At least the kitchen, bathroom and family room are clean…but messy doesn’t necessarily mean dirty right?, so better messy than dirty anytime. Have a lovely weekend.

    • Yes, that is what I am realizing. Messy and dirty are separate words. Hopefully living in separate houses! Thanks for the kindness!

      Have a lovely weekend, as well!


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