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Okay! I had kind of enough of my giant picture splayed across the page. I mean, enough. And if I was sick of it… Well, I could imagine that you guys were too.

So, my sweet daughter designed me a new “logo” on Thursday. I love what her mind came up with! My husband had drawn a stick figure gnome with a heart as an idea. She just shook her head in denial of her parent’s lack of creativity.

“The gnome she produced is fantastic!” Says her unbiased mother.

She was supervised and assisted by her beautiful art teacher, Lisa Owen-Lynch. I love it!

I am really thankful my daughter helped me out. She is very proud of it.

So, what do you think? Do you miss me looming over you? I kind of miss watchin’ ya. ; )

P.S. If you need to email me, I have moved that option into About Me. I am trying to declutter my site. Which is kind of funny, in light of the previous post!

More changes might be coming! If we can figure out how to program a theme for the website that I love. It is perfect, but we cannot get it to work for mobile devices. Stay tuned!

Have a great night!

4 thoughts on “Site Changes

  1. Like the change — your daughter is quite an artist! Perfect drawing for your site. (It did throw me off for a second, when I thought I had gone to the wrong site.) You are so photogenic, though, hope we don’t miss out on those pics. Very nice that your family jumped right in to help.

    • Thanks Auntie M! I have pictures of outfits going up today. So, I will still be posting photos of myself once a week. It keeps me in check with my weight loss. I just had to change that giant photo of myself. It was a bit much! ; )

      I will tell my daughter about your compliment! Thank you!

      Have a great day!


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