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When I was heavier, I tended to not care about what I wore. I concentrated all of my creativity on decorating our house. I wanted a home our kids would remember being fun and colorful. I also happen to have an obsession with gnomes.

The story goes…

About eight years ago my husband came home from work and looked a little disgruntled. I asked him what was bothering him and he said he had had a miscommunication with someone at work and proceeded to get upset. The person involved in the discussion informed my husband that he looked very much like an angry gnome.

Which of course, I happened to find hilarious. Especially since he is a handsome youngish man with a moderate amount of facial hair (the sexy right amount). But when he is angry, he does kind of stamp, okay, shuffle really, well maybe just shift his feet. As time passed, his coworkers started slyly bringing him gnome figurines and shirts. And that is how, my friends, the wonderful wife that I am began collecting gnomes around our house. I buy them on vacations and on etsy. I had my daughter paint him one for Christmas. I have a very real fondness for the little guys. And my husband has a very very good sense of humor.

My husband and I share a love for fantasy and science fiction. We also collect dragons. I wanted our house to look like Alice in Wonderland went to live in The Shire. Yes, I guess that would make me Alice. I do get lost a lot. And I do not know what that makes my husband…a hobbit? Well, Sean Astin was a huge crush of mine in my younger years. I would write him love letters until my heart would burst. Sadly, naught a peep was ever heard from his side. I actually think my husband looks like a skinnier cuter Sean Astin and so this whole weird fantasy scenario kind of makes sense.

Here are some snapshots of our fun house. These are our family room and kitchen areas.


The couch is my 13 year old Charleston sofa from Pottery Barn (hence the many throws covering my “comfy” couch). On couch, John Robshaw pillows, Anthropologie suzani pillow, Anthropologie knit throw, grey stripe pillow from Home Goods, small blue pillow from World Market. Kantha throw on couch is a sale find from Pottery Barn. Otomi fabric on couch is from our trip to Mexico last year. Small yellow planter on floor from Anthropologie, I use to hold remotes and kid games. The lamp was a sale find from Pottery Barn.


2 Anthropologie Corrigan chairs in mustard
On mantle: 4 Anthropologie candle holders, Lego Volkswagon bus, rope dragons from trips we have taken, gnomes from etsy
Pottery Barn console (many years old)
Pottery Barn Kantha ottoman
Cake stand from William Sonoma
Cake glass dome from World Market

*Peacock painting I commissioned my favorite artist, Ginette Callaway to paint years ago. She still sells the print.


My favorite cabinet from a local antique store. It holds my collection of Anthropologie and vintage linens. It also holds my small Anthropologie cookware. Painting is by Ginette Callaway.


Anthropologie Corrigan chair
Anthropologie throw
Target pillow
Antique Green chest was a huge score at Anthro. It was originally priced at $300, and I paid $32.
Other chests in the picture were collected from antique stores and flea markets


Close up of kitchen clutter.


It’s me in our kitchen! I look like a crazy lady in this picture. Running errands all day and then a trip to the orthodontist with the kids will do that to you. Hey, I’m just happy I had any hair left after that day! I have a clutter fest of Anthropologie cookware and serving pieces. Our tile was from My husband installed it. I am wearing Anthropologie blazer, Anthropologie top, necklace from Baublebar, skirt from eshakti.

9 thoughts on “Kitchen/Family Room

  1. You are the cutest! And I always enjoy visiting your SUPER FUN and colorful house!!! I have been so inspired by it over the years! Fun blog! Love it!

  2. I love the pics of your house, colorful, artsy, eclectic, yet so comfy you definitely want to settle in and see what surprises are in store! I am definitely going to try that sandwich, and will let you know because that’s my husbands favorite sandwich.

  3. Love it, love it, love it!! What a great idea to do this! This will be a lot of fun to read and follow, very entertaining. I really want one of those yummies I see in the cake stand… 😉

  4. Hi, I was thinking about buying the Anthro Corrigan chair and was wondering what you thought of it / how it’s holding up etc? Is that the Marigold color? Thanks very much 🙂

    • Hi Sally! We have had our chairs for almost three years. They are holding up very well. They are the older design with the different colored buttons. My internet connection here will not load the chair page, so I am not sure what marigold looks like. I think mine were called mustard. I could be wrong. I will update when I get back from Maui and tell you for sure. I just wanted to comment now so that I can give you a little info.

      We use our chairs daily and they do not show any wear. I did holdout for Anthropologie’s sale. I think I got mine 25% off. Shipping was quick. They are low to the ground, but we like that.

      Hope this helps! : )

      Have a happy week!

      Please let me know if you get it. I love hearing about decorating!


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