What A Wonderful World


For my husband’s 40th birthday, he bought a 1967 Volkswagon Bus. It was what I (I mean he) always wanted. It happened to be sold 40 minutes from us, so it was meant to be. I love the gorgeous green color (I think it may be the exact color of that chest from last Saturday). It drives perfectly and the only thing we really need to invest in is a new headliner.

Anthropologie is currently selling a cardigan with VW bugs printed on it. It is called the Road Game Cardigan. I am wearing it with an older item from Anthropologie; In-A-Moment dress.

I am a dork and wanted to wear this cardigan while posing with our van. I had no idea my husband would be so accommodating and drive it on to our grass. I am sure our neighbors were thrilled!


I wore this to my daughter’s “orientation into high school” night. Of course, she wouldn’t sit or walk around the campus with us. The Glee Club performed and they had performed two songs before they segued into “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong. That is when I completely lost it. My baby is leaving us in four years! I sat on the high school bleachers with tears rolling down my cheeks. The years have passed so quickly and there is so much that I would want her to learn before she goes. Of course, I was the only parent sobbing. My daughter was probably happy she had not sat with us.

As we left the gymnasium, I pulled that cardigan tighter. It is covered in old fashioned cars and I am an old fashioned girl. I watched my daughter run ahead with her friends, eager to escape the stifling gaze of her parent’s eyes. I visited all of the classrooms she would attend in the coming year. I tried not to make decisions for her, but ultimately could not help it. I do not know how parents do it. How they have done it. It is heartbreaking watching them grow up. I am trying not to fail. And it is unbelievably hard.

“I hear babies cry…… I watch them grow
They’ll learn much more…..than I’ll never know”