One of my favorite books is by Brandon Sanderson. The title is WARBREAKER. When I was shopping at Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego, the friendly sales associate recommended this book to me. I had told him I had wanted a romantic fantasy. (What girl doesn’t?)

I had previously read Brandon Sanderson’s MISTBORN series and had liked it. This book exists in a single entity. There are no sequels to it. I find that refreshing in a genre where it takes years to wait for a series to be finished.

The story starts off in the kingdom of Idris. The people here live in a land without color. The royal family of Idris can be identified by their hair, which changes color based on their emotions.

The king of Idris must send his daughter to marry the God King. The God King rules in their enemy kingdom of Hallandren. Hallandren is a land that celebrates color.


The characters in this book are very deep and interesting. Siri is the youngest daughter of the King of Idris. She is the wild heroine. Vivenna is the oldest daughter. She is trying to fix a mistake she feels destiny created for her. Another cool character is Vasher. He is the Drizzt or Darryl (if you do not know these kickass guys, I am sorry) of the story. The singular rogue male who has several tricks and secrets.

But the leading character of this book is the romance. It has a story all of its own. It will break your heart but leave you smiling.

This book has magic, vibrancy, interesting characters and love. I do not want to give anything away. There are several parts in this book that will throw you a curveball. That is what Brandon Sanderson is a genius at. He will always keep you guessing. This book quickly worked its way up my list of favorites.

For my birthday present two years ago, my husband purchased all of Brandon Sanderson’s novels in hardcover from the author. He made sure to have this book specially signed for me. If that is not romance, I do not know what is! Perhaps this book inspired the romantic in him.

Is my hair turning red?