Two-lle Sisters


When I was a little girl my parents would reiterate over and over that one day, when my sister Mandi and I grew up, we would be friends.

I felt that was about as likely as finding a yellow brick road outside of our house.

And believe me… I looked.


We are four years apart. The same amount of time that separates my own two children. But it must have been a gender thing. Or a personality thing. Either way we could barely be in the same room together growing up.


But grow up, we did.


And my parents were right.

Don’t ever, ever tell them that I said so, though.


Because having a sister is the best thing ever. I love Mandi with all of my heart.

Although there is one thing that is irksome. Her hair. It is naturally that color and I have to dye mine. Sigh. Lucky girl.


But editing these pictures was the most difficult task I have had with this blog yet. It is hard enough getting a good enough picture to post on the internet of one person, but two people? Impossible.

I love the picture of my sister here. Me? Not so much.


But isn’t that what being sisters is all about? Teaching one to be less selfish. To think of others. To learn to share.


Nah. It’s about having an insane amount of fun.


We could not stop laughing at these gnomes. She mentioned somethin’ about their looks. It had me in hysterics. It was a very unprofessional photo shoot.

Did I say we grew up? Scratch that.


The cameraman was second guessing his marital partner choice “career” choice.


Thanks Mandi for taking pictures with me! I love you! And hey, I am missing my pink gnome. I don’t suppose you know anything about that… Just kidding. I think it ran away. Too much sisterly love… Or gnome jokes.


Do you have siblings? Do they make you laugh like nobody else? Isn’t it wonderful?

Outfit details:

On me: Free People Tutti Fruitti Slip (sold out, similar here and previously worn here), Anthropologie Pullover, vintage boots, Anthropologie earrings, World Market Bracelet

On Mandi: Anthropologie Puckered Placket Turtleneck (old), BCBG tulle Skirt (sold out, similar here), Black Fringe Booties, Anthropologie Bracelet

20 thoughts on “Two-lle Sisters

  1. These photos are amazing! Love the skirts. My sister and I are also 4 years apart (she’s older), and we did not get along that well growing up either. The fact we shared a room didn’t help. But we’re pretty good now, even if she lives in Boston and I live in Toronto.

    • Thank you Rachel! My sister and I shared a room until sixth grade. Thankfully? We are both messy so that was never a problem. I love when you post pictures of you and your sister. And her dog! I feel like I know her dog so well. I love him!

      Have a wonderful week!


  2. Enjoyed your sisters post! You both look cute. One thought though….please either have your brown boots reconditioned or retire them. You wear them so often and every time you wear them in a post I just cringe. Those boots look like they’ve been on a cowboy for years. So scuffed and grubby looking.

    • Mmmmmmm. Yum. A cowboy!…

      Sorry, I was lost in my thoughts regarding that storyline. How did I get his boots? The scenarios for that are swirling in my mind with their seductive power.

      Seriously though, I am sorry you don’t like the boots. I like my boots. I like that they are beat to heck. That is the best part about them. I will agree with you that I wear them too often. I am trying not to be so shoe lazy. However, these boots will be in a lot of future posts, just as they are. They are simply my favorite.

      Now back to that cowboy…


  3. So awesome!!!! Love love love these photos!!! You and your sis are just gorgeous. I have a sister who is 3 years younger than me and a step sister who is 12 years younger. I love my sisters!! My sister, Patty (3 years younger), and I never got along either as kids and my parents said the same thing – that we would get along great when we grow up. And it happened. Yay for sisters!

    By the way, I love your boots with your pink tulle skirt. I love those boots. I hope you never stop wearing them. xoxo

  4. Keep rocking those boots! My favorite book growing up was ‘The Best Loved Doll’. Your boots are the footwear version of this beautiful and touching story. I recently bought it for my granddaughter. Have you ever read it? So many beautiful lessons in it.

    Such fun sister pictures! Loved this happy post and hearing how your relationship evolved over time. My younger sister was four years younger than me (another coincidence?). I say ‘was’ as she passed from ‘unknown’ causes after surgey while in the hospital. She was two and I was six. I am sad that I have few memories with her but happy the ones I do have are strong after all these years. I often wonder what our relationship would be like.

  5. Oh, I love you, sis!! Loved the post and remembering the laughs while we were taking those pics. I love our silly faces while we were attempting to take jump pics. You really got some air!
    I’m so glad we’ve grown close as we got older, and I know we always have each other’s backs. Anyway, I love you tons and always will. I’m lucky to have you as my sister.
    Love, Mandi

  6. Hands down, there has never been two more beautiful, adorable, and precious sisters!!! Reading this post made my heart so happy!!! So many pictures I will have fun framing. I love you both as high as the sky and as deep as the ocean, Always. Thank you Jenni.

  7. This is SO cute. I adore both your tulle skirts. How fun. There are 2 years between my sister and I. We were not so close in high school or college, but having kids and moving back to Michigan has helped.
    These pictures are my favorite!

  8. It is so fun to see two sisters happy and enjoying each other. It made me happy to see your post. You both look fantastic no matter what anyone else says. Part of being creative is doing something others don’t ordinarily do. That’s why it is creative. Besides, it is hard to be happy if your feet hurt.

  9. Oh this is just my favourite post ever!! You and your sister are such a great pair, I just love every single photo. And it’s so cool to see the family likeness. You even have similar smiles! You’re like a pair of pretty grey doves… holding suggestive candles. 😛 Thank you for sharing your family with us! And thank you for sticking with those boots – they are gorgeous, and have so much character – just like you! 🙂

    I am a little jealous, actually, sisters always seem to share this magical intimacy. Although I do have my mutually adopted little sister, this does not compare to actually having grown up together and played school in a treehouse. Just looking at the pictures of you two dancing and fooling around makes me happy!

  10. Ahhhh! Love that you & your sis are close now. I think not being able to stand each other is just part of growing up w/ a sibling! I so envy that since I’m an only child! I really miss having a sibling now, as an adult, I think just as much as when I was young. I do know I’m very fortunate bc I got to do a lot of special things & travel a lot. I also got to have my best friend spend lots of time w/ me. But I’m sad not to have a sibling, esp bc I’m the only one my parents have & I’m the only one to help out & take care of them (when they need it). Oh well, nothing I can do about it! So glad you cherish your sis now & spend time w/ her!

    LOVE the tulle skirts, I’ve needed one forever! I think we’ve talked before about our tulle wedding dresses!

    Happy day to you friend!

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