“…The Little Dog Laughed…”


I put this outfit on to go on a date with my husband this past weekend. I picked it out especially for him, because he usually likes short skirts and I thought he would like the cute dog pattern. It was a slight departure from my usual baggy style. I was excited to show him my outfit. But the moment he saw this, his face scrunched up and it took on the look of severe inner contemplation. I suddenly felt very self conscience.


“What’s wrong? You don’t like this?” I asked.

He didn’t answer at first, just kind of studied my outfit.

“It’s really short,” he finally mustered.


Okay. He is sounding kind of mean. He is actually the nicest guy in the world. In fact just the other day, I saw him smiling and asked him, “Why are you so happy?” And he said, “How could I not be happy? I’m married to you.” For real.

So, I need to tell the real story about his reaction. It was not his fault. The poor guy was in shock. You see, I am leaving out a kind of important part. The first time he actually saw this, I was sitting on the ottoman in the living room putting on my shoes.

He was behind me on the couch.

When I stood up, I did not bother to do so in a ladylike manner. So, I kind of, sort of… All right… I completely mooned him. On accident, of course.


And I definitely would be more careful in public.

Well, hopefully.


But the deed was done. I knew I would be pulling on the skirt all night in order to not have any sort of repeat of offenses. And I wanted to enjoy my night and not worry about a possible wardrobe malfunction.


So, I changed… After we went down the street and took pictures of this outfit, of course. It would have been a shame to not have any evidence of my crime.

After I changed, my husband looked confused. “I really liked that outfit. Why aren’t you wearing it?”

This made me giggle.

I will post what I actually ended up wearing later this week, but I still like this outfit. Have you ever changed because of an outfit malfunction? Do you like fun patterns as much as I do? I like the dogs or coyotes or wolves that parade across the shirt. I like how some of them are running away, while others appear to not be howling… At the moon.

I am sorry to say that everything I am wearing is sold out. The shirt is Anthropologie’s Ismay Buttondown (similar here), the skirt was from Anthropologie last year (similar here), the boots are Chie Miharas (similar here and here). I will talk more about agate necklaces tomorrow. Mine is by Leila Jewelry, the link is not (similar here).

*this post was edited using the VSCO Cam App C1 filter at level 3.

13 thoughts on ““…The Little Dog Laughed…”

    • Thank you Suzanne! He really is. Right now he is snoring next to me so I filmed it to show him tomorrow. Poor guy. But it is cute.

      Suzanne, I find a spider in my house with a giant egg sack. I managed to get it and the egg sack outside, but oh man, I was itchy all day! I will never purposely wear them on a shirt!

      Have a sweet week!


    • Thanks Alicia! He is funny. He is a thinker so he was mostly concerned I would be doing that all night to other folks. : )

      Have a lovely Wednesday!


  1. Adorable outfit! And yes – I will change an outfit if it is too fussy (even if it is super cute) and I don’t feel like worrying about it. Maybe some tights would help you not have to remember to not moon people while out in public. Of course mooning one’s own husband is always okay and is most often encouraged by said husband. They just get SO concerned if they think we want to moon the world. Most often we do not. Most often, anyway.

    • Thank you Cynthia! That is exactly what was worrying him. He didn’t want me to moon the world. I think more as a protective not wanting me to embarrass myself sort of way.

      I hope you have a terrific Wednesday!


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  3. I’m so paranoid about short skirts. If it’s above the knee, I’m worried that I’m mooning the world. I’m always pressing down the back and pulling down the skirt. It doesn’t stop me from wearing short skirts of course. And by short, I mean two inches above the knee. What a rebel! That’s why I’m so relieved when fall comes and I can wear tights. It’s such a relief to have that extra coverage!

    Kyle will tell me if something is too short before I buy it. I’m sure we’re quite entertaining in the fitting room. “Is it too short? Like hoochie short? Or just regular short?”

    Anyways, I love your outfit. And that skirt. I tried on the kelly green version last winter. And I’m also a fan of animal prints. I love that animal print is not just about leopard “print” anymore, but that you have actual leopards and llamas and puppies parading across a fabric. Such whimsy!

    <3 Liz

  4. So funny! I am a notorious ‘freak out and tear it all off’ dresser…or undresser as the case may be! I routinely choose my idealized outfit while shampooing in the shower, only to pull the elements and put it on once I’m dry to discover ‘something’ wildly wrong…too short, too tight, too bright, too dark, too fussy, too staticy, etc…
    At which point I go into full on meltdown modeā€¦ My body temperature rises as I become incapable of undoing zippers or buttons and removing the offensive garment. When the struggle finally ends and I have come out on the losing side, it’s jeans, a top and a hefty dose of self-loathing for the rest of the day.

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