Our Nicholas Foundation Auction For Autism


One of the loveliest people I have ever met is my friend Kathy (pictured here with her sweet husband, Mark). Everyone loves Kathy. I think you would have to be inhuman to not adore her. She is just the sweetest. I am talking sunshine in human form. I mean, look at that beautiful smile. It is her trademark. The love she shows the world shining through.

Kathy has a son with autism. His name is Nicholas. It took many years for Nicholas to become verbal, but now Nicholas is known for the phrase, “I’m so happy.” I think that just says it all. We all know who he gets it from.

Kathy and her husband, Mark, run a charity called Our Nicholas Foundation. They are inexhaustible in their work for the community. They have won multiple awards for the work they do. I am just so proud to be their friend.

Every year, they do a charity auction to raise money for their foundation. It is nonprofit. The money goes towards equipment for children in our community with autism and to run special projects. I was so thrilled to help with this event.

Here are pictures from the beautiful event:


This is all of us girls at the auction. First row from left to right is Holli, Kathy, Jessica (in the hat).
Second row from left to right is Amy, Kerri, and me. Not pictured here, but still at the event, was my beautiful friend Kellie and a new friend Robyn.



My favorite food of the night was the beef station. They had an avocado barbecue sauce that was amazing. I want to need to must recreate it.



The property it is held at is so gorgeous. The owners are incredibly generous to host the event there.




Mark always does an incredible job speaking at the event. He always shares some enlightening information about autism. Or a new program that they are implementing. Their efforts just never stop.

Kathy and Mark’s older son, Anthony, also spoke and it was so eloquent and beautiful. What a great young man they have raised. He spoke of his mother’s favorite phrase. It is from “The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss. It goes, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”


I have never had the pleasure of meeting Nicholas. But, earlier that day, when us girls were setting up for the event, I was lucky enough to meet a little boy with autism. I do not know if I have ever met a child with autism before. I do not think I truly “got it.” The experience was changing. For me. The little boy was very vocal. He wanted to know what toys my children had and if they were bullies. Yes, if they were bullies. Oh. My heart.

These parents’ worries are our worries. Their children could be our children.

It is such an incredible cause. All of the money goes to local programs to help the children in the autistic community. I feel unworthy to have such a beautiful friend who helps so many. If you would like to donate, you can do so at their website.

Thank you my friends of my heart for a beautiful night!

5 thoughts on “Our Nicholas Foundation Auction For Autism

  1. That looks like both an important and really fun event. Bless them for organising it so well every year. I’ll look forward to seeing your Avocado BBQ sauce in a few weeks time. Hope you are all keeping well!

    • Thank you Stephen! It was a lovely evening for a lovely cause! I do want to try the barbecue sauce, but avocado season is ending. I might be able to find some good ones, but I am scared I won’t be able to. If I do, I will definitely try it!

      Thank you so much for commenting. I am lagging behind!

      Have a perfect Tuesday!


  2. My Beautiful, Dear, Sweet, Jenni,
    Thank you for sharing about the auction!! 🙂 You are an amazing writer, and we are truly touched and honored that you took the time to share our story!! It’s wonderful Friends like you, who have helped and supported us on this journey, and we are forever grateful for your love, support and help!!! Thank you, dear friend!!! We love you!!!
    Love, Kathy and Mark 🙂 XO

    • No. You guys are the sweet ones! We just love you! Thank you for a beautiful evening. It is always wonderful! Can’t wait to see your smiling face! This week could definitely use it. : )

      I love you! Have a awesome Tuesday!


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