It’s The Little Things: The Big Ol’ Beast



Dragons. Gnomes. Fantasy. We love it all. When I first met my husband, he had a collection of dragons. We have added to it over the years. In fact, our recent bathroom remodel had to accommodate a large beast.


My favorite dragon sits on the lip above our hallway bathroom toilet. When we replaced the countertop we had to decide whether to keep the lip. It is actually called the banjo. I guess it is out of date. Ahh, well, I have never been “with it.”

I was told by the countertop people, “Nobody does that anymore.”

I responded, “Then where will I put my dragon?”

I was met with blank stares.

I bet “nobody” had ever said that before, either.

Well, we put the lip. Or “banjo.” It cost more. The dragon is very happy in his new home.

I like to think he is protecting the throne. ; )



It’s the little things: Accommodating a beast. It can be tricky.

P.S. I hope everyone has a wonderful and very safe Fourth of July!

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