Pencil Bouquets



I am about to say something shocking…Something nobody talks about. This is top secret information. Are you ready? Okay, here it goes… Kids make messes.

What? You all ready knew that? Well, then, you are ahead of the game. Let’s move along…

I was so tired of our dining room table being covered in art supplies. “Pick up your pencils,” can only be said so many times before you want to stab one through your eye.



The other day I found myself once again cleaning off the table and relishing in an empty house as the children were at school. But it was getting tedious. And if we know anything, besides the fact that kids are messy, it is that I am lazy. I saw my empty vases just sitting there all by their lonesome… Waiting for flowers that were never going to be placed in them. I looked down at my fistful of colored pencils. And, well, you can guess where this is going…That is right! I just shoved them in. And they exploded outward so prettily. Almost like a bouquet of flowers.

No more pencils rolling all over the floor. No more yells from an overwhelmed mommy. Just a pretty little neat collection of pencils.


The vases in these pictures are vases from Anthropologie that are stacked. Unfortunately, they no longer sell them. I do not have a fondness for any of the vases they are currently selling. The only ones I might consider would be this lava flow vase in yellow. or the pretty Majorca Purl Vase that is on sale right now.

I had no idea this would make me so happy. It is the little things, isn’t it?

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