Shifts In A Denim Shift


I started out wearing this little denim dress from Urban Outfitters (sold out. But Old Navy currently has a cute denim dress also available in plus size). With boots. And I asked my husband if he could take pictures of it.


And he looked at the dress and said, “Whoa! That is short!”

But I didn’t believe him.


And then I looked at these pictures while we were out taking the pictures and I had to agree. But I still thought maybe it was the heels and not the dress. Because I had kind of all ready worn this dress around town that day and I really could not bear to think of how many people saw me sans pants. I stubbornly stuck with, “It is a dress and it is long enough.” As all sixteen thirty seven year olds do.


So I changed to flats.

It’s called denial.


And it is my speciality.


It was how I originally wanted to wear the dress any way. And I did. For approximately five seconds.

Before I took a peek at these pictures and decided it was not the heels.

It was not the flats.

It was the dress.

And it was a shirt.

I hate when that happens.

Although, I cannot wait to layer it over another dress like Atlantic Pacific did here.


I put on some tights that I had in my car.


What? You don’t carry tights in your car? What about spare deodorant? Extra underwear? Straws? Salt?

A girl has always gots to be prepared.


I do admit, I felt more comfortable in the tights.

Just don’t tell my husband.

He’ll never let me live it down.

He is all ready teasing me about always being pantless.

There will be no living with him if he learns that I agree with him.

Have you ever been in denial about an outfit? Left the house in an indecent state? I am afraid that I can answer “yes” to both of those questions too often. I need to shift that. Top the next outfit. Ad-dress the issue and move on. For not once, but twice, in school, I left the changing room for p.e. without pants on. If I could get through it in junior high school, I can do it now. It is amazing how things can change and yet always stay the same.

Bus-ting Out The Plea-ts

Sorry for the unexpected blog break. I try to stay consistent, but sometimes life takes over. I absolutely had to clean my house. I mean had to. As in: set aside hours to get it holiday finished. Which is so mundane, but true. And then we went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market on Sunday (recap tomorrow). It was a busy and fun weekend. I hope you had a beautiful weekend and feel refreshed for this week! I know I do!


Okay. I hope I am “busting out the pleats” and not “busting out of the pleats.” One word makes a huge difference.


Thankfully this dress is very forgiving. In fact, I have decided this shall be my dress I wear any time I want to really make a meal out of a night.

Not on Thanksgiving. Surprisingly, I never really eat a lot on Thanksgiving. I like my turkey breast. Dry. Not dry, but devoid of gravy. A smidgen of mashed potatoes. Also devoid of gravy. And one roll.

That is it.

All that I eat on the biggest eating day of the year.

I was a very picky eater as a child and on this day of traditions I have never been able to break from the food rules I set in place as a three year old. I take traditions very seriously.

Oh. And one slice of chocolate pie. Hold the whipped cream.


Maybe I am leaving out the bottle of wine.

It doesn’t count.

It’s liquid.

And my three year old self would not understand.


So, this is my eating out for a nice dinner dress. I have never been an order a salad girl. I’ll take the baked potato, steak and the dessert please. And, no you may not have a bite. I didn’t wear this dress for nothin.


The swing shape coupled with the pleats is as easy as it gets. I can see this dress looking good on a multitude of body types. You just have to embrace it for what it is.


A swing dress.

It is supposed to swing.

Away from the body.


I like the gold buttons on the back and the sleeves. It is a sweet little detail. I paired the dress with my Anthropologie Fanned Feather Necklace I purchased on Black Friday from Anthropologie during their sale (now sold out online, but similar earrings are still available).


I really like black paired with brown and the gold on the necklace matches the gold on the buttons of the dress.


I ordered my dress on Black Friday directly from the designer, Dear Creatures, for 40% off their price making it a fantastic price. Anthropologie also carries it and calls it Pleated Millie Dress. It is now sold out in black at Dear Creatures. However, I have seen it keep popping back at Anthropologie. I own it in baby blue, too, but it is just not as good. I definitely recommend the black version.


I love this dress. As I have stated, the dress is forgiving.

I am not.

I am writing this in bed next to a snoring husband who fell asleep in the middle of the zombie movie we were watching together.

In the middle.

Of. a zombie. Movie.

In the middle.

Of. the. night.

He’ll be pleating for my forgiveness in the morning.

And you know what?

I might have room left in my heart. And in this dress… to give it to him.


In exchange for pie…

And I’m only craving humble.

P.S. Now closed: Please do not forget to enter My Giveaway. It ends at 9:00 p.m. PST tomorrow night. : ). Even if you do not enter, the comments have been making me happy cry all week. I love reading the comments. It has brought me indescribable amounts of joy this week. If you are feeling down or want to feel inspired, I recommend reading them. And thank you if you contributed to those comments this week. My heart overflows for you.

Simply Fun Shift


I had the Salta Shirt Dress in my wishlist for a very long time (I am so sorry, it is sold out and I could not find a similar enough dress to warrant a link. I have seen this dress on eBay). It was one of the items I was waiting for a great popback price on at Anthropologie.


I finally was able to purchase it for a fantastic price and with a birthday gift card.

I was worried because it did not have the best reviews online.

The original dress had layered sleeves.


By now you may have noticed that mine does not. That is because I cut them off. I liked the dress so much more once I did. Buying it for a huge discount allowed me to see the potential in this dress.

Fashion is all about risks, after all.

For instance, once again I left the house with the back of my dress unbuttoned.

It is unfortunately becoming my signature look.


The cute embroidered fox necklace I paired with the dress was a Christmas gift from my Mother. I love it so much. Similar Animal Totem Necklaces can be found from KnitKnit on Etsy here. I love asking for jewelry from my mom, because I always think of her when I wear a piece she has gifted me.

I purchased these boots from Ross when my son was four for $13. He is 11 now. I would call them a good purchase.


Have you ever altered an item of clothing you purchased with scissors? Did it work out or were you left with a mess?

I was happy to have loved the new look of the dress.

But I will admit, I did have a nervous moment or two as the shears hit the fabric.

Thank goodness for vineyards.

*this post was edited using the App Afterlife’s Equinox Filter between 35-50% (depending upon the picture).

Goldilocks And The Hundred Bears


When I was eight years old, my dad built my sister and I a treehouse. It was not in the trees, but rather situated between two of them.


Up until that point, I would sit in a little bench in a berry tree nearby and ration my fruit roll up all day.


I assume that the larger handprint on the left is mine and the smaller one (but inserted with much more might and gusto) on the right is my sister’s. Those handprints speak volumes about our childhood personalities viewed from the wisdom of many years later.


I thought it fitting to wear my Anthropologie Zola Shift Dress for a trip up memory lane, so to speak. This dress is from the summer of 2013. I cannot find a similar bear dress, but I think this dress looks like a similar cut and it even has an animal print.


Whilst I never ate porridge in the treehouse. Nor did I ever sleep there, I have many fond memories of this small domain.


My dad carpeted the top and inserted an antique school desk inside so that we could play school as that was my favorite thing to do.


I like to think I was a very fair teacher. Although my sister would probably say differently.


There used to be a pail that could be raised and lowered to the ground with a pulley system. It disappeared long ago. It was my favorite part of the structure.


And although this tree house was not built in the trees. And it did not boast a secret trap door like my imagination longed for, I do declare:

“This treehouse was just right.”

Did you have a treehouse or playhouse when you were little? Have you visited it as an adult? Is it still standing?

P.S. * I shared this on The Pleated Poppy!