An Antique & Artsy Date Night

A week ago, my husband and I ventured out on a date. We are always hungry early, and so like the old folks that we are, we decided to leave our house at 5:00. Being the procrastinator that I am, I had not changed clothes for the date. It was 4:45 and I was still in my pajamas…

From my closet, I yelled over my shoulder to my husband, “I have nothing to wear!”

To which I heard a grumbled, “Seriously?”

And then my muffled response, as I choked and gagged on my gluttonous amount of clothes, “I’m just kidding!”

And his muttered-under-his-breath-but-consciously-loud-enough-for-me-to-hear-from-the-bedroom-to-the-closet reply, “No you’re not.”

And he was kinda right. I never know what to wear on a date. I love free-flowing bohemian maxis. My husband likes short fitted dresses.

Never the two shall meet.


I ended up picking this Modcloth dress (similar here) from last year that I had purchased when I went and saw Cindy Lauper (post here and here). It was a good choice, because my husband really liked it.


It was his choice as to where we would eat that night and he picked a trendy little hipster restaurant in the old part of our town. That part of town is now filled with antique stores and gourmet restaurants. My husband loves the hamburgers there. I love the decor.


Look at this chandelier made from honey bear jars. Wicked cool right?


I can’t believe I just said, “wicked cool.” Next thing you know, I’ll be saying “uber”. If that happens, just hang me up with those bears, okay?

Let’s pretend that never happened.

I took pictures of the art on the walls, whilst unbeknownst to me also attracting the attention of the chefs.


I pored over the menu, even though I always get the same thing.


The hamburger.

I had to include the funny picture, because I hate pictures of me eating. Don’t you?


It was a beautiful evening and we planned on just heading home and watching a movie.

Oh! But before I move on, I have to talk about dessert! We had amazing homemade cheesecake. Or restaurant-made cheesecake. All I know is that it was good and made on the premises. I do not like going to restaurants that serve desserts they have ordered from other companies.


We decided to walk down to my favorite antique store. Thankfully, my husband likes antiques as much as I do. Although on this night, he was antsy.

Look at the cool letters with my husband’s and my initials. I want them. Desperately. I think it is kismet that they happen to be our initials. I also love the colors. But they are very expensive. So, I am holding out.

Maybe one day…


Other antiques we liked: an old door. Oh! The colors on this door (but I all ready have this one). Another want. An old toy horse. A really cool tractor part that had the prettiest patina.


Then we made our way outside where unbeknownst to us, there was an art festival going on that had started mere minutes before. The artists were setting up booths and some were doing sidewalk chalk art. The picture above is the beginning of an art piece by my children’s art teacher, Lisa Owen Lynch, setting up her awesome Star War’s Princess Leia drawing. We randomly ran into her and it was neat to see her at work.


Look at her shoes! She is the coolest!


And we left her just as the hair was coming together. She is so talented. My kids are very lucky to get to learn from her.


I ended up purchasing a small bird painting for $30 from one of the artists there. It looks like a strange bird at first, but it is actually two birds. Because of that, I thought it was weird and neat enough for a place in our home. Plus, the colors are great. The artist was super sweet, too.

I love that what started out as a simple dinner turned into a fun antique browse and art walk. There is something romantic about spontaneity. And I treasure when an evening turns out better than planned.

Where have you gone on a date recently? Do you always decide the restaurant or do you trade off with your partner?

Orange and White Mini


I bought this dress a year ago. It is one of my favorites. It is one of my husband’s leasts. Or, rather, it was last year. It has grown on him and the day I wore this, he proclaimed that he liked it.


I love the vintage feel of this dress. I found some similar vintage options on Etsy here and here.

The dress is by Tracy Reese. It was called, “At Sea Mini Dress” (slightly similar Tracy Reese Dress here and Urban Outfitter’s similar fit here). I have no idea why. Well, actually I do. Did you see my creative title for this post? This dress is impossible to name. I kept trying to think of a title, “Orange… Orange… Orange?” Nothin’. So, I can see why it got a random name at production that has nothing whatsoever to do with the dress. It’s actually kinda genius and I shall be doing it more often.

Oh, that old thing? Oh, that was called. Hmmm. Let’s see, ah, yes, I remember. “See Ants Run Dress.”

Like I said. It’s fool hardy proof.


I layered the star necklace my husband had gifted me for Christmas (blue version here) with the Moon Necklace from the Etsy shop, Lunahoo.


What do you think this dress should have been called?

In writing this post, I have thought of a new one, “Orange Clover Dress.”

Isn’t that clover clever?

No? Well, how about, “Lucky Dress”?

Hear me out. It has a clover pattern and you have to be very lucky not to drop somethin’ on the day you wear this. ‘Cause bending over… It’s not an option. Plus, with the necklaces shown here, you could even exclaim, “Thank my lucky stars!” if someone catches the item you dropped for you.

Have you ever wanted something more just because of its name? I have. Many times. Modcloth does the best job with its naming. Although, Anthropologie had me with Frangipani.


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