Bohemian Polka Dots


I never thought I could incorporate polka dots into a bohemian look. Polka dots are fun. They are unstructured. But for some reason, I always think “preppy” not “hippie” when I see them.


I underestimated Free People.

When I saw this maxi skirt hanging out on the Free People rack at Nordstrom Rack, I loved it, but I thought it had been put in the wrong place. I checked the tag, and low and behold, it was my beloved Free People.


Of course, being at the rack meant a significant discount. I believe it was originally $128 and I paid $50. The skirt is sold out, but I have seen it on eBay.


Once again, I ended up on an ant hill. You guys. I am beginning to think this is not a coincidence.


I do not have ants in my pants. Or skirt as it were, in this picture. I simply wanted to see the skirt blow in the breeze. There is absolutely nothing I like better than a maxi skirt. And a maxi skirt with polka dots? Forget about it. I paired it with a simple white tee from Forever 21.


I thought if I added some color and fun to the skirt, I could make it more “me.” So, let’s talk accessories: The belt was one of my favorite purchases in January of 2013. It is an Obi belt from Free People (similar here and here). The necklace was a neat gift from Free People for participating in Free People Me (similar here). And the shoes are Anthropologie’s Atlas Sandals.


It is also not an accident that the shirt is being worn backwards. The seam is supposed to be worn down the back.

But someone decided to eat chocolate in bed before this photo shoot.


Don’t worry. Nothing will happen. It is just a bite… Whoops!


So, I flipped it around and put my hair down. Tricky. This did not help with the ants, by the way.

Do you love polka dots like me? Would you rather wear a maxi or a short skirt? Or a maxi and jeans? Have you ever gotten chocolate on a white shirt? Please tell me it comes out.

*These photos were edited using the Whim filter on the app afterlite. I love the pinky hue.

It’s The Little Things: Small Buys

Last week, I had a return to do at Anthropologie.

I did the return.

But, I also could not resist two things. They were small home items:



This adorable butter dish. Holy moly! How cute is this? Polka dots. A fox. You know I cannot resist a butter dish. It is a slippery slope. I love him.



And this tea towel. Another obsession. But it is a bulldog. With a silly saying. How could I not bring him home? If you look closely in these pictures, you might see someone who is very jealous of my new items. How dare I bring another bulldog into my life. ; )

I love the red and white stripes. It is just crazy enough to make it into my house. Another happy purchase.

It’s The Little Things: Impulse buys. There’s nothin’ like ’em.

What have been your impulse buys lately?