“Where Oh Where Oh Where Is…

Shadow?” Anyone? Oh, please disregard my wandering thoughts. I am completely losing it over here.

Where did the time go? Seriously, I have approximately 5% done that I need to have done right now. But instead of doing those things I am writing a post. Funny how I always choose the more fun thing to do.

And I forgot to remove the darn garland again! For every single picture. On each and every day. You think I could remember one time. I did remember yesterday and today, so there is that advantage. Yep, that word (ho) appears in almost every single outfit photo in this post. Is the universe trying to tell me something? Well… ho, ho, ho! I’m jolly!



I purchased the Anthropologie Petalblush Dress on sale in a size small during the additional 20% off sale dresses promotion. I am very glad I did, but I am almost wishing I would have kept the medium and not the small. The small might be a little…too small.

I paired it with a grey scarf and mustard cable knit tights from H & M.

I wore this on a day I knew was going to be really tough. I figured the bright colors would be cheerful. They were. The day ended up not being as draining as I feared.

And the muppet fringe? Well, I gotta tell you, it actually made me happy. It is nice to have a little extra support even if it is in the form of a dissected puppet. Comforting.


This photo was taken the next day. I look as tired as I felt. It was really a beautiful day in Southern California, though. It was nice to wear short sleeves and bare legs. I wore my mustard Circle The Globe skirt that I bought off of eBay last year. It had previously been too big, but I recently had the waist taken in. Gotta love a good tailor.

The hedgehog shirt (Creature Feature Top ) is one of my favorites. I previously wore it here. The necklace is the Corallina Necklace from Anthropologie now missing a link. And the shoes are Anthropologie’s Ruffled Shooties (I purchased my usual 8 during the Black Friday sale. Probably could have sized down one, but they were all sold out).



I paired my Anthroplogie Ruffled Sweater Vest (previously worn here and here) with my Free People Miles Of Henley Dress in charcoal. I have said it before, but this vest is my favorite purchase of the year. Yes, year. I find myself wearing it at least twice a week. There is another mom at school with one. I hope we do not show up on the same day wearing it.

The earrings are Lucky Brand. The boots are vintage.

How are you holding up this week? I am just completely and utterly overwhelmed. I have no idea how I am going to accomplish everything anything. Any suggestions?


* Oh, and tonight I am going to go see The Nutcracker with my family. I could really use some help. I want to wear a tulle skirt. I was thinking of my Anthropologie Emeline Tulle Skirt from Anthropologie or I have my BCBG tan tulle skirt from last year. With the Emeline I was going to wear the Peony Applique Pullover. With the BCBG I would wear either a tan long sleeved shirt or maybe a lace pullover. The only shoes that I own (I only own about four pairs of heels) that may work are my plain nude pumps or my new ruffled shooties. The other dilemma with that is it is probably going to be freezing. I might need to wear tights. But I don’t think either shoe would look right with them. I did get a pretty pair of dressier boots, but they are currently wrapped under the tree. So, my only boot choices are vintage or black. What should I do? Please help. : )

Thank you!


UPDATE: I was all set to wear my Emeline skirt, but then my daughter came out of her bedroom in the most beautiful tulle dress. And I knew tulle belonged all to her tonight. She looked so pretty.

So, I ran to my closet and I spotted the Bourgeois Dress with the ballerinas on it. In fact, I recreated the whole outfit the model is wearing, except the necklace. I wore my daughter’s foxhead necklace, because I thought it looked a bit ratlike. I love a theme! Thank you for all of your help. I think I will wear the Emeline Skirt on Christmas Eve. Have a lovely weekend!

The Winner of The Clinique Set and Items To Drool Over


The winner of my 8th blog giveaway is Danielle! Congratulations! I hope you love it! Have a lovely weekend!

Warning: This post is LONG! You might not be able to read it on your phone. Sorry I was so wordy!:

I have been taking to posting items I am interested in on these posts in previous months. Here is the situation: I am kind of burnt out on shopping. And I have only been making extreme sale purchases. I am being boring. It is the holidays and I just find it hard to purchase for myself during this time.

I yearn to stay inside, put something in the oven to bake, and crawl under the covers to read a good book.

I will, however, show you some stuff I think is cool right now and share with you my best deal lately.


Our book club book this month is “The Storyteller” by Jodi Piccoult. I usually do not read her books, but this one was very good. Maybe one of the best books I have read in a very long time. I have a book review coming up, but since we have not met for book club yet, I do not want to spoil it. If you have the chance to read it, we can discuss it in a few weeks. That would be fun!


I got this sweater last week for $9.95 as a popback from Anthropologie. I was worried about the condition it would arrive in (because it was last year’s item) but it is perfect. It even has the original tags. It was called the Lace Cables Pullover. It retailed for $148. Score!


Okay. I was set on buying this. I wanted it. Elsie looks incredibly lovely in this jacket on A Beautiful Mess. It is The Beckett Jacket from Shop Sosie. It was $66, which is perfect for my budget right now. I have a rule going on with myself that I will not consider any article of clothing right now unless: the item has to be full price for under $75 and at least 50% off on sale. It has actually been a fun little game. I have been able to stretch my budget and I have been enjoying my sale pieces immensely! Unfortunately, I debated too long (three hours) on what size to order and the jacket sold out. So sad!


Look at what my sweet mom sent me in the mail last week (along with my nightly facial wipes).She is always sending me new mascaras to try. This Bobbi Brown one is so natural. I love it. Thank you, Mom! I love you!


I desperately need a new pair of black boots, but I keep buying brown. Black just does not seem to make it to sale and there is no way I am paying full price. In a dream world, these Empire Boots would stay in stock in my size and I could snag them (this one’s for you, Kirsten) for 1/2 off. I want the red ones, too. Awww, to dream.


And this Fern Forest Platter from Anthropologie. It is so beautiful. I am incredibly sad, because I waited and waited for the grey cake stand to go on sale. It did. I ordered it immediately. They cancelled the order a few days later. Since I will be waiting for this to go on sale, as well, I fear the same sad circumstance will occur. But, isn’t it pretty?


I did purchase the Petalblush Sweater Dress yesterday during Anthropologie’s new sale. I have been patiently waiting for this. And I love this dress minus the pink fluff. But I am willing to overlook that with this new price. Fingers crossed it ships!

And that is it for my wants this month. I have scooped up some fantastic finds on sale: two of them being the Elise Army Jacket for $20 and the Wisened Pullover for $50 (love! Photo coming up on Monday’s Reader Outfits on Effortless Anthropologie).

All of your comments on the giveaway post were so sweet. I decided to respond to them all here, because I just loved them all. They made me happy thoughout the week. Thank you! And my goodness, a lot of you are giving me baby fever! I had many a tug in my heart from your stories of little ones and pregnancy. I am responding to them here, because it would be too confusing during the giveaway.:

Keiko: Thank you! You are so sweet! I loved your story! Your daughter is so cute! I love that she posed herself AND her doll. So adorable. She will be raiding your closet in no time.

Bronzi: I love your description of the little boy. I could picture it. It was so sweet. You are right. Kids bring the most smiles.

Brynne Poore: first, thank you. You are always so kind to me.

Wow! That is an amazing patient! Seriously, Brynne, much better than me! I wonder if her twin was as sweet and calm? I loved your share. It made me happy. And want to be braver at the dentist. ; )

Jennifer: Thank you! It was definitely not spam at all! I had a lovely laugh in the morning. A few days later my friend told me she shared your video with her husband. She loved it so much! Thank you for sharing! And for the laughter!

Noelle: Thank you! I love your story of your son. Twenty two??!! Wow! I think it is so sweet that that is what he wanted for his birthday. I agree boys never do grow up. : ). We have a didgeridoo here. Does he want to start a band?

Jackeline: thank you! My friends and I were just talking about hot yoga classes today. I heard they are really hard! And you did two?! Wow! Good job! That is definitely a smile moment!

Alicia F.: that is so darling! It makes me yearn for the age of three again! Savor it and enjoy this “comfy” time. That was my favorite age! So precious!

Sam: Another friend was talking about this today. She said it is amazing. Good for you! I have not had that feeling in a very long time. ; )

Terry: Thank you so much! You are so lovely! Thank you for your kind words. And your daughter, too. Wow! Thanks!

I also love your attitude. I love that you are enjoying the customers and the holiday spirit. So many people get overwhelmed. I love that you are embracing it. And soaking in the joy. That makes me so happy!

Sarah: How delightful! Hanging out with friends is the best! Thank you for following! I hope this weekend is equally perfect!

Kara: thank you! You are busy! I loved the first birthday. The cake (that they never can understand) and the joy. And when are you due? I love that they will be so close together. I think that makes very close siblings. You made me smile with your blessings. Thank you!

Loraine: Hi! Thank you so much! 50th birthday! How fun! Did you guys do anything exciting for it? Tell him “Happy Birthday!” for me. I heard that that is the birthday that you feel truly at peace with yourself.

Jenny: First, that is awful for your real birthday! Oh my goodness! How scary! But what a sweet husband you have. I love that he surprised you. The last time my husband surprised me I was pregnant with my son. He is ten now. Needless to say, I am very jealous of you! I hope your make up birthday was wonderful. And happy belated birthday!

Jasberrie: thank you! That is wonderful, incredible news! I am so very happy for you! That is definitely reason to smile! I hope you see him soon!

Sawan Tate: thank your for following! I love that story. Being stuck is quite possibly one of the worst things. And that the baby was giggling and not crying is wonderful and so sweet. I love that such a little thing brought so much joy and lightened the mood! Thank you for sharing! : )

Danielle: First, congratulations! And thank you for following! And I love surprise phone calls from friends! I am so glad you received one. And I am glad it made you smile!

Deborah: Awww. Thank you! And what a fantastic mother you are! I love that you took your kids to the beach. Isn’t that the best type of tired? The happy satiated kind. I am glad you had a wonderful time and the kids will have the memory of their awesome mommy taking them to the beach!

Gwen: Thank you! Oh my gosh you made me smile and cringe with that story. For some reason, the inside of dogs ears give me the heebee jeebees. The thought of that little girl sticking her finger in that poor dog’s ear. Aaaahhh! Chills! I am glad you corrected her. Oh my goodness!

Sarah: Thank you for following! Yum! I want soup for days! Your comment immediately had me craving every kind of soup I know how to make. And then I could not decide on which to make. So I made none. This is reminding me to make a decision! I hope your soup for days was delicious! Thanks for the inspiration!

Tam: Thank you! And congratulations! I am so happy for you! That sounds wonderful. And I love love love your description of “fuzzy” boys! It puts an instant jovial picture in my head. I hope you love your new job! What an exciting time in your life!

Maggie: thank you! Of course I remember! And third trimester? Oh my goodness! How exciting! When are you due? And I love that you are looking at the positives. I was sick every single day up until three day before I gave birth to my daughter (tell me how I gained over seventy pounds?). It was miserable, but feeling the baby kick was enchanting. I love that you feel the same way! Congratulations! Hang in there! What an exciting holiday season you are going to have! : )

Jean: Thank you so much! The redwoods! Oh! How amazing! We wanted to go there desperately next year with our children, but decided it might cost too much with gas. You are making me rethink that. Was it beautiful? I love that you took your son! Good mommy!

Amy G.: Wow! Thank you so much! I very much appreciate that. You made me blush and smile at once. Sarah was incredibly sweet and generous to add my link to her post. I am so glad to have met you! Your comments were very much appreciated. I hope your holiday season is peaceful and happy!

Robyn: Thank you! Oh! And your story was amazing! I can picture him writing his name for his family. I got happy chills. Thank you for sharing! You and your story are inspiring!

On a side note, we must talk Disneyland soon! I am a fanatic!

Thatdamngreendress: Hi Sarah! You are so sweet! Thank you! I was surprised and touched by all of the wonderful memories shared here. I am glad that they made your week as happy as they have made mine. I, too, read them and they brought me joy when I was sad. I am glad you feel the same way! And thank you for the compliment! : )

Amy: that is so wonderful! I loved your story. And I also just loved how enthusiastically happy you are for your friend. That must have been a true Friendsgiving. I am just so glad that there are friendships in the world like yours. You make me want to have my own Friendsgiving!

Katie: thank you! And I love that you were able to spend the weekend with your grandparents. Your story made me smile and tear up. And I just love that you appreciate the time you have with them. I wish I had more time. I agree with you. A full life. And just so very many stories to tell! Thank you for sharing! I really enjoyed your comment.

Vanessa: Thank you for following! Oh my goodness! You had me rolling! I love the things kids say. And you know, the belly button makes sense. I can see where she is coming from. That is so cute! Thank you for the smile!

Holli: Thank you! I do not even know what disc golf is, but it sounds like so much fun. I love spontaneous outings. I love that you guys just “did it!” And it definitely has been the perfect weather for it! I am glad you got to spend time with your husband and children! What a lovely day! Thank you for sharing! And now I want to play disc golf. As long as it is not strenuous (like opening a door).

Christina Carhart: thank you so much! I want you to know that your comment has stayed with me all week. It just reinstated my belief in the goodness in people. Because, you, Christina, are a good person. You brought tears to my eyes and goosebumps raised on my arms. I loved your story. Thank you so much for sharing. It is the little things. And I hope it comes back ten fold to you. Sweet girl!

Cynthia: Thank you! You are always so nice! I love surprise run ins with people I love! It is so unexpected. Truly a gift. I am glad that that brought you so much joy that day. Today I heard from my best friend and that made me smile. I know the feeling.

Lyn: Thank you for following! Oh my goodness. Too often I see people walk right by the Salvation Army people. I love that you are teaching your daughter kindness at a young age. Taking your seventy year old neighbor shopping is so kind. I am giving you a virtual hug. Having a two year old is tough, and you are thinking of others at the same time. Wow! I like you! You are inspiring.

Jen: So sweet! Hug her tight! How old is she? I make it a point to hug and kiss my daughter good night every night. It is easy for me to forget. Love is so important! Thank you for sharing!

Whatjesslikes: fun! What did you end up selecting? I love kitchen tile! Especially backsplashes! I think it is the easiest way to make a kitchen pop! Good luck on your project!

Katie: Thank you so much! Your story of your daughter and her teddy bear gave me new wrinkles around my eyes, because I smiled so hard. ; ). That is so cute! In kindergarten, both of my children had to bring home the stuffed gingerbread baby. Every child in the class got one night with him. Then the kids had to write a story. It was hilarious to read how many baths gingerbread baby got! It was amazing how in tact he still was by the end of it. And how clean. Thank you for your story and for the memories!

Beth: Oh! Thank you so much! I very much appreciate it! I love that you enjoy your students! And I agree, sometimes it is the older kids who say the funniest things. I am sure you could write a book with all that you hear. And your dog! Yes, my dogs give me joy every day, too. I understand! And white chocolate covered oreos?! Yum! I have never had these, but you make me want to try them now! What happy times! Thank you for sharing!

Puppyloveprincess: thank you for following! I LOVED your conversation with your preschool student. What an amazing fun job! I bet you hear the greatest things all day! I can only imagine. And that student is right. They are weird to not have noses! ; )

I have never heard of the blue jam color. The name is intriguing. I must go look it up. For all the good it will do me now.

Lisa Sommers: Thank you so much Lisa! I am glad you found me! : ). I love that you foster kittens. That is so sweet. Cynthia of the blog Marcy Very Much also does this. I bet you would enjoy her blog. It centers around her funny cat. You can click on it on the right. I hope your kitten finds a wonderful home. You are a beautiful human being to do what you do.

Ellie Johnson: How fun! I love that you are excited for your older brother! You are a great little sister! Thank you for sharing! : )

Christinad: Thank you for following! I really appreciate it. Your story made me so happy. I love that your sister did that for you. That is really sweet. I have a younger sister and I love her to pieces. There is nothing like the bond between sisters. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely story. And I hope you are feeling better!

ckaren09: Thank you for following! What your nephew said made me laugh. That is so cute. And that is the ultimate compliment. Nobody compares to mommy! So he really must think you are pretty! I love it! My sister is much prettier than me so that is not something I will ever hear. Thank you for sharing and for my grin!

Biancarogoveanu: Thank you so much for following my blog! You are right. We all should be smiling now. There is so much to be grateful for. I often overlook the smell of oranges and I am glad you reminded me. It is one of my favorites and not one I often associate with the holidays. Thank you for that visual. This is my favorite time of the year!

Kindra: Thank you so so much! That is kind of you! Your story is so cool. It gave me goosebumps. I love that you randomly saw each other. What a wonderful occurrence. And what a beautiful new memory. And the part about the security guard was just the icing on the cake. Thank you for the smile today! I appreciate it! I hope you guys keep in touch!

I hope everybody has a beautiful weekend! After Patrick Rothfuss’ blog entry yesterday, I am thinking his is probably going to be the best. I just love that man! Congratulations to him!

And congratulations again to you, Danielle!

I had an amazing week. And I wanted to thank some people for that.:

Thank you to Linda for tweeting my post yesterday! That was so sweet of you. I have no idea how to reply to you on Twitter, so I am doing that here! Thank you!

And thank you to Sarah from the SHUbox for including me in her blog post on Sunday. I love your pregnancy posts! I appreciate your blog and the beautiful effort you put into it. Thank you so much!

Also, Young House Love was incredibly kind yesterday when they featured one of my forum posts in their “Forum Foursome.” Thank you so very, very much! I am incredibly grateful!

Without Roxy at Effortless Anthropologie, I would never have had the courage to start a blog. Thank you Roxy!

Thank you everyone who stops by and reads my little blog. It still astounds me that anyone is reading what I am writing. Thank you for filling my life with joy!


Sorry for my rambling post! If you got to the end of this, you deserve a reward (not that this qualifies as one. But, hey! It’s all I’ve got! Maybe it will make you smile). Here is an incredibly unflattering, but funny picture of an outtake from yesterday’s Sean Astin post. May your weekend be filled with not making faces like this one!


P.S. I have a batch of Anthropologie reviews going up tomorrow!

Anthropologie Reviews Fall 2013

I went on a return run to Anthropologie. It was fun. I took back some items that I have never worn that have just been hanging in my closet from this summer. I have never done fitting room pictures or picture reviews before. But I figured, what the heck? I always like to see the clothes on a “real” girl. This will not be a reoccurring post. I do not get to a brick and mortar store, but a few times a year. Maybe once a season. I felt a little naughty and weird, taking photos of myself in the dressing room. Oh, the things I do for this blog. ; ). Warning: this post is photo heavy!



First up is this sweater dress called Petalblush Sweater Dress. I really liked this dress. It was super flattering and comfortable. I tried on the small and the medium. I am wearing the medium in the pictures. The small fit great, except the arms were tight. But it is the size I would probably purchase.


I really do not like the detailing at the bottom. It looks like a muppet tragedy.


The back is so cool. It is a shame that the bottom of the dress could not follow suit. Still a love, but at $200, I am waiting for sale.



I then tried on The Sketchbook Dress. It is so fun and versatile. It has forests and fortresses on it. They did not have my usual size 8. I tried on the 6 and it fit perfectly. I love this dress. It is so easy. This lovely came home with me.




Can I truly be a “gnome lover” and not own a mushroom blouse? This top is unbelievably lovely. I am wearing a size 6. This top is also insanely expensive. It is called Toadstool Blouse. It is silk with beautiful beading details. I am wearing it with a Holding Horses skirt that was on sale for $10. The skirt was a no brainer, but when they removed the sensor tag at checkout, it revealed a giant round stain where the sensor tag had been. The sales associate informed me all of the skirts had been marked that way (hence the $10 price tag). It was a giant bummer. I did not buy the flawed skirt.


This skirt is beautiful. It is called Emeline Tulle Skirt. This skirt made me smile. The zipper was broken on this one. It is a size 6. It was a little large on me. I was able to slip it up and down without any problem. Super pretty for the more feminine among us. I would buy this for a great sale price!



This top was pretty.. The top is called Ruched Ribbon Top (thanks Jules). It is purple with pretty ribbon details. This would also make a great sale purchase. I will save this on my wishlist.


This top is adorable. Yep. That’s the word. It is the Nora Peplum Top. It is wonderful. It felt big in my usual medium, but when I sized down to a small, the arms felt too tight. I loved this blouse, and the medium happily came home with me. Let us wave good bye to my September budget.


I will wear this with my Mothers brand jeans that I just got on sale for $40, marked down from $198. Sorry I am not a great photographer. And please ignore my messy house in the background. It’s on my to do list. ; )

Thus, we conclude my quick shopping jaunt. But I also took some pictures of some pretties around the store:








Have you ventured to the dreaded dressing room lately? What did you try on?

P.S. Roxy at Effortless Anthropologie also did some reviews this week. I love her take on some of Anthropologie’s new dresses!