Rhode Montijo

As many of you know, I love art. My family and I collect whimsical surreal pieces in our home. One artist I have had the pleasure of meeting is Rhode Montijo. We own four pieces of his fun art. He is the creator of a comic called, “The Halloween Kid.” I believe a special is supposed to be airing soon. He has been hard at work on it. It is based off of the children’s book he wrote (he also wrote “Cloud Boy”). I figured with Halloween here it is a perfect time to showcase his art.



Our first piece by him is my favorite. It looks like two gnomes playing in a tree. But there is a creature shambling towards them. I think it looks kind of like Ollie.



This is such a whimsical little creature. I liked the scale of him on the page. In a few weeks I will be doing a post about how to save money on your framing. I definitely used those tricks for this piece. Isn’t he cute?



I like this collage of creatures. It is interesting. I like to mix pencil drawings in with more colorful pieces. It allows the eye some rest.


A fairy king perhaps? Rhode’s imagination and drawing technique is fantastic.


Here is Rhode Montijo and myself at Comic Con in July. I wish I would have gotten a picture of him with his lovely wife, too.

Rhode Montijo loves Halloween. I remember reading once on his blog that he leaves door hangers he created on homes he feels truly got into the fun spirit of Halloween. He really is a sweet man with an imagination to match his talent. I have met him three times and he is always smiling. We love to have his art in our home.