It’s The Little Things: Girl Scout Cookies


The title of this post should really be called, “I’m a glutton.”

Or “How to gain ten pounds in ten days.”

But, it is time for a “littlest things” post and so it shall remain titled with what it is.

Only you and I and my ecstatic thighs (they love any old reason to clap) will know the truth.

Every year. Every single year I end up buying around thirty-five boxes of girl scout cookies. Oh, yes. You read that right. It is not a three. It is not a five. But rather a three and a five together to make a larger number. And a larger me. Coincidentally… Or not… one pound is created by eating thirty five hundred calories that your body did not burn off.


I cannot resist them. I primarily just buy the Thin Mint variety. I buy most of them from my sweet girlfriend’s little girl. Although I always buy a box from the little girls that stand outside of the grocery store, too. I cannot resist cookies and I cannot say, “no” to a hopeful child.


I actually have not eaten A cookie in a week. Because I cannot each A cookie. It ends up being A sleeve. Or A box.

I am A greedy monster. A cookie monster. Nom. Nom. Nom. Nom.

I have avoided looking at them for seven days.

Seven long days.


But I am taking pictures of them for you today.

I am staying strong. Deep breaths.


The Girl Scout Cookies are made at two different factories. The Thin Mints are packaged in either a clear cellophane wrapper or a foil enclosure depending on which factory they come from. No, I did not just look that up. I know way too much about Girl Scout Cookies.

I much prefer the foil wrapper. Thankfully that is what my girlfriend’s daughter’s troop receives.


The cookies usually last us until January of the next year. We freeze most of them. So it is not like we are eating them all at once. Being the slight hoarder that I am, I panic at the thought of running out of these cookies. They are only available once a year.

Do you stock up on Girl Scout Cookies? Which ones are your favorite? Do you like the foil or cellophane wrapped cookies better?

It’s The Little Things: hoarding a year-supply of a snack. Now that’s true craziness happiness!

Crinkle. Crinkle. Crinkle.

Nom. Nom. Nom.


Clap! Clap!


A-h-Mazing Edible Serving Trays


So. Hosting. It is something I love to do. Have people over. Entertain.

Make one word sentences.

But, quite often, I spend so much time making the food, that I forget about the serving aspect of it. You know, making the food look good so people will want to eat it. The other night at my pajama party, I actually served my salad in my giant aluminum soup bowl. All of the pretty bowls were trapped in the cabinet in a cluttered pile-up of randomness. I opened the cupboard and saw that the bowl I needed was wedged underneath the trifle-bowl-I-have-never-used-to-make-a-trifle-with-but purchased because it-was-on sale-for-$15-and-Rachael-made-a-trifle-on-“Friends”-and-maybe-one-day-I-would-too. Without beef. Except I haven’t. And probably won’t.

Joey would be so sad.

I looked at that mess and quickly shut the door on it.

I dug out my stockpot, dumped my bag of salad in it and called it a night.

And it was fine.


But I wish I had done something more.

Leading me to this post.

Why did I not come across this before? Well, I can blame thank Ollie. The only reason I found this was because Ollie ate an entire plastic candy cane filled with white chocolate peppermint hershey kisses (not the plastic part) when he climbed into a chair and reached over and grabbed it from the side table. Who knew he was such an acrobat? Seriously, he even left the empty candy cane on the table. I could not believe he could achieve such a feat. I was trying to decide if he needed to go to the vet. Or join the circus.

He ended up being a perfectly fine dog without any other death-defying talents. But I came across an idea while searching for his agent cure.

Jenni, Jenni, Jenni, get a hold of yourself. What idea?


Here it is.

Candy serving trays. Yes. Candy serving trays!



Have you ever heard of anything so wonderful? I used mine for all of my small serving bowls during Christmas Eve dinner.

I found the idea on the blog Tutto Bella.


You just line a baking sheet with parchment paper. And arrange your candy into a simple pattern.



My daughter did this one.



This is my son’s.


And this small sad affair is mine.


Bake at 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes. I did eight minutes and twenty seconds. ; )


Remove from the oven. Let cool one to two minutes. Trim any unevenness carefully with a pizza cutter. This will still be extremely hot. Be careful! Don’t touch it with your bare hands. Let cool completely. Voila!

I think doing this with butterscotch candies or other thin hard candies during the year would be very cool, too. I might try it for a birthday party.

Had you heard of this before? Have you ever seen anything so simple? And cool? I am in love with this project. I wonder if I could create a stockpot for next year’s salad. That sounds just about as good as a beef trifle.

I am sure Joey Ollie would agree.

* I shared this on Savvy Southern Style.

And My Romantic Home.