“Where Oh Where Oh Where Is…

Shadow?” Anyone? Oh, please disregard my wandering thoughts. I am completely losing it over here.

Where did the time go? Seriously, I have approximately 5% done that I need to have done right now. But instead of doing those things I am writing a post. Funny how I always choose the more fun thing to do.

And I forgot to remove the darn garland again! For every single picture. On each and every day. You think I could remember one time. I did remember yesterday and today, so there is that advantage. Yep, that word (ho) appears in almost every single outfit photo in this post. Is the universe trying to tell me something? Well… ho, ho, ho! I’m jolly!



I purchased the Anthropologie Petalblush Dress on sale in a size small during the additional 20% off sale dresses promotion. I am very glad I did, but I am almost wishing I would have kept the medium and not the small. The small might be a little…too small.

I paired it with a grey scarf and mustard cable knit tights from H & M.

I wore this on a day I knew was going to be really tough. I figured the bright colors would be cheerful. They were. The day ended up not being as draining as I feared.

And the muppet fringe? Well, I gotta tell you, it actually made me happy. It is nice to have a little extra support even if it is in the form of a dissected puppet. Comforting.


This photo was taken the next day. I look as tired as I felt. It was really a beautiful day in Southern California, though. It was nice to wear short sleeves and bare legs. I wore my mustard Circle The Globe skirt that I bought off of eBay last year. It had previously been too big, but I recently had the waist taken in. Gotta love a good tailor.

The hedgehog shirt (Creature Feature Top ) is one of my favorites. I previously wore it here. The necklace is the Corallina Necklace from Anthropologie now missing a link. And the shoes are Anthropologie’s Ruffled Shooties (I purchased my usual 8 during the Black Friday sale. Probably could have sized down one, but they were all sold out).



I paired my Anthroplogie Ruffled Sweater Vest (previously worn here and here) with my Free People Miles Of Henley Dress in charcoal. I have said it before, but this vest is my favorite purchase of the year. Yes, year. I find myself wearing it at least twice a week. There is another mom at school with one. I hope we do not show up on the same day wearing it.

The earrings are Lucky Brand. The boots are vintage.

How are you holding up this week? I am just completely and utterly overwhelmed. I have no idea how I am going to accomplish everything anything. Any suggestions?


* Oh, and tonight I am going to go see The Nutcracker with my family. I could really use some help. I want to wear a tulle skirt. I was thinking of my Anthropologie Emeline Tulle Skirt from Anthropologie or I have my BCBG tan tulle skirt from last year. With the Emeline I was going to wear the Peony Applique Pullover. With the BCBG I would wear either a tan long sleeved shirt or maybe a lace pullover. The only shoes that I own (I only own about four pairs of heels) that may work are my plain nude pumps or my new ruffled shooties. The other dilemma with that is it is probably going to be freezing. I might need to wear tights. But I don’t think either shoe would look right with them. I did get a pretty pair of dressier boots, but they are currently wrapped under the tree. So, my only boot choices are vintage or black. What should I do? Please help. : )

Thank you!


UPDATE: I was all set to wear my Emeline skirt, but then my daughter came out of her bedroom in the most beautiful tulle dress. And I knew tulle belonged all to her tonight. She looked so pretty.

So, I ran to my closet and I spotted the Bourgeois Dress with the ballerinas on it. In fact, I recreated the whole outfit the model is wearing, except the necklace. I wore my daughter’s foxhead necklace, because I thought it looked a bit ratlike. I love a theme! Thank you for all of your help. I think I will wear the Emeline Skirt on Christmas Eve. Have a lovely weekend!

Free People’s 4 Hour Sale: My Under $100 Recommendations

Update: THIS SALE IS NOW OVER. : (. Sorry!

I normally will never do a sale post, but since this is an annual thing ( who knew?), I decided to share in case you did not know: Free People is having a 4 hour sale tonight from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. EST! Take 20% off orders of $200-499 and 25% off orders of $500 or more with code “STAYGOLD.” Shipping is always free at Free People on orders over $100.

Yippee! Oh, wait. My budget is gone this month. Wah. Wah. I will not be partaking of this lovely sale, but if you have the funds, I have some recommendations.

All of these items are now under $100!:


My corduroy overalls. I love these. I am embarrassed how often I wear them. They go with everything! I wrote a post with more outfit ideas on these overalls in October.


This chevron slip (photo from Free People website). I purchased it on sale last month in coral and have not taken a picture of it yet. But I did wear it under a dress yesterday, with the bottom peeking out. Sexy lingerie you can layer? Yes, please.


The ” With A Light Heart Dress” I just posted about today. This would be a great deal!


The Miles of Henley Dress. I have this in three colors. It layers very well. It is unbelievably flattering. I think I will wear one tomorrow! I did two posts featuring this dress in the past. This one shows the lilac and the charcoal. This one shows more of the rust.


The Mix In Crochet Dress. I bought mine in rose in May. I have never posted about it, but I love it! Sorry about the horrible picture. It was taken at 11:00 at night in the summer (the night I met Patrick Rothfuss).


Free People’s Golden Age Top. This has an open back and is so cute layered over lacy slips. I sense a theme of wearing my underclothes out of the house. This is not the time to exam this closer. More pictures of this top can be seen here.


The Manina Colorblock Skirt. As of this writing, there were two size larges left! My post about this skirt can be seen here.

Okay. This one is $110. But still a fantastic sale price:


The Estelle Maxi Dress. I adore mine. This is $110, but still almost half off, it is a great deal. My post about it with more photos is here.

What is on your wishlist? Is there anything you will be splurging on? Are you excited about this surprise sale?