Ruffle Me This


I was aching to wear Free People’s Mia Ruffle Dress (sold out, but this one is similar) on a date night. And the other night I finally did.


We are creatures of habit. We went to the same restaurant as our last date night.


This is because the restaurant we had decided to go to in town did not start their live music until 9:00 at night.

How young do they think we are?

That is past my bed time.


This restaurant we ended up going to closed at 8:00. We are early birds. And not zombies, even though this picture would make you believe otherwise.


And the musician here was great. He played until 8:10. I just realized that he probably went to go play at the other restaurant after he was done with this engagement.

You might think that that is stretching it.

Why would I assume he was playing at the other restaurant? There are a ton of talented performers in our town.

Well, because he mentioned he plays there right before he left.

I am quick.


It was not a great date night.

It was fine.

But not great.


It happens. Both of us were not really into it that night. He had burned his arm pretty badly right before we left on the date and would not let on that he was in pain and I was in the middle of my September funk. It was a rare quiet meal.

We are going on a huge date this weekend and I am hoping we have a great time. I bought some sexy pink shoes that I plan on wearing with the dress from this post. But I need to practice walking in the shoes in the house. If I can’t do that, they have to go back.

In the meantime, I will be wearing all of the ruffles I can muster. I am so looking forward to the dinner this weekend. And spending time with my husband.

Have you gone on a date night recently? Do you wear your most impractical shoes? I will hopefully show my shoes on Instagram soon (if I keep them). I just hope I can walk in them. This time, there will be no ruffles to cushion my fall.

*I shared this on The Pleated Poppy and Reasons To Dress.

Free People Mia Ruffle Dress


Two outfit posts in one week? What is this blog coming to. ; )

Well, tomorrow a post is going up about a charity event I went to two weeks ago. It is run by some of my lovely friends, Kathy and Mark. I wanted to show what I wore, but as hard as I tried, what I wore did not fit into the soul of that post. That post is not about me. I want it to be about the event and the cause. So, I am showing you what I wore today. Because I know my fashion friends would want to know. And I adore this dress. It is Free People’s Mia Ruffle Dress in ecru. I wanted to not ignore it.

There will be some “action” (aka me eating) shots of the dress at the event tomorrow. Please tune in to the post to see them! And to just witness a beautiful night for a beautiful cause.


Here is the dress the way I would have worn it had it not been chilly that evening. I am wearing a medium. I paired it with my Simply Livly Turquoise Necklace. I also wore my vintage Frye cowboy boots. The event was casual. This is me doing evening casual.



But it was chilly. I ended up wearing this citron Free People sweater over it that I purchased at Nordstrom Rack last month (I cannot find it online). My sweet mom had given me a gift card there for no reason other than that she loves me. Isn’t that so lovely? Thank you Mom! Your gift kept me warm and I think it is so pretty!

How do you do evening casual? Please tell.