It’s The Little Things: Small Buys

Last week, I had a return to do at Anthropologie.

I did the return.

But, I also could not resist two things. They were small home items:



This adorable butter dish. Holy moly! How cute is this? Polka dots. A fox. You know I cannot resist a butter dish. It is a slippery slope. I love him.



And this tea towel. Another obsession. But it is a bulldog. With a silly saying. How could I not bring him home? If you look closely in these pictures, you might see someone who is very jealous of my new items. How dare I bring another bulldog into my life. ; )

I love the red and white stripes. It is just crazy enough to make it into my house. Another happy purchase.

It’s The Little Things: Impulse buys. There’s nothin’ like ’em.

What have been your impulse buys lately?