It’s The Little Things: The Sweetest Embroidered Hooks


Sometime in August, Anthropologie sent me a 20% off code to use in their store for completing a survey they sent me. I spotted these embroidered hooks and I knew they would be perfect towel holders in my Otomi inspired bathroom. I like to mix quirky embroidered pieces with the animal patterned walls.


I purchased three out of the four. They arrived and were smaller than I had anticipated. But I loved them so much. Here is a quarter next to them so you can get a good idea of the size.


We had to buy the screws for them. They did not come with any.


I think they really complete the bathroom. They make me ridiculously happy.


They might, perhaps, be my most favorite things I have ever purchased from Anthropologie. And that is saying a lot. They are vintage looking. Outlandish. Fun. And completely go with our house.

I think I would have to fight Phoebe from Friends for them.

I would win.

And Monica would have to clean up the mess.

Then Joey would come up to me and say, “How you doin’?” And I would forget all about my perfect hooks. Which is just what Rachael was hoping for.

Could that be any more accurate?


It’s the little things: finding the perfect small little thing to complete a room. Or just small fuzzy animal faces. They would make anyone happy.

Even Ross.

Have you added anything small to your home lately? Do you have any embroidered pieces? Please share. I would love to hear about it. Don’t worry about Phoebe trying to steal them. I’ve got your back… “I’ll be there for you.”

It’s The Little Things: A Giraffe Hook


I first wrote about The Raja Hook way back in March. And then I waited. I knew I could be patient enough for a sale price. But then Emily Henderson created a beautiful office space a few weeks ago and posted it on her blog. And guess who was the star? That’s right. The sweet giraffe hook.

I knew after that, he would probably be selling quickly.


So, I scooped him up and got a 20% off adjustment on him (during the home promotion at Anthropologie last week).


We finally got him hung up in our hallway yesterday. I love this little vignette near him.

The tray and vase are Polish pottery and were gifts from my sweet grandmother (I am from Polish descent on my grandfather’s side). I would be devastated if anything ever happened to them. The elephant was a gift from my friend. The little toad with the stick in his mouth was a toy my father brought back from Bali when my son was two. The chest was from Target’s global line many years ago. It was a great buy at $30, but I would love to replace it with a true antique one day.


My husband did have to punch two holes in the back of the hook because he used screws instead of nails to have it flush to the wall. I like screws because the hook is going to be a bit heavy with his neck draped in necklaces and I am not sure traditional nails would support that weight.


Of course, he had to have a gnome friend to keep him company. I wonder what he is whispering in his ear?

Or maybe I don’t want to know.


It’s the little things: a sweet practical hook. It is functional and fun. It is fun-ctional.

I think this hook would look cool in a great many settings. The hook also comes in an elephant shape. I might have to get that one on sale, because I love the green stripe on it.

Adorable in a nursery. Whimsical in an office. Practical as a bra hanger in the laundry room. The possibilities for this little guy are endless. Let’s stop at bras, though.

Do you have a fun-ctional piece in your home? What is it? My giraffe might need a mate.

P.S. Did you see that we hung up my daughter’s burlap art? I wrote about the dilemma of where to hang those pieces here. I thought this could be a small update, too. It is a happy accident that the burlap color and texture in the paintings play off the giraffe hook in a nice harmony. The light switch plate also has a neat texture of nubby linen and completes my need of threes in the space.

*These pictures were edited using the app Afterlife’s Finn filter to add a bit more light into the hallway.

Art resources:
The rabbit painting is by Gloria Muriel.
Lakshmi is by Gloria Muriel.
The small bird is by Christina Loraine.
The small Boxer is by Nichole Leavy.
The vineyard drawing is by my daughter at age 9.
Burlap drawings are by my daughter at age 14.

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