The Godmother


I have never seen “The Godfather.” It just does not seem like my kind of movie. Unless he grants wishes and turns pumpkins into carriages and fixes dresses into ball gowns, then count me in. However, I remember something about a horse head.


And I happen to have a horse head necklace that would have made any mobster proud.


This necklace is giant. It is sparkly. It is fun.

I love it.


I paired it with my Free People Embroidered Gauze Dress (sold out, slightly similar dress here), as only us Godmothers know how to do.

I previously wore this dress with some grey jeans for an informal date night here.


Here I am pondering where to bury my next crime. A girl’s gotta keep herself in shiny necklaces. This horse head doesn’t feed himself.


This looks like the perfect place. Don’t ya think?


Or perhaps here.


What about this place?


Wait! What exactly are we talking about? What crimes? What are we burying?


The price tag for this dress?

No. I bought it for less than $50.

Then what?

Maybe my crimes against fashion?


I’ll never tell.

I keep it locked up tight.

Let’s just say, “I made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.”

“Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo!”

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Late Summer Love Dress


I know it is not really “late summer” yet. I would say we are smack dab in the middle of summer as far as time plotting goes. However, Late Summer Love is the name of this dress and since I spent hours minutes staring at these outfit pictures trying to come up with a title and nothing came to me. Well, we went with the name of the dress. And when I say “we”, I mean “I”. Just like when I say “late summer” I mean “middle summer”. Unless I actually mean late summer but at that point I would probably call it early fall.

We are a walking contradiction.

For instance, sometimes I will have to layer something underneath a short dress or I feel naked. Other times, I will leave the house in a dress my husband mistook for a shirt.


I do not know why some pieces of clothing garner different rules than others. It is a conundrum.


This is off topic (if we were ever really on one), but my son calls this pose my chicken pose. That makes me laugh. Or rather squawk.

We took these pictures the other day at my daddy’s apiary. In the second picture above this one, you can see some old hives. I grew up wandering these paths.


I love this picture. It is probably my favorite outfit picture my husband has ever taken. I am not sure why. But it is such a candid shot, because I did not know my husband had started shooting. I like that I am fixing my gnome. It reminds me of being a little girl on that very road.

Although my mother never would have let me wear a dress that short.


My husband agrees with her.

I will pair this dress with leggings, tights and maybe even jeans in the wintertime.


Back to my son’s earlier observation: What would happen if I made it to the other side of this road?


Whatever the answer, I hope I could get there without flashing anybody.


I love the lilac tones in this dress mixed with the yellow. I purchased this dress with my birthday discount and a gift card while it is on sale.

And although it is short, it has really cool sleeves.

That is important.


‘Cause when you’re marching to your own beat, it’s nice to be able to do it with a little flare, regardless of the name of the season or the stance of your pose.

Do you have odd rules about clothes? Do you ever contradict yourself?

I do not know why I do. Squawk!

Embroidered Doll Dress


I have something I want to say.


Sorry, that was slightly unnecessary. But it is true.

I do.


In, fact, I cannot seem to stop staring at the gorgeous embroidery. As demonstrated in my accidental pose above. It just makes me so happy. I had patiently waited for a sale on the Embroidered Peasant Doll Dress, and when it reached more than 60% off, I asked for it for my birthday.

It is short.

In fact, when my husband took these pictures, he exclaimed, “that dress is RE-E-E-A-A-ALLY short!”

This is coming from the guy that never notices if the entire back of my dress is unbuttoned. I knew it had to be a little too short if he was making a proclamation. I tried not to flashback to all of the bending and reaching I did at the grocery store in the dress, the day before. All of this to say, from this point on I will now be wearing a slip under this dress.

Modesty: it’s a virtue a necessity at my age exercise level.

Anyway, I wish I had gotten a close up shot of the neckline. It has little red stitching with the blue.


In the last two photos, I have a hidden little gnome on my person.

It happens.

However, on the ride home, my husband informed me that my gnome bore an uncanny resemblance to my nemesis…

Elf On The Shelf.

And now he is back in my house. And he is surrounded by his multitude of brothers, because he came in a pack.

And I am trying to not freak the freak out.

Maybe I need to go look at this dress again.


Ahhhhh, here we go. Isn’t that embroidery lovely? It definitely does not in any way remind me of creepy little dudes in red.

And that Scalloped Monogram Bracelet is now on sale at Anthropologie. I own one with my initial and one with my husband’s.


Don’t worry.

I’m simply spinning.

I am not running away in terror.


But I will be watching my back… Just in case.

What do you do about dresses that are too short? Do you wear them anyway? Or do you pair them with pants or a slip? I think this will be cute with tights in the winter, but what color should I wear?

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Swingin’ Through The Vines


I have decided that my favorite silhouettes for my body type are shift dresses and swing dresses. I do not like tight things. I find myself pulling them down or pulling them up, forgetting to suck in my stomach or sucking it in too much. It is more of a hassle than I am willing to bear.


So, when I saw this swing dress at Forever 21 for less than $30, I was sold. But it was a tad short. Probably because although the store’s name suggests that we will always be of a certain age, my body parts have not received that message.


I paired it with my favorite slip, Free People’s Trapeze Slip. I want another color in this, because I wear the one I have constantly.

The necklace is Simply Livly’s Turquoise Necklace. The shoe’s are Anthropologie’s Tarara Gladiator Sandals.


We took my husband’s VW Bus for a spin and I love that the color of the bus matched the color of the slip.


We ended up at a vineyard with amazing views.


I love when we stumble upon a gorgeous piece of scenery. Actually, I love stumbling upon anything unexpectedly good.


Have you stumbled upon a beautiful piece of scenery lately? Did it make you want to spin? I will admit, this day was so gorgeous, it made me want to embrace the sky. Thankfully, my unrestricted garments made that possible.

Not the actual embracing of the sky, but the insane act of trying.