Anthropologie Spring Reviews Part I


I was on my own in Las Vegas and decided to go shopping and try on some of Anthropologie’s newest offerings. This is what I wore to Anthropologie and on my trip out by myself. It is an H&M lace top, Free People Lydia Maxi Skirt, Simply Livly Turquoise Necklace, and a more recent sale belt from Anthropologie.

Oddly, this outfit made me feel braver.

I think it was all the darn ruffles.

Don’t ask why.

I’m weird.


The first dress I tried on was one of the two items I added to my wishlist (the other being a pair of jeans). I really, really like this Ijada Stitched Shift dress.

I really, really disliked the price tag. At $248, I will have to wait for a good sale. I have a size six on in the picture. It zips on the side bust and I could not zip it all of the way. Since, I was all ready there. In a dressing room. At the store. With a size eight. Just a few steps away. I…

Decided not to try it on.


It is more fun guessing.

Or more lazy.

So, now I imagine I am a size eight in this dress, but I have no idea if it is true.

Aren’t my reviews helpful?


I also tried on this Cissie Embroidered Dress. I thought it was okay. I really like the pattern and everything. But there was just somethin’ that did not call to me. This was a size six. I thought it fit fine.

I have so many similar items to this dress in my closet all ready. And the hi-lo thing is just not doing it for me. An unfortunate no for me. I am sad about this one, because it is cute.


I also tried on the Grafton Marled Jacket with the dress. Because I liked the pattern in the store. I would not really wear these two items together in real life.

Well, unless I was in a closed room. And the other cardigan I wanted was ten feet away. Then we all know what my choice would be.

I am wearing a small here. If I purchased this, I would buy a medium. But this cardigan did not make it into my wishlist, so I will not be purchasing it. It was too bulky for me. Now I am seeing that they call this cardigan a jacket. I could examine the whys of that further, but I won’t.


I love the Savant Swing Dress. It has been on my wishlist for what seems like forever. I had not seen the grey version of it in real life before this picture (I own the black and white striped version). Can you feel the love?

I am wearing a small here. The sleeves were impossibly tight. The store did not have a medium. I definitely need a medium. If they would have had it to try on…

Wait for it.

This will be shocking.

I would have.


I had loved this Patula Maxi Skirt on Morgan from See Mo Go a few weeks ago. I could not wait to try it on myself.

Morgan rocked this skirt. It is so pretty on her. I was not in love with it on me. I am wearing a small. It fit fine. This was the only shirt I had in the dressing room that I thought might work with it.

Which means it did not go with it at all.

It never occurred to me to use the shirt I wore into the dressing room.

Again, not examining the whys of that further.


Let me distract you from my pasty legs (and insanely messy contents of my purse) by telling you that this white shirt is the same Anthropologie Flounced Tee I tried on with the skirt above. And that is why the skirt styling will make even less sense to you.

Kind of like myself.

I really hate shorts. Like hate them. With a fierce passion. I think very few women can pull them off. Without cutting their legs into frumpy stumps. But these Finchley Pleated Shorts had elephants on them. In a gorgeous olive pattern. I am wearing a size eight here. The shirt is a small.

And I wanted to forget my shorts-naysayer in my head.

These were not good on me. They did not make it into my wishlist. But they are adorable.

I think. Gosh, I cannot believe I am going to say this.

But, I think many women could wear these shorts. And it would be cute. And I would like it.

Groan! That last admittance did me in.

Have you tried on anything you love lately? Added anything to your wishlist? Please tell!


P.S. Two nights ago I went to San Diego and while I was there I tried on even more pieces at Anthropologie. I ended up purchasing this Songbird Skirt in my usual size six. The review for this baby is behind two more review sets, so it will probably be two more weeks before I get to it.

But I knew some ladies wanted to see it. And when I want to see something, I love when someone shares. So, here is one of my pictures of the skirt. The waistband is super stretchy. But the sides are not. I do not think I would size down in this. However, if you are inbetween sizes, I would probably take the smaller one.

Sorry about the lack of smile. I thought this was the picture that best depicted the length of the skirt. Hope this helps! : )

P.S. I also did Anthropologie Spring Reviews Part II and Free People Spring Reviews.

Mushroom Dressing

I sense a theme this week. First gnomes. Now mushrooms. I am nothing if not obsessive predictable.

I purchased this Toadstool Blouse back in September from Anthropologie. I just realized I never really posted about it after I bought it. It is one of my favorite purchases. I love gnomes. Everyone knows gnomes live in mushroom houses. So, it stands to reason that I would love mushrooms. On clothing. Just not to eat. Never to eat. Shudder.

Would you eat your house?
Or just wear it on a blouse?

Sorry. I’m tired.

Anyway, I think this blouse is now almost sold out (there are still some petite sizes available as of this posting), but there might be popbacks of it in different sizes.


A few months ago, I paired it with my green flounce skirt purchased last year at Anthropologie. This is my favorite way to wear it. I kind of showed this picture in my Overheard in October post. But not really. It was mostly a funny story about a man who wanted to use the mushrooms on my shirt for some groovy dreams.


Two weeks ago, I scored the AG Stevie Cords from Anthropologie during their after Christmas sale. I was not sure about them, but I love the color. I could not believe that these turquoise cords are the same exact color as the Toadstool Blouse.


I also paired it with my Ruffled Hem Sweater Vest. I am not sure about this look. What do you think?

Did you get anything during Anthropologie’s huge sale? Do you have any other ideas for me on how to wear this shirt? Do you wear the things you collect? Am I the only one?

* Also, I tried different filters with this post using the Afterlife App. Yay or nay? Thank you!

Attending A Wedding


My husband and I went to a wedding in September. It was beautiful. It was in wine country and just lovely. I was excited to get a chance to wear my Flounced Lace Dress from Anthropologie again. I had purchased it in March to wear to a luau. I also figured it would make a great dress to attend a wedding in.


It was very comfortable and the color is so pretty!



It was the wedding of one of my husband’s coworkers. As such, I had to be on my best behavior. I tend to be a wee bit crazy at parties. Don’t believe me? Aww. I would love to post some pictures as proof (which I unfortunately have), but the children… The children. Just imagine it.

So, you can kind of see why my husband was just a tad bit worried. I had been to a work engagement before. I was so very boring that later someone told my husband they did not want to offend me by drinking in front of me. Giggle.




I believe I was the epitome of a “lady” at the wedding. I even drank. Well, alot. But I kept myself “in check.” The only thing is: They had these cheese rolls at the wedding. I want them forever. I want them as my last meal. The waitress kept sneaking me more. It was kind of awesome. And could quite possibly be the reason I felt no affects from the alcohol. And why I gained two pounds that week.


The cake was adorable featuring miniature versions of the couple’s dogs.


And it tasted heavenly. Of course, I was so stuffed on cheese bread, I only had one bite.

There is just something about a wedding. I cried during both of the parent’s speeches. I could imagine it was me talking to my children. This made me so sad, I stuffed more cheese bread in my mouth to feel better.

One thing that stuck with me was a part of the father of the bride’s speech. He said, “All I wish for you is that you will be happy. I do not care about fancy cars or big houses. Forget the expensive trips. Just be happy. That is all I can ask for you.”

Isn’t that all any of us can ask for?

To be happy. Why is that sometimes such a big task?

He ended his speech with, “To the death.” This almost made me spit out my cheese bread and wine. Have you ever heard that before?


Have you been to any weddings recently? Were you on your best behavior? And, more importantly, what did you wear?

* I shared this on The Pleated Poppy!