With A Lighter Heart


Sorry for another outfit post. I am trying to get through my summer pictures. My mom will be happy. She loves the outfit posts the most.

I could not recall the name of this dress that I purchased last year. I had originally styled it like Mary on Happily Grey, on my older blog post here, but I had wanted to try it exclusively with gold and pink this time. Make it my own.


I found the name of the dress. And it made me smile, because I had picked this dress out of my closet that day simply to ease a heavy heart.


The dress is called, “With A Light Heart Dress.” I am sure it is sold out by now because when I purchased it in 2013, it was all ready 66% off. I bet it can be found on eBay. I cannot guarantee the light heart, though (I am not linking to a similar dress because I honestly could not find one similar enough to warrant a link and I do not like to add links simply for the sake of clicks).


The necklace is Anthropologie’s Lace Flag Necklace from last year. It is surprisingly hard to find pink jewelry. I am happy I picked this up. The shoes can be found here.


It seems silly, but I was thrilled to get a compliment on this outfit earlier in the day.

A woman stopped me when I was with my son and said, “I like your son-”

And I thought to myself, She likes my son? That is odd.

But then she finished. “I like your son-dals. And your whole outfit is just so cute.”

I thanked her and soared inside, both from the compliment and the fact that my son was not being strangely commented upon.


Another silly thing is this bracelet. I love it. I purchased it from Anthropologie when it hit sale with my husband’s initial. However, it is the only piece of jewelry that has ever turned my skin green.

But I still wear it.

‘Cause green skin is kinda cool. I do like to channel my inner Hulk, after all.

Not really, but I do wear it for short periods of time because I really like the bracelet.


Have you ever had jewelry that turned your skin green? Did you still wear it? Do you compliment strangers? I try to always compliment one elderly woman every time I leave the house. One time I was in an airport and I accidentally kicked the poor lady with my shoe when I tried to tell her I loved her dress. She probably did not appreciate that compliment so much.

I hope I did not give her a green bruise.

Maybe this bracelet is compliment karma.

Or some such light hearted nonsense.

Fifth Blog Giveaway: Pink Flag Necklace

This giveaway is now closed! Thank you all who entered!


It is that time again! The time that I get to giveaway something to show how much I appreciate all of you who support me. Who take the time to read this blog. Because I do. Appreciate it beyond words.

I love to give presents. The giveaway each month might be my favorite part of my blog. I think it is so much fun.

Thank you all so much for being on this journey with me. I am still discovering myself along the way. Deciding what my limits are that I will blog about. My children have made a firm, “No Underwear Posts!” rule. Which is sad, because I have so many funny stories about that subject. But oh well. Sometimes, mother does not know best.


Today, I am doing a giveaway for Anthropologie’s Lace Flag Necklace in the pink color. I purchased it during a fabulous sale. I also purchased one for myself.



I wear mine with so many things. I always get compliments on it. It is a really cool piece.

To enter simply leave a comment telling me what you will wear the necklace with.

You can earn a second entry by being a follower or becoming a follower (there are many ways to do so on the right hand side of this post). LEAVE A SECOND COMMENT stating you are following.

That is it!

Easy Peasy!

This giveaway begins Saturday, August 10, 2013 at 12:00 am PST. All entries must be received before the giveaway closes on Monday, August 12, 2013 at 11:59 pm PST.

I will be drawing one winner by using Random.org. I will contact the winner on Tuesday, August 13, 2013. I will post the winner’s name on August 14, 2013

This giveaway is a pretty short duration. I did not want it to disrupt my ongoing Thursday “It’s The Little Things.” Please enter before it is over!

Do not forget to comment to enter. The comments are your entries! One comment per person. Except for the extra comment entry for followers.

*Please enter the giveaway with a valid email address. I will attempt to contact the winner three times using the email given. If within fourteen days of the giveaway’s closing, I have not heard from the winner, the prize will be forfeit. A new winner will be drawn.

*This giveaway is sponsored by me and is not affiliated with/by Anthropologie.

A Delightful Surprise



Imagine my surprise when the doorbell rang and a package appeared. My husband said, “It’s from Free People.”

I replied, “I haven’t ordered anything from Free People.”

He smirked and said, “So, what? They’re now just sending you stuff for free?”

I ignored him and examined the box. I figured it was probably some sort of mistake. But then I noticed that the package was not exactly from Free People. The label said FP Me. My heart jumped. FP Me is a fun community on the Free People website. You can upload pictures of yourself wearing Free People outfits. They post them on the product pages. It is really cool to see how different people have styled their clothing. I am an addict!

I like to share my photos so people can get a good idea of what the piece of clothing looks like on the average girl.


I gently cut the box open. I noticed a stick peeking out at me amongst the tissue paper. Curiouser. I pulled on it. Out came this flag! Isn’t it the sweetest? I love the creativity.

I told my husband, “They sent me a flag!”

I was very excited.

But there was more.

Inside the box was a little pouch. It had a note attached that said, “Thank you from Free People for inspiring The FP Me Community with your amazing style pics…” Awwww… So sweet. And I am very flattered.


I opened the pouch. Inside was a necklace I had been coveting. It is called Pewter Short Chain Collar. I was so excited! I love it! It was so unexpected and truly made my week.

My husband was speechless.

I told him, “Yes, they are now sending me stuff for free.” I laughed with delight. It was awesome!



I am styling it here. I am wearing it with the Free People Miles of Henley dress in rust orange (I could not resist a different color).



Thank you so much Free People! Thank you to the wonderful community at Free People Me! This was so very exciting and delightful! Free People has a loyal customer for life, in me.

Have you uploaded a picture to FP Me?

P.S. Yes, that is our new library ladder we installed during our recent home facelift! More pics and info to come. Have a great day!

* Also, I am switching servers today. I will not be posting a new post until 7:00 a.m. on Thursday to accommodate the transition.