Fish Tartan

I try to not have two posts about clothes going up back to back, but I have been so ill for the last week, I have this one all ready to go. I apologize if you do not like outfit posts. Also, I may or may not post this weekend depending upon my medication kicking in or not. I do have other outfit posts ready to go, but I feel bad putting too many of those up in a row. I’ll just have to wait and see. Now on to the clothes…


My husband took one look at my outfit. His forehead furrowed. His mouth set.

Finally after five minutes of inner contemplation, he turned to me and bravely said, “I don’t get it.”

“What don’t you get?”

“Your top and bottom half our country but the dress has nothing to do with that.”


I just laughed.

Because I knew he would not be the only one who saw this outfit that way.


I have really wanted to explore more with plaid this season. Wear it differently. Unexpectedly.


And it does not get more unexpected than a dress filled with giant fish.


The Anthropologie Indigo Shoal Dress was one of my absolute favorite buys a few years ago. It is actually my daughter’s favorite item in my closet. I dread the day she can fit into it, because I do not know that I will see it again.


Nobody does flannel like Johnny Was (very similar flannel here). I love that they add embroidered details to their pieces (similar non-flannel shirt on sale here). Johnny Was sizing runs large. I get this question a lot, so I figured I would place it here. This is a small. I typically always wear a size small in this brand. I found my top at Nordstrom Rack either last year or the year before. Besides Johnny Was’s sale section on their site, and eBay, I think this is the best place to find the brand at a discount. I have said it before, but I adore that Johnny Was carries standard and plus sizes. Bravo to them! Last year they had an awesome Black Friday Sale that I hope they repeat this year.


Do you ever pair two things together that nobody else around you understands? Are you wearing a lot of flannel this season? What about fish? Fish and flannel. Hmmmm. Maybe I’m on to somethin’… Or maybe it’s just the prescription drugs.

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Happy 4th of July!


I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday! And for those of you in other countries, I hope you have a lovely Friday. We used to always have a party at our house to celebrate, because we happen to have a great view of the city’s fireworks from our front yard. But my husband keeps having to work on the holiday and so I am I spending it with my kids. He will be home in time to grill dinner and watch the fireworks, but not in time to conduct a party.

I am just hoping the neighbors do not break out their potato gun this year and they do not burn our house down!


Stay safe and happy and enjoy that barbecue! We are making my husband’s lemon chicken.


I have three outfits in my head for the day. I love this Modcloth dress from last year. Another choice will be my white H&M dress with the beaded red, white, and blue necklace and red sandals. Or I might wear my white Free People clearance find from last summer with my vest I just purchased for 75% off.

I could also wear my Caravane Dress shown previously in this post. I figure it will hide the sins of the drink below.

Or since I am not having a party and only my neighbors will see me, I might stick to jeans.

I plan on holding my children close as we watch fireworks. Our car will be on in our driveway and as the local radio station plays the final song as they do each and every year, “Proud To Be An American,” my eyes will well up as they do each and every year. My husband served in The Army and I am just so proud of him and all of the men and women who have served our country. That song always brings it home for me. The sky will explode for a mere moment and my heart will pound to its beat.

I can’t wait!


What are your plans for the day? I am making The Relaxer from Mama’s Fish House as the cocktail of the day. I opted to use pineapple juice instead of fresh pineapple because that is what I felt they did at the restaurant. I changed the quantities of two ingredients. Instead of 1/4 oz. pineapple juice the recipe calls for (I actually think that might have been a typo, because that would only be about a Tablespoon), I added 1/4 cup and instead of 1/2 cup of ice, I added one cup. Here is the recipe. It is amazing! It tastes just like Maui to me. Which I guess means a chocolate piña colada.

Happy Fourth of July!

Mama’s Fish House


Whilst in Maui, we decided one day to take a drive to eat lunch at Maui’s most famous of restaurants, Mama’s Fish House. I had avoided it the previous year, because I thought that it was located many hours from our hotel. But in reality, or to put it more bluntly, if I was smart enough to actually know how to look at and read a map, I would know it was a mere thirty five minutes away. That run-on sentence took longer to write than it took to drive there.

In truth, I also wanted to go there because a reviewer of the restaurant, in an attempt to write something negative, declared it was like Disneyland. How soon after reading those words did I decide to go there? Faster than it took to write this word: immediately.


I wore my Anthropologie Songbird Skirt and an older black tee. The shoes are Anthropologie’s Almanac Sandals.

I hope it goes without saying that I would not be writing this post if the food had not been phenomenal. Because it was. It was honestly the best meal I have ever had. We eat one big meal out a day while on vacation and the rest of the meals we either make in our hotel room or catch a quick cheap bite somewhere.

This particular lunch was expensive, but food in Maui is expensive. For example, I grabbed three bags of Hostess Donettes at the grocery store and they were almost $17. They would have been $6 at home. How soon after reading that purchase are you discrediting that I know good food? Somewhere between the word “immediately” and a long run-on sentence, I bet. But trust me.

We had eaten one of the worst meals I have ever had at a different fish house in Maui and the prices were very similar. That made us appreciate Mama’s all the more.


Their poppy bread was delicious.


They brought out a small noodle appetizer compliments of the chef. I will be spending my whole summer trying to replicate it. It was one of the best things I have ever had. Here is what I know it had: cilantro, noodles, carrots, cabbage, lime, and if I were to guess, I would say mirin, fish sauce and sesame oil. I cannot wait to experiment with this. We all scraped our plates (’cause we’re fancy) clean. And look at the cute little fork they served with it. And being the awesome and super sophisticated mother that I am, I let my son eat his entree with that little fork, too.


Blame that decision on the best drink I have ever had. In my life. It is called “The Relaxer.” I drank two of these and this is another thing I will be recreating at home.


The menu changes daily as the fish is caught and it features the fisherman/woman’s name who caught the fish. How cool is that?


We all tried a different fish dish. My family loves fish. We ate fish every day while we were in Maui. Everyone’s favorite fish was the dish I chose. It was a trio of three white fish. And it had Thai curry sauce (the chefs are from Thailand).


The restaurant is also known for their Lilikoi Creme Brûlée. It was on the show, “The Best Thing I Ever Ate.” This was the one thing I did not care for. I like passion fruit and I like creme brûlée. But together? Not so much. It was definitely not bad. Just not my favorite.

I am the only one of us that felt this way. The rest of my family liked it.


We noticed as we were leaving that my son’s napkin remained untouched throughout the meal.

“You didn’t use your napkin?” I asked slightly horrified. I say slightly, because by this time, I had all ready let him eat lunch with a tiny fork and had indulged in two Relaxers. Manners were a moot point at this stage.

“I didn’t want to ruin it. It looks so pretty,” was his reply.

I wish he felt the same way about his pants. But he is right. The napkin was pretty. I suppose it was a fair sacrifice.


We went outside for more pictures. The little restaurant is on a small quaint white sand beach.


I loved the curve of the palm trees.


Have you ever eaten somewhere that you would take a trip again, just to return to it?

We have decided we must return to Maui if only to eat here again. It was amazing. And the service was fantastic, too. This was definitely a highlight of our trip. How long do you think it would take to travel there from my house? The map is saying something crazy, like seven hours (and that involves air travel). I am choosing to be believe that is simply incorrect.

Now, if you will excuse me, I’m off to go eat a Donette (not to be confused with a “donut”. I did not earn my fancy palate for nothin’).

It’s The Little Things: Phone Camera Lenses

I never knew these existed. Did you? But I read about them last month on A Beautiful Mess here. They compared different photo lenses for phone cameras. Some of the ones they showed were expensive. I knew as much as they intrigued me, I probably would not be indulging in them. But they also showed a pack of lenses for sale at Amazon for less than $10. They are the VicTsing 3in1 Lens. I thought it would be fun to play around with them.

Spoiler: I was right! So, so right!

Duh! ; )


This is what the three lenses (that really does not sound like a word. Does it?) look like. There is the fish-eye lens and the macro/wide view lens. The macro and wide view lens screw together. To use the wide view, you keep them together. To use the macro (super close-up), you unscrew them and attach only that one.


This is what a lens looks like attached to my phone (I have an iPhone 5).


This one is my favorite. I think. I really love them all. It is the fisheye lens. It makes everything look distorted. I think it is so cool! This is sweet Ollie using the fisheye lens.


This is a selfie. I am on my knees (in case you were wonderin’). Probably beggin’ for clothes.

Or a cookie.


A flower in our backyard.


This is a picture of our backyard without the wide angle lens.


This is the same spot with the wide angle lens. You can definitely tell the difference.


And here is the macro lens. A flower petal in our house.


My eyeball.

Because why wouldn’t I?


An in-depth look at a pompom.


Here it is without the macro lens attached. It is a definite difference.

It’s the little things: getting more uses from something you all ready own!

I hardly ever use my camera on my phone. But now with these easy lenses, I can take fun pictures anywhere I am. These lenses will fit easily into any purse I own. I am thrilled with this cheap little indulgence. I am going to buy a pack for my daughter, too. They are a cool little gift.

Have you heard of these? Have you tried them? Do you use your phone’s camera?

* I was not paid for this post. I purchased the lenses myself, because I really wanted to try them. However, the link provided is an affiliate link. Purchasing through that link will provide a small commission for this blog. I will never write a post about something I have not purchased myself or that I would purchase for myself. As in anything I review, your experience may vary. I am not a professional photographer and I tried to use the lenses to the best of my ability. And my ability… it ain’t much. ; ).