The First Kiss Of Autumn


One’s first kiss is usually not special. At least mine wasn’t. I was seventeen.


First kisses can go either way.


I was not going to go on another date with my husband after our first date (I was twenty one and it is a long story for another day), but he asked if he could kiss me when he dropped me off back home. I did not have the heart to say no. He kissed me. And I happily never went on another date with another person.

He knew how to seal the deal.

As he tells it, he knew that if he kissed me I would go on another date with him. And he was right.

We were married four months later.


Free People’s First Kiss Dress is definitely on the positive end of the first kiss spectrum. It is one of my favorite dresses. I purchased it last year (previous post here).


It now comes in more colors but I continue to love the black and white.


I paired the dress with Anthropologie’s Vegan Leather Bomber Jacket (previously styled here).


If I were ever to make out with an inanimate object, this jacket would be it. Wait. That might be too much information. Can we forget I said that? Kiss that thought good bye.


It is absolutely perfection. Lightweight. Slimming. It looks great more fitted like I purchased it (size medium) and looser the way my daughter wears mine.


Are any of your fall items kissable? I love so many of my cozy items.


Which other items do I love? I will have to leave that a mystery for now.


I don’t always kiss and tell.

Dear Children: First Day Of School 2014


I was informed over the summer that I do not know what junior high school boy’s fashion looks like. This might surprise you, but I am going to take that as a compliment. For many reasons.

I also learned this summer that I love sleep. Okay. This is not new. But gosh, I am going to miss late summer mornings. On the first day of school, I sobbed all of the way home after dropping you off and then crawled into bed and took a nap with your daddy. Just so you know this has continued for the last two days. It is my new favorite thing. A nap after waking. Although is that a nap? Or was my brief awake time merely a walking snooze?

Let us recount the first day of school for those of us not in our household:

I had thought the morning was going well. One child was out the door. I only had one to go. I thought it was the easy one. My daughter had needed me to flat iron her hair, help with her make-up and scrutinize her clothing skin exposure earlier in the morning. Okay, the last one was unwanted. But I cannot help it. I am a mom.

So, I thought I could cruise through the remainder of the morning with my son. All he had to do was put on a t-shirt and pants. Easy.


Well, the kid has been living in his pajamas and swim trunks for the last week. He went to put on his new first day of school shorts.

They would not button.

Not only would they not button. The button-hole and the button were so far apart it was The Grand Canyon Of Skin between them. What to do?

He unexpectedly had had a huge growth spurt and all of his pants suddenly did not fit. It was ten minutes before we had to leave.

Well, no big deal, I thought. I always purchase the next size up in pants on huge discounts when I see them. I pulled out a larger size replica of the shorts he had outgrown. They had been $6 at The Gap last year and still had the tags attached to them. They also surprisingly sported a large crusty yellow stain across the lower thigh when I went to take the tags off. This probably explains the low price and definitely explains the scream you heard from my house on Wednesday morning. There was no time to wash them. I hastily, and with great stress, found another pair in a drawer.

Note to self: next year have all of the first day of school outfits inspected and tried on before you have ten minutes to get to the school.

So, let us skip the remainder of the day (Nap. Eat. Nap. Worry) and get to the part where my children recounted their day to me over dinner:

Me to my son: “What was the best part of your day today?”

My son: “I really like my computer teacher.”

Me: “What do you like best about him?”

My son: “I love the chairs in his classroom.”

Me: “What?”

My son: “The chairs in his classroom. They swivel.”

Me: “The thing you like best about your teacher is his swivel chairs?”

My son: “Well, yea, and he has a cool classroom.”

And by cool classroom, he means a room filled with computers and swivel chairs. He lucked into his perfect elective. And hopefully not a swivel-chair-concussion.

I turned to my daughter and asked her the same question I had just asked my son, “What was the best part of your day today?”

My daughter: “Definitely the professional hugger at the pep rally.”

Me: “What the heck is a professional hugger?”

My daughter: “I don’t know but he made me cry.”

Me: “Because he hugged you?”

My daughter: “No, ugh, Mom! Because he gave the best speech.”

Me: “Did he hug anybody?”

My daughter: “No. Mom! There were hundreds of people there.”

Me: “Well, I would expect nothing less from a professional hugger. Hmmmm. I want to be hugged by a professional hugger. Maybe I am a professional hugger, only I don’t even know it because I can’t hug myself. Hug me. Let me know how I measure up.”

My daughter: “Mom! He didn’t hug me!”

Me: “Yes, I know. But as a professional hugger he must have looked very huggable so I bet you could imagine how he hugs. So just compare that to this.”

My daughter running away: “Mom!…”

That about sums it up. Swivel chairs and professional huggers. The first day of school is always full of surprises. I had started to cry that morning and my son had stopped me and said, “Mom. Don’t be that mom.”

He doesn’t know that I am always that mom.

This is a tough transitional year for me. I no longer have children in elementary school. And I never will again. No hallways decorated with sunshine faces. No noodle plates. Or Mother’s Day Teas. I have had to splinter my heart with a leftover noodle when a hole burst open from the dried-out Elmer’s glue that had been holding it together.

To my children:

Last year was an amazing school year.

You daughter, found your footing in high school and I trust in your growing maturity to continue to thrive. I am amazed at your generous spirit. Your ability to speak to anyone without fear. You surpassed me with your efficient order many years ago. Of papers. Plans. Life. You never judge and are always fair. I strive for your morals. I worry that you take on too much. An imperfectionist raising a perfectionist is my greatest challenge on my journey as your mother. You are inspiring.

You son, ended your early-childhood schooling with amazing grades and a vocabulary that I envy. You started a brand new school this year. With deodorant. Growth spurts. And a wise acceptance of change. I worry about your organizational skills that you unfortunately earned from your parents. But I have faith that you will do what you always do and breeze through your education as you gather every leaf on the tree of knowledge without ever seeming to need the wind to help you soar.

Good luck, my children. I am proud of you. Work hard. And may the Air of Wisdom be always a presence at your back and an easy whisper in your ear.


Mommy (sorry. Forgot. It is probably just Mom now)

That Mom

Reading: Blood Song


My husband found this book on Amazon. It is called Blood Song (A Raven’s Shadow Novel). The reviews were fantastic. I was bored and had only about one hundred other books I needed to get to. But this book called to me.


It is written by Anthony Ryan. I believe it is his first novel. It was very hard to tell. He did an amazing job.

The book started off by confusing me. It took me awhile to get through the first five pages. But then it turns into a reflection from the point of view of a ten year old. That is when it got interesting and good.

The book kind of feels like Harry Potter (yes, every book pretty much reminds me of this) in the since that it is about children learning the ways of their world in a land that contains magic. Unlike Harry Potter, this child is growing up to be a killer. It is the vocation he is learning. The act of being the ultimate warrior.

You would think I would not like this. But it was very well written. It was also an easy read. I think even my kids would like this book. However, after I recommended it to my children, my husband very quickly told me that that was crazy. He had read the book and noticed there was a lot of swearing. I did not remember one swear word, but he showed me. There was a lot! So, definitely a strictly adult reading recommendation.

Sorry kids!

The plot was engaging. The story flowed. If you are a lover of fantasy, I highly recommend this book. I just finished “The Assassins Apprentice” trilogy, as well. Those books were good. This one is better.

There is magic in this book, but it is not the main focus. It is mainly the story of brotherhood among men. About a scheming king and his plotting daughter. It is about what happens when religion is forced on a land and the effects it has on its people. Some of which do not have the same faith.

It is about destiny.

I loved it. I look forward to the next installment in the series that should come out next year.

If you are not a lover of fantasy (or you like other books like me), last month, our book club read “Orphan Train.” I plan on doing a review soon. If you have read it or are planning on reading it, feel free to join my discussion about it in two weeks.

Have you read this book? What did you think?

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Reading: The Name of the Wind


I recently finished reading my favorite book in the world, “The Name of the Wind,” for the third time. It is written by Patrick Rothfuss. It is part of a trilogy. The third one has yet to be released. Bated breath, folks. Bated breath.

The reason I love this book is because it can appeal to anyone. I am a lover of fantasy. Science fiction. The surreal. And while this book is set in another world and it has magic and such, it is written in a more fluid fictional first person narrative. Meaning the main character is telling his story and he can be related to by most. The words in this book are pure poetry.

I wish I could quote some of my favorite verses. There are so many quotable sayings in the book. Unfortunately, I recently read you cannot print a quote from a book without permission from the author. And, thus, I shall not. It makes me more than slightly nauseous to think of Patrick Rothfuss reading my drivel.


It does take a bit to get into the book. Each time I read it, I get stuck on the first thirty pages for about two days. But then the story opens up. And you get lost in it.

The story centers around Kvothe. It starts out with him as an inn keeper relating his story back to a transcriber. And boy what a story! The main premise of this book is him getting to The University to try to learn the name of the wind. It is what Harry Potter would be if it was set to poetry and music. And I say that with the highest regard, because if I ever won the lottery, the very first thing I would purchase is the first edition Harry Potter book.

Kvothe is an unlikely hero. Well, aren’t all heroes usually unlikely? So, I guess he is a likely hero. You are definitely rooting for him even as you disagree with some of the choices he makes. But that is what makes this book great. Not good. Because you do care. You care about a character who does not exist. True magic. That is what that is.


As soon as I finished this book, I promptly picked up the second one (for the second time) and breezed through it. And then, in a purely nerdy fashion… I made notes and guesses about what I thought was going to happen in book three.

Then I googled it. Because that is how much I love this book. I found forums discussing just this very subject. I swiftly felt like an idiot. So many wonderful theories and ways to look at these books. Not only did I not feel worthy to post my theories, but I also left the forums firmly believing that Patrick Rothfuss is a genius. If what these people theorize is correct, he will have brought the whole story together so beautifully. And unbelievably intelligently. I cannot even stand it. That is how smart these books are.

Have you read these books? Are you anxiously awaiting the finale? Do you have any recommendations of your own for me to read while I am waiting? And tell me I am not alone in my firm belief that brains are mightier than brawn in making a grown woman swoon.

P.S. You can always check out Patrick Rothfuss’ blog in my blog roll. And his Facebook page is wonderful. But my favorite post of his was one he wrote this past Valentine’s Day. He is such a beautiful writer. This might be the best blog post ever written. Oh! Also, I just want to quickly note that he curses on his blog. This does not bother me. But you should be warned, in case that affects you negatively.