Shifts In A Denim Shift


I started out wearing this little denim dress from Urban Outfitters (sold out. But Old Navy currently has a cute denim dress also available in plus size). With boots. And I asked my husband if he could take pictures of it.


And he looked at the dress and said, “Whoa! That is short!”

But I didn’t believe him.


And then I looked at these pictures while we were out taking the pictures and I had to agree. But I still thought maybe it was the heels and not the dress. Because I had kind of all ready worn this dress around town that day and I really could not bear to think of how many people saw me sans pants. I stubbornly stuck with, “It is a dress and it is long enough.” As all sixteen thirty seven year olds do.


So I changed to flats.

It’s called denial.


And it is my speciality.


It was how I originally wanted to wear the dress any way. And I did. For approximately five seconds.

Before I took a peek at these pictures and decided it was not the heels.

It was not the flats.

It was the dress.

And it was a shirt.

I hate when that happens.

Although, I cannot wait to layer it over another dress like Atlantic Pacific did here.


I put on some tights that I had in my car.


What? You don’t carry tights in your car? What about spare deodorant? Extra underwear? Straws? Salt?

A girl has always gots to be prepared.


I do admit, I felt more comfortable in the tights.

Just don’t tell my husband.

He’ll never let me live it down.

He is all ready teasing me about always being pantless.

There will be no living with him if he learns that I agree with him.

Have you ever been in denial about an outfit? Left the house in an indecent state? I am afraid that I can answer “yes” to both of those questions too often. I need to shift that. Top the next outfit. Ad-dress the issue and move on. For not once, but twice, in school, I left the changing room for p.e. without pants on. If I could get through it in junior high school, I can do it now. It is amazing how things can change and yet always stay the same.

It’s The Little Things: Vintage Moroccan Chest


Pinterest. There are so many beautiful things. So much eye candy. I can get overwhelmed. Someone pinned a picture of this Moroccan chest a couple of months ago. I was intrigued. I had no idea that it was actually for sale.


I clicked on the button, and low and behold… It was still available. I found this shocking, because I thought it was a beautiful vintage treasure.


The shop I purchased it from was Manor Fine Wares in Portland, Oregon. They shipped it to me within two weeks.


I love it! I store all of my magazines in it. It is much larger than I anticipated. I do not have any back story on it. I do not know how old it is or what its original purpose was. It does not really matter to me, because it was not too expensive. I think it was a fantastic prize!


It’s the little things: finding a fabulous piece!

Have you found anything on pinterest? What has been your favorite pin?

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