Don’t Be Afraid


We are going to talk about boutiques.


I used to be terrified of boutique stores. I thought they would be too pricey for me to shop at. I was worried the owners would be snooty. I was scared to go in. But all of that changed a couple of years ago. I finally went into a few boutiques in my town and I was surprised to find their prices very reasonable. Especially their sale pieces.


I purchased this skirt from a local boutique (very similar skirt here) for a great price.


I recently bought my black fringe booties from the same store. They run a little big. I am usually a size 8 in boots and a size 7.5 in sandals. I took a 7.5 in these. I have found a better deal for them on Amazon than the price that I paid. I should have priced them out before purchasing. Ah, well. You can’t win them all.

And I love these booties.

Plus, I supported a local small business. The owner makes the best videos trying on clothes. Many a nights she has entertained me while I drink wine in bed. Wait! That sounds bad! I mean I watch the clothing videos whilst drinking wine in bed. Alone. Forget the title of the post. Maybe you should be afraid.


A good rule to live by is not to spend a lot of money on basic pieces. I buy all of my long sleeve tops, like this one, from Target or H & M. They are usually less than $10 on sale.


All of my local boutique’s earrings are $10. I loved the brown ones I wore with this outfit. The bangle was a local consignment shop find for $1.


I need to remind myself to step outside of my comfort zone more. Now and again, I like to explore the world around me. If you are drawn to something then try it out. You might be surprised. And you will be supporting a local small business, as well.


Do you shop your local boutiques? I think the thing that prevents me from doing so more often is time. It takes time to really go through the items and not have a clear idea what you are looking for.


But I think it is worth it. You might find a new brand you like. A new cut for your body type. Or simply a new friend in the store.

It is nice to not be afraid anymore…of boutiques.

Zombies, on the other hand, are still terrifying.

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More Anthropologie Fall Reviews

Here is where I break my own rules and do more reviews.

My kids were going camping last weekend. It was booked for months. Can you see where this is going? Oh, yes. The government shutdown strikes again. And the campground was closed. Thankfully, they could just go camping on my family’s land, but it still was a dent in the plans.

My father met me to pick up the kids at Anthropologie. ‘Cause he’s awesome. I had two returns to do. I will happily note I left Anthropologie with a negative balance. Did I buy something? Ugh. Yes. But I was proud of myself for leaving so many lovelies behind.

I decided to try on some things. Some of them, because I have had my eye on them. Others, because they are different than what I would normally wear and someone might like to see them on the average girl.

I probably will not get to another brick and mortar store until Christmastime. It was fun to try on some pretty pieces.

Movin’ along. Here are the reviews:


That day, I wore my Free People Lace babydoll shirt from Nordstrom Rack. Of course, I did not take a picture of the outfit in the dressing room. Here is a “selfie” I took at home earlier in the day. By the time I got to Anthropologie, it was late in the day and my hair changed. Oh, and my make up kind of smeared. Bear with me. I paired it with my Free People skinny corduroy pants also from Nordstrom Rack ($19.99 last week. Run! Don’t walk!). I am wearing lace flats from H & M. The necklace was gifted to me from Simply Livly on Etsy (I wear it all of the time and love it!).


I don’t know about you, but I have a system when I try things on. Because I hate trying things on. The quicker I can get it done, the better. If I all ready have pants on, I start with tops. So, first I tried on a top I had loved online. It is the Honore Buttondown. I was not in love with it once I tried it on. It is just okay. This is a size 6. It just wasn’t for me in real life. Or maybe it would be great tucked in?


First, please ignore the weird expression on my face. What the heck? This black top ended up in my dressing room. I had not picked it out. It was my usual size medium and so I tried it on. I think it is the Smocked Sabine V-Neck. It is black. It is a blouse. It is a black blouse. Nothing much more to see here.



This sweater was so pretty on the hanger. This is the Stitched Flora Cardigan. It swam on me when I tried it on. This is a medium. I could have used a size small. It is expensive. This just isn’t for me, but I am sure many lovely ladies will rock it.


Hedgehogs! Oh my! I love this top. I have the bunny version in this new release Creature Feature Top with the buttons down the back. I purchased the bunny version in my usual medium, and immediately had regrets. This is a large. I think definitely size up in this shirt if you do not like things “showing.”


On to the dresses! I tried on this Narva Swing Dress, on a whim. Please ignore my claw. Gosh! I am weird! This is a medium. If they would have had a small, I probably would have cradled it all the way home. As it is, I am glad they did not. This dress is one I will wait for sale on. It is a pretty blue swing dress. But I am looking for something with spunk. It did make me feel all small and girlish in it. As in, someone could throw me over their shoulder and then take me home and rock me. Hmmm. Maybe I shouldn’t drink wine and write reviews.


This dress is a small (Spacedye Day Dress). It was the only size they had in stock. It is too small. Small. Small. Small. Moving along.


I lusted after the Elodie Sweater Dress online. I loved the color. But once I tried it on, the love was lost. The color just is not good on me. I think someone with the right coloring is going to rock this dress. And I will be envious and glad for them all at once. I am wearing a medium. The fit is right. The stripes do not do my hips any favors. It also comes in a black color, but it is not for me.


Okay. Maybe I am delusional. Scratch that. Yes, I am delusional. But maybe more so with this skirt. First, after poring over the reviews online about the Ponte Bell Skirt, I stubbornly tried on the XS/S version and refused to budge on the issue. Did my refusal to budge create a bulge? Hmmm. I don’t know. The bump on the side is not a hip baby, but the sensor from the shirt. I loved this skirt. It was so whimsical. So fun. And I felt itty bitty in it. When something makes you feel like that, it is a no brainer. This skirt came home with me.


Oh gosh! I love this vest. It is the Corduroy Puffer Vest. Of course, my kids had to leave when I tried this on. Sorry! This is the only picture I have.

I love the vest, but I live in Southern California. I would probably wear it once a year. It is soft. It is my favorite mustard. It kind of made me teary to let it go. Well, not really, but it is adorable. If you live in a colder climate, this vest is wonderful. I sized down to a small, and that is what I would have bought had I lived in the climate that would support the wearing of this vest. Hmmmm. Do you think this would look good over a swimsuit?


And this jacket is so not me. It is the Chevron Sweep Poncho. But I figured it might be someone. I don’t wear fur or fake fur. I don’t wear animal print (the actual animal printed on the item of clothing gives me heart palpitations, but a print of animal hide… Nah.). But I can see why some women like it. This jacket is huge. If you love this, size down. This is a medium. I definitely could have sized down at least one size. The colors are very striking. Again, not for me, but for someone fun.

So, have you spotted anything you love lately? Please tell!

P.S. Roxy of Effortless Anthropologie just posted some reviews! Check them out. They are always so helpful. : ).

We’re Painting The Blanket Pink!


Oh! We’re painting the blanket pink!

Not black.

Not blue.

Yikes! What shall we do?

We’re painting the blanket pink!

My fun Mother-In-Law came in June to visit us. I had this project I wanted to do (dye a duvet cover pink), but I had been putting it off. She is a go-getter, my Mother-In-Law. She insisted we dye the comforter together the next day (what kind of mother-in-law is so gung-ho about making sure her son gets a pink coverlet on his bed?…The SUPER awesome kind!). Thank goodness we did. Because she was such a help. Amazing. And who knows when this lazy girl would have done it. It kind of terrified me.

I had originally seen a comforter like this on Apartment Therapy. It was in the home of S. Rohde Hill. He is a designer. So, of course, I tracked him down. I had to know where he had gotten his awesome blanket. I wanted the pop of pink in our bedroom. I had all ready made a pink pillow, and had a pink Otomi blanket, this would complete my need of three.


It turns out it was a Target white duvet that he ingeniously dyed hot pink. He very kindly gave me some useful tips and information about how he did his, on his blog, The Aedis. I love his blog. He recently moved and I cannot wait to see what he does in his new space. I have also added his blog to my blog roll on the right. ‘Cause he is cool and you might want to check it out on other days, too.


My Mother-In-Law so sweetly went out and purchased me a garbage can, some gloves, and an oar. An oar? I can hear your thoughts, “Jenni, you get weirder and weirder.” Well, while that is true, hear me out. In searching for the best way to dye this massive white duvet and the two pillow cases (which I purchased from Target.), I found a great tutorial on the blog The Hip Soiree. She used an oar. It was so smart! She dyed a couch slipcover orange. But it was the same process. I just followed her example.

Now, S. Rohde Hill informed me he put his duvet in his washing machine and simply “washed” it with one polyester dye tablet and one cotton dye tablet. Here is the problem: I have a front loader. He has a top loader. I do not have an agitator. Hence the garbage can and the oar.


The dye packets were purchased from The Dharma Trading Company. The brand is iDye. They are one each of the polyester pink dye. And the cotton pink dye. I also purchased the fixative.

Here are the steps we went through:




I put the garbage can in the shower. I filled the garbage can up with super hot water (just deep enough to submerge everything) from the shower head above. I added the dye packets. Stirred. I added the cover and pillow cases, stirred. And then I stirred and mixed the whole mess every five minutes for one hour, making sure everything stayed submerged in the process. I then drained the garbage can and rinsed the duvet and cases out in the shower before putting them in the washing machine for a good rinse. (And when I say, “I,” I mean my Mother-in Law and myself.)

What you will not see, is me in the shower, in my pink bathing suit, wringing the comforter over and over in the shower to get the dye out. My hands were pink.


I rinsed and drained this three times in the washing machine.



Then we went to a different bathtub and added the fixative. Even after three rinses in the washing machine, dye was still seeping out. I am glad I bought the fixative. After letting this rest for twenty minutes, I washed it in a real cycle. Then I dried it.


We put it on the bed. And my son went to the pool and rowed himself around in a raft with the oar (supervised, of course). It was a great day! Who knew an oar was such an important item to have in the house?

Our duvet is a different shade of pink than Rohde’s was (I recently read he no longer has it). I think I got too anal with my rinsing and repeating. But I was terrified of it leaving a mark on the white duvet we use everyday. This was just going to be an extra accent blanket. And it is. Rohde’s was still much cooler. I used an old blanket I had laying around as the insert.


But, I love the way it turned out (so does Murphy) and now I cannot wait to dye more things.

Have you dyed before? What was it? And was there a white light? (Groan.)

* Just a note: This post also could have been titled, “I have a rad husband.” Because even though he was not thrilled with the prospect of having pops of pink in his bedroom….he went along with it. He always encourages my creativity. And now he likes it. And I like him… Well, I’ve always liked him. : )

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