Fish Tartan

I try to not have two posts about clothes going up back to back, but I have been so ill for the last week, I have this one all ready to go. I apologize if you do not like outfit posts. Also, I may or may not post this weekend depending upon my medication kicking in or not. I do have other outfit posts ready to go, but I feel bad putting too many of those up in a row. I’ll just have to wait and see. Now on to the clothes…


My husband took one look at my outfit. His forehead furrowed. His mouth set.

Finally after five minutes of inner contemplation, he turned to me and bravely said, “I don’t get it.”

“What don’t you get?”

“Your top and bottom half our country but the dress has nothing to do with that.”


I just laughed.

Because I knew he would not be the only one who saw this outfit that way.


I have really wanted to explore more with plaid this season. Wear it differently. Unexpectedly.


And it does not get more unexpected than a dress filled with giant fish.


The Anthropologie Indigo Shoal Dress was one of my absolute favorite buys a few years ago. It is actually my daughter’s favorite item in my closet. I dread the day she can fit into it, because I do not know that I will see it again.


Nobody does flannel like Johnny Was (very similar flannel here). I love that they add embroidered details to their pieces (similar non-flannel shirt on sale here). Johnny Was sizing runs large. I get this question a lot, so I figured I would place it here. This is a small. I typically always wear a size small in this brand. I found my top at Nordstrom Rack either last year or the year before. Besides Johnny Was’s sale section on their site, and eBay, I think this is the best place to find the brand at a discount. I have said it before, but I adore that Johnny Was carries standard and plus sizes. Bravo to them! Last year they had an awesome Black Friday Sale that I hope they repeat this year.


Do you ever pair two things together that nobody else around you understands? Are you wearing a lot of flannel this season? What about fish? Fish and flannel. Hmmmm. Maybe I’m on to somethin’… Or maybe it’s just the prescription drugs.

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Dear Mommy: What Does The Mommy Say?


Dear Mommy,

What does the fox say?

Your child

Dear Child,

We have been through this. Why is this a question? Or a song?



Dear Mommy,

I cannot wait to leave this house! I am going to live on top ramen. I am going to eat it every night. I can’t wait!

Your child

Dear child,

Why didn’t you tell me before? That sounds fantastic. I cannot wait to come over. Next, you will be telling me you are going to be all fancy and eat off of paper plates and use plastic forks. What would I wear to such a fine establishment? I think we should try this immediately. I will start making you a separate batch of top ramen all to yourself. We will eat our home cooked meal that took me two hours to make. You will get your five minute meal instead.

I am nothing if not a dream maker.

I look forward to serving you. Maybe I will even lay out some of that fancy cutlery you like. I think I have some from the drive-thru laying around.



Dear Mommy,

I can’t find my other shoe!

Your child

Dear Child,

It is 8:40. We and your two-feet-in-shoes were supposed to leave the house five minutes ago. I am so very thrilled to run around and look under every piece of furniture we own for your other shoe. Why, I aim to please.

Speaking of which, I bought you three pairs of shoes two months ago. Surely we have a set to one of those. No? Well, could you wear a mismatched pair? No? What’s that? We only have the right ones? Okay. Mommy is just going to lay here awhile. Maybe whatever took your left shoes will come back. For me.



Dear Mommy,

I love you.

Your Child

Dear Child,

Awww. Okay. Okay. You can have top ramen AND the “real” dinner I made.

And I found all of your left shoes in the dog food bag, along with my favorite necklace. Which you can, of course, borrow tomorrow.

And for the record, the fox says, “I love you, too.”




* This post was a little extra one I just wrote for The Daily Post’s Weekly Writing Challenge.

“What does the fox say?”


My ten year old son came home from a three day overnight camp. He cuddled up to me and insisted I watch a You Tube video concerning some sort of fox and dancing. He called it “super funny.”

My daughter had come home the day before and told me that this fox video has replaced Gangnam style.

When I asked her if this was a good thing…

I was greeted with a snort. A laugh. And a single sentence, “it’s awesome.”

Being that I had not seen my son in three days and this was his one request. And also feeling like maybe I should be “up” on what my children are watching on You Tube, I obliged him. Especially after last week, when my husband and two kids came home laughing after going to the video game store together. Apparently there had been a clueless mother there attempting to buy her seven year old child “Grand Theft Auto.” The cashier had to talk her out of it. I did not want to be “that” mom.

This is the video that is all the rage right now. “What does the fox say?”.

So I watched it. Um. Yes. That is all I have to say about it.


I really am getting old. I will agree it is quite catchy. I know this because the song has been in my head for three days.

My son just read what I wrote in that paragraph and this was his response:

“Mom. I don’t think you’re getting old. When I first saw it, I thought it was weird, too. But then I agreed that the music is good. Everything else is just…weird. I then looked up what a fox does say, because I was curious. It makes kind of a bark, but shorter. Well, actually, it makes over forty different sounds. I only know five of them. In the fall, it makes a mating call.”

He paused here.

“I don’t know what that sounds like,” he pondered.

Hmmmm. I don’t either.

However, I will conclude that that was well said, son. Well said.

I don’t think a fox could have said it any better.