Craving: Ceramics Teacher

*This post was supposed to go up at midnight on Wednesday, but I just realized that Urban Outfitter’s promo ends today. I wanted to make sure you knew about it before it ended. So, this is Wednesday’s post a bit early.


Sometimes, I just want to be someone else. My heart will always be bohemian, but there is a part of me that yearns for that modern clean look with a bit of an edge. Think the blog Bleubird. I once took a ceramics class. Quite honestly, I have absolutely no idea what we ever did in that class besides gossip. The whole year, I managed to complete exactly one project. It was a very small bowl shaped in a circle with my face. Odd. True. My mom loved it… Although not as much as she should have… For a piece that took me a year to make. Do you know how much gossiping I put aside to make that bowl? At least two hour’s worth. My life might have turned out much differently if I ever did learn who Jeremy was seen in the locker room with.

Just kidding.

I never knew a Jeremy.

Or did I?

Hmmmm. My head is filled with clay.

Anyhoo, the ceramics teacher would come to school every day dressed in the most amazing clothes. All natural neutral fibers. Layered. Nubby linens. Smooth cottons. Overalls. Fun jewelry (the necklace featured is from Miss Ribby on etsy. I have not purchased from her before today when I purchased one for myself and one to giveaway soon). She always had dried clay on her hands. Her hair was shoulder length and curly. She had the most beautiful laugh lines. And always the coolest cotton shoes on her feet. Honestly, I guess the style is not that much different than traditional bohemian. I mean, does it get much more bohemian than a ceramics teacher? It is just more streamlined.


So, my February clothing wants are a bit different than normal. My love for embroidery and princess dresses shall never wane, but it is nice to have a different option. I am looking for loose breathable pieces for the warmer months ahead. There are so many great companies with such pieces. However, with natural linens usually comes a higher price tag. I typically cannot afford the stores that specialize in those clothes. I am fickle and only want to dabble in this style. Therefore I needed pieces that were inexpensive and interchangeable with my regular look. I turned to Urban Outfiiters and was happy with the shapes and prices that I discovered there.

With spring coming, I want cozy easy cotton feet. Urban Outfitters has $15 off $75 that ends tonight. Their cotton Mary Janes are 2 for $20. I ordered some for myself and my daughter. They run true to size and are surprisingly comfortable. I am not sure about their longevity but with the promotion, they are around $8 each, so I am not too worried. I will say the colors online are definitely not true to life. Mine are a much more muddied version, except for the teal with is a pretty bright color. They come in T-straps and cute plain ones. I ordered both. I have only received the T-straps so I cannot comment on the other ones yet.


With easy cotton shoes, comes easy pieces. I also purchased this Denim Shirt Dress (with the discount). I hope it is long enough. It has not arrived yet so I am unsure as to what it will actually look like. I know for this look, I can pair it with cotton shoes or I could easily switch it up with fun boots and gladiator sandals and layered jewelry, if I wanted to go more classic bohemian.


And this jumpsuit was $17 after their promotion. Oh. This could go terribly, terribly, terribly wrong. Urban Outfitters’ clothing runs small. I purchased a size L. I am kind of scared to receive this. I preferred it in black but it was not on sale. I plan on pairing it with my new favorite basic essential, Anthropologie’s Long Form V-Neck Tee. If you never see this romper on the blog, it is because I returned it… after I locked myself in the bathroom and cried while staring at my eighties style romper and my lumps that have sneakily accumulated in the decades since this style became popular. Jeremy never would have let this happen.


If I had an unlimited budget, I also would have picked up The Linen Midi Dress (it states it is linen in its title but rayon in its description). I would get it in beige, cut more of the unfinished hem off and go make a different face bowl. I would like to say it would not have changed at all since the one I made twenty years ago. Hey! This is my clothing fantasy, I shall just pretend it is so. Who will ever know?


And The Ecote Cocoon Dress in grey. It reminds me of the modern dance scene in “White Christmas.” I just imagine bright fun shoes with it and one of those painted ball necklaces.

Do you ever change your style up? Do you ever crave simplicity? I want all of the easy dresses. I just saw this striped dress and my Want Meter shot through the roof. That cannot be good for my meter or the roof.

Did you take an art or ceramics class? Did you make a face bowl? Do you know who Jeremy was with in the locker room? Again, did I even know a Jeremy? The name is sounding very familiar. Hmmmm. Maybe it was me. Nah. I was in ceramics class. Making a head bowl. Dreaming about the teacher’s clothes.

Winner Of The 18th Blog Giveaway and Cravings

Congratulations to Impracticalinnorth for winning the gift card to Nordstrom Rack! I hope you get something good! : ) Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway! You have me so excited for fall with the things you are looking forward to wearing. It has been in the 100s here in my neck of the woods and it is hard to see ahead to cooler weather. But I am trying…

I am on a clothing shopping ban for September (and since I had unexpected expenses arise, October’s clothing budget is looking bleak as well). This is okay, because quite honestly, I have enough clothes. And it is so much fun pulling out items I have stashed away for this changing weather. This, of course, does not mean that there are not items I am drooling over and waiting patiently for sale on:


H&M’s Short Dress. I love the blank canvas of this dress. The mustard color is rad. The price is great. So many patterned tights would look fantastic with it. I also think the shape would look good on a variety of body types.


I all ready have this Free People’s Shadow Hacci Top in grey. It is one of my favorite tops (a sneak peak of it styled can be found in this post). It layers over slips and fun bras beautifully. Over long maxi skirts, jeans and leggings. I want it in navy, too. It is great. Beware, it snags easily. I typically wear a small in Free People and a medium in most other brands. I tried both the small and the medium in the grey color and kept the medium for a looser fit.



I am in desperate need of some black boots. My other black boots are going on twelve years old. They are a size nine. I wear a seven and a half. Needless to say, they do not get worn. I see a donation in their future. I am really picky about black boots. I want a small heel made of brown wood and a rounded toe. I am leaning towards these Frye boots at an incredible sale price in most sizes (there is also a wide calf version here).

I also love the Dolce Vita Amoux Boots at Anthropologie. Of course they are all sold out, but they are my favorite.


I think the best thing on Anthropologie’s site right now is the Ruffle-back Sweater Dress (besides this dress I own and this vest I drool over in grey). It looks beautiful online. I cannot wait to see it in real life.


For the home, I will be watching these pillows until they hit sale.

Edited on 9/30/2014: I removed a craving due to an experience with customer service. Thank you for your understanding. : )

What are you craving this month? Besides rich chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream oozing over the top, melting faster than you can scoop it and bring it to your mouth. Or is that just me? Ahem.

Winner of the 17th Blog Giveaway and August Cravings


Congratulations to Heather from the fabulous blog, The Peacock Fairy, winner of the $30 Amazon e-gift card! I hope you get something awesome! Thank you for entering, reading and for being you. I appreciate it! And thank you to everyone who entered. I just really cannot express in words or emotions (’cause you can’t see them) how much it means to me when you stop by and sit a bit. I love the connections I have made here. I cannot imagine my life without all of you.

It is August and with this sweltering summer month, comes back to school shopping. It was odd, because my daughter ended up shopping with my son, because apparently I do not know what the kids are wearing. If you still have some back to school shopping to do, I have some quick tips:

1. Anytime I am at the mall, I will go up to the information kiosk and ask if they are having a promotion. At our mall, they often do a promotion once a month or so. It is usually not advertised. You have to ask. I asked at the end of July and knew that between August 4-10, if I spent $200, I would get a $25 gift card to the mall. $400 or more would get me $40 (with two kids that is what I spent). So, I earned a gift card simply for doing something I had all ready planned on doing. I know our mall is not the only mall that does this, so be sure to ask in case your mall does promotions also.

2. Famous Footwear is where I always buy my kids’ back to school shoes. Their B1G1 1/2 off coupled with 20% off coupon is great. And because I am a reward member, that one shopping trip typically earns me a $20-25 reward in December which I always use to get one of the kids a free pair of shoes.

3. Staples is the place I go to for back to school supplies. Their door busters (you have to usually go on Sundays to not miss them) cannot be beat. It takes multiple trips, but the money saved is huge.

I think that is it. And now for my cravings. When I was at the mall, I stumbled upon the cutest boutique selling amazing clothes. Both of my children coerced me to go in to try on a skirt on the 70% off stand, because “it’s so you.”

“But we are here to shop for you.”

“But try it on! You cannot not try it on.”

Imagine those good and bad shopping devils on your shoulders from cartoons and now flick off the good one and replace it with another bad one. Those are my children in my ear when I am shopping. Except they are solid and real. And much louder.

So, of course I tried it on. And then I found a line of clothing that was just the coolest. It is called Luna Luz. Have you heard of it? The store was having a huge sale and I bought two dresses from the brand Luna Luz at a big discount. The kids made me. They made me get the skirt, too. Sigh. Needless to say that I am not buying anything else this month because I had also splurged on this dress. I still have my gift card waiting for The River Fade Dress if it hits sale any time soon. But unless something popsback for less than $20, I cannot buy anything.

But I can dream. Free People is killing it this season. I love almost everything in their new arrivals. Here are things I am watching:


The Anthropologie Azure Lace Dress tops my list right now. Although the petite size I had been wanting is now sold out, so it might never happen on sale for me. I reviewed it here, in case you missed it.


Free People’s Emma Love Tee is so good. I can see it paired with leggings and skinny jeans. A giant pendant and hair in two buns. I will probably snag this in September, because I love the look and the price.


Modcloth’s Out For The Day Dress is lovely in its simplicity. I can picture it being sweet with bare legs or black tights and boots. Or spiced up with some mustard or fun fuchsia tights this fall. I have a black dress almost exactly like this one, but this dress is a high craving for me.


Free People’s Dreamweaver Dress makes me want to skip through the streets as I swing my basket full of apothecary medicine towards the nearest village and clasp my dragon repellant in my other hand. It is perfect.


Okay, “dress” is not the right name for this item, at least not for me, but I love the berry color (I would hope it would translate well in real life). The sleeves are so adorable on The Arosa Dress, too. I am not sure how it would be worn as a top. It is definitely too short for me to be worn without pants. Petite girls would be amazing in this.

What are your cravings? If you have kids, are you done back to school shopping? Do you know if your mall offers promotions?

Also, I have fourteen outfit posts I have to get out soon. I took too many pictures. This is going to result in more outfit posts than usual in the next few weeks. Sometimes I might have to have two posts on a single day (only one will be an outfit post). I hope you do not mind. I want to clean out my summer backup before fall arrives.

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Winner of the 16th Blog Giveaway and Cravings

Congratulations to Brynne Poore for winning the $50 Modcloth Gift Card! I am so excited for you. I cannot wait to hear what you get. : ). And thank you to everyone who entered! I really appreciate it. When I thought of the silly question about honey, I wondered what people would say. There were so many interesting responses. It ended up being my favorite question and answer for a giveaway and each answer made my day. I especially loved Sarah’s answer. It made me smile.


On Tuesday I visited my daddy’s bee farm. It was such a relaxing and fun day. The kids rode on his ATV and shot their bb guns that he bought them for Christmas. We made Honey Vanilla Ice Cream. I made Beef Stroganoff for dinner so he would have plenty of leftovers for the next few nights. And the night before we were going, I woke up giddy. I told my husband, “Honey! I could do some outfit photos there!” And we did! A lot of them. I cannot wait to post them, but I am behind. As always.

The only bad part of the day was that I discovered I am a terrible shot.

I told my husband on the ride home, “Honey, I’ve always had that. I always knew that I am not a tough chick, but I could shoot a gun.” Don’t ask me why I thought this, because I had never shot a gun before. But I was convinced that I would be amazing at it.

He laughed.

But now that dream is crushed. And I am seriously more worried in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

For my birthday, I received so many Anthropologie Gift Cards (which is awesome!). I also received a Free People gift card but I promptly used it on this and this. I am hoarding the Anthropologie ones for a good sale price on most things. But that does not prevent me from lusting after a few pretties. Here are my cravings for July:


Anthropologie’s Daisy Dot Dress. It is a great silhouette. I wish there were reviews on it, but as of this writing, I do not see any.


If Anthropologie’s Solana Dress had sleeves, I would consider it a full priced purchase, but alas, it does not. I love the pink color and the shape of this.


After Tuesday’s post, I have been searching for some decent slips with pretty hems. I love Modcloth’s Can’t Stop Dancing Half Slip.


And Modcloth’s Give Me Gracefulness Full Slip in grey. I don’t think you can have too many slips. I love this tulle.


Finally, I had a dream that I owned the Midland Button Cuff. I think that is a sign. Do you think David Beckham would like it?

What are you craving this month? Have you all ready splurged? Please share!

*this post contains affiliate links. Clicking on a link may result in a small commission for this blog.