Keepin’ It Real March 2014

My brain seems to have turned to mush in the month of March. Is that how the saying for March goes? “March Madness” or March Mushiness”? I keep making foolish mistakes in my posts. I have been catching them before they actually go up (hopefully). But, for example, in two posts, I found these two sentences:

“The hotel also sent up a sweet gift of chocolate covered strawberries for are anniversary.”

” I thought this was the picture that best depicted the link of the skirt.”

I brought a $10 bill to dinner when I thought I had grabbed a $100. I have been making silly blunders. Everywhere in life. It is odd and I hope it ends in April!

In my Keepin’ It Real posts, I like to share things that went on in the month that I never got around to posting about. Or photo snafus. It is my monthly random (or at least, more random than usual) post:


I love the nail color I painted my nails this month. It is a gel nail finish. I will have to get them redone this Friday.



Photo outtakes.


A Murphy photo outtake.


Okay. Here is another one. He deserves it. He is quite ornery.


I have been reading this romantic fantasy book series as a wonderful escape.


I thought this was a funny item waiting in our hotel room bathroom at The Wynn hotel.


If I were to describe March in a sentence, I would say it was the month I became obsessed with Nutella.


Trader Joe’s has super cheap daffodils right now.


I was at a club with my friends and had to take a picture of the tile around the toilet. It was so unexpected and pretty. I want to do this in my master bathroom as the toilet is in a separate stall.


Have you tried a hamburger from The Habit? Oh. My. Gosh. Yum! : )


Found a new italian restaurant in town that makes their pasta from scratch. Mmmm. So good!


We have an authentic wood burning Italian pizza place right around the corner from us. The pizza is amazing. My son and husband have started adding french fries to half of their pizza and declared it the best thing ever. I tried it and it is surprisingly good. Have you tried french fries on your pizza?


My son is a gentle soul. We have long since learned that rough sports are not for him. He also did not like the yelling involved in martial arts. So, we found his thing in golf.

I love to go with him to his lessons. It is so peaceful. I thought this tree branch looked like an evil hand trying to pluck the hawk from the sky.


Have you ever read Jenny from The Bloggess’ recount of the time she purchased a five foot tall rusty rooster? If not, here it is. She does curse. This does not bother me. But I thought I should add that before you click over. However, she is the funniest person. Ever.

Anyway, in honor of her, I had to snap a picture of this huge rusty rooster I found whilst driving around. Again, there are so many people in this world I must meet!

What was something cool you saw or tried this month? Please share!