It’s The Little Things: Christmas Gnomes


T’was the week before Christmas
And all through my home
Many creatures were stirring,
Including a gnome.


Boxes from Amazon cluttered the house
It was any wonder I still had a spouse.
Stockings and garlands were hung… and then rehung by me
And wee little gnomes frolicked and hid in the tree.


A large gnome would greet you when you came to the door
Others perched upon shelves, avoiding the floor.
Every gnome came from hiding to sit and to spy.
Their only intent was to try and stay dry.



For right underneath their tiny quick feet,
A big creature watched them as if something to eat.
They sat on their deer, their carriage and bus.
Why, one even rode a dragon called, “Gus.”


The monster would stretch out, lay down and snore.
Certainly an enticement they could not ignore.
They would wait for his heavy sighs to commence.
Then drop down on his head with a twitch and a wince.


Christmas is here, the gnomes’ time has come
Soon they will be locked up with the candles and rum.
For now they grab whiskers and swing from fat jowls
The thing they shall miss? The strange creature’s howls.


I lay in my nightgown, for three days, no less
I thought all was safe in my Christmas mess.
When from the next room, the sound of chewing had grown
I crawled from my bed to see what Ollie had done.


The wee man was fine, just a tad bit wet.
There was not even a dent in his red Christmas hat.
On the back of his steed, his strange plotting began…
For the night was still young for this brave little man.

I heard his soft whisper as I tucked him in,
“Until next time, great beast. This time you may win.
Christmas will come, next year I am sure.
Meanwhile, us gnomes will just have to endure.”